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ORIBE Hair Care Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray, 5.9 fl. oz.

For the ultimate blowout. This ultra-lightweight mist smoothes even the worst-behaved mop while speeding dry time. It also repairs split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it healthy body and shine. Spray on damp hair from mid-shaft to ends; go section by section to blow even straighter.

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This product is so overpriced for what it is. Basically scented hair oil in a spray can. It does work when blow-drying. But that’s not because of Oribe, it’s because you’re coating the hair with a fine mist of aerosolized oil, then heating that oil so it can bond to the hair follicle and smooth it.You would get the same result with argan oil in a spray can (or any other hair oil). It’s not a trade secret, it’s science.The can looks like it was molded into one piece, so you can’t even open it up and see what it is that’s going onto your hair. I could probably reverse my SUV over this bottle without even cracking it…it’s that solid. At first I thought this made the spray look sleek and sophisticated.Now I realize it’s probably just a marketing trick so that you can’t see inside and discover that it’s just pressurized oil, fragrance, and liquid.To it’s credit: It does smell amazing. But I’m not paying that much to make my hair smell good.Save yourself some green and try something half the price of this. I’ll bet it works the same.Shame on you, Oribe.

Jeanine Laurel Springs, NC

Its OK!

This is an OK hair blowout. However, you spray it on the mid shaft of hair to ends, which gets tedious. I don’t see any difference when I don’t use it. I have fine hair & maybe it justs works better on different hair types. I’m sure Oribe has excellent hair products, just not for me & my incorrigible hair!!

Aisha Colleyville, TX

Spendy but worth it

I love, love, love Oribe Royal Blowout and was so disappointed when the local salon that sold it to me for $30 went out of business. The spray smells delicious and makes my curly, frizzy hair nice and smooth for an even blowout. I finish my hair with Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil. I hate the price but it’s worth it.

Jeanie Westport, CA

Great for thick, curly hair

This stuff really helps tame my thick, unruly curls into a super smooth blown-out look while still keeping a little wave in my hair. Too much though will just look oily….only use a little.

Ruthie Waldron, MI

It actually works

I am always dubious of any hair product that claims it can give you that salon blow out look at home but I caved and bought this product after reading the many reviews in magazines. This stuff really works. I can’t believe it but when I use this I actually look like I came from the salon. Impressive!

Catherine Aragon, GA


Best stuff ever. Creates a smooth and shiny blowout with great movement. Highly recommend. Try Oribe’s gentle shampoo, too! Amazing stuff.

Dolores Hillsboro, MS

This is it!

Yes, it’s pricey, but cuts drying time at least in half. Smells so fresh. Love it! Haven’t noticed a change in the appearance of my hair (shine/ body/ etc.) but cutting down drying time is golden to me.

Shelley Fairfax, SC