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Organyc Natural Intimate Wash Lenitive 8.5 OZ

ORGANYC Cotton Seed Oil Wash 100% Organic Feminine Wash

Key features

  • Made of 100% biodegradable and compostable organic cotton bleached without cholorine
  • Cotton is naturally fresh highly absorbent breathable pH neutral and respectful of the most sensitive skins
  • Ideal for skin-sensitive women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials

Honest reviews



I am an IC sufferer. All feminine wash products currently on the market in the US make my IC worse. I had been using Canesten Feminine Wash for years (purchased from the UK since it wasn’t available in the US) but Bayer stopped making it, unfortunately. I had also tried the “all natural” Nirena, which claims that “these ingredients have never been used in any commercially available product”. Now THAT is true and a complete joke. Nirena caused me serious health issues.I purchased the Organyc Cotton Seed feminine Wash because it claims to be organic (it sounds organic based on the ingredients). I have to say I like it. It has a nice clean, fresh smell, no artificial fragrances (I’m allergic to just about any fragrance out there too).The liquid is clear and runny. It makes a fairly good lather but you have to be careful when you pour it in your hand. It’s very thin, almost like soapy water. I so wish it was thicker – it would be perfect. It also doesn’t dry you out and you feel clean; shake before use though – it becomes a little bit thicker.All in all, a good product – not great though.

Mina Keysville, GA

good stuff

I have been using feminine wash forever, and I switched to ORGANYC because it is cruelty-free. It’s surprising to find very good deals for very good stuff, and ORGANYC is one of those. This wash is so light, so gentle and nice. And it is affordable too. I stongly recommend it.

Silvia United, PA


About 5 years ago I started having problems with skin being very dry and itchy. I used to buy summer’s eve, but this is SO much better! It is organic, color free, additives free, very soft it is great! Try it, you will not regret.

Annabelle West Richland, WA

Sensitive girl

I am very sensitive, therefore EVERYTHING I buy, I must keep that in mind. 4 stars instead of 5 because I am not wild about the scent — but considering that it cleans well and doesn’t leave you feeling harsh or dry afterwards. I have to say it is worth buying and it last a good while.

Becky Brandon, MS

Dont use too much!

Warning: obviously this is going to be a TMI review, but looking at the product thats a no brainer.You want to use about a quarter sized amount of the product, lather it in your hands and then apply. If you use too much and dont lather it there will be a burning sensation. My advice is to apply and then rinse as fast as possible. I have a moveable showerhead, so this is pretty easy for me. Using it with a bath would be good too.Obviously this is an incredible product and very useful, I’ll keep the reasons to myself though! 😉

Estelle Watkinsville, GA

Can’t live without!

I absolutely swear by this feminine wash! I have been using it for about 2 years now. I have allergic reactions to almost anything that is not purely natural. This wash, although unscented, leaves me feeling clean and smelling fresh all day! It does not irritate me at all! I would totally recommend this wash to every woman!

Tabatha Water View, VA

Great product

This soap has almost no scent. It does suds up and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. But I love it because this soap truly non toxic.

Selena Eldridge, MO

Absolutely love this product!

Love, love this. It’s very gentle and doesn’t burn tender areas. I bought this to use after surgery and I’m glad I did. Everything else hurt and burned. I will keep using this as long as they make it.

Alfreda Sprague, WA