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Organix South TheraNeem Shampoo Scalp Therape — 12 fl oz

Scalp therape shampoo scalp therapé shampoo for all hair types and sensitive scalps paraben free. Sulfate free. Gluten free scalp therapé neem, lemon and peppermint neem is respected by ayurvedic practitioners for its ability to support healthy skin and scalps. Used for centuries, neem protects, nourishes and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. Use theraneem scalp therapé shampoo for intense scalp relief, repair and rejuvenation. Now with even more organic neem oil and neem leaf extract, stimulating peppermint, powerful tea tree and cleansing lemon essential oils, this formula will clean gently and penetrate the scalp without harsh chemicals or soaps. Get ready for instant scalp therapé. Clarifying for scalp and hair. Formulated for scalp relief. Ph balanced and use: use daily or as needed. This shampoo is thinner than most so it will penetrate completely to the scalp. Apply to wet hair and massage well. Allow to remain in hair for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse completely. This formula is best used in combination with theraneem scalp therapé conditioner.

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Great Stuff!!!!

My seborrheic dermatitis scalp feels better after one use! When you go to pour product you need to do it slowly because it is runny. The runnyness is due to no use of water but aloe vera juice and no chemical thickeners. I apply to scalp only, you don’t need to shampoo the hair, it’s enough for it to have the shampoo go down the strands in rinse. I gently massaged my scalp and left it on for a few minutes while shaving and washing up and rinsed. It doesn’t foam much like I said and after sitting on the scalp it seems to almost disappear which is because it’s penetrated the skin. I then used my conditioner of choice (I really like Wen so I don’t bother trying any other brand). Scalp feels great! I like the smell, too. To me it’s a combo of lemony pepperminty herbally smell. Feels and smells refreshing in this very hot weather!

Celeste Waverly, MO

just Okay

This product is just so -so for me. It cleans my hair but does nothing for the bumps on my head unfortunately. Jason’s Tea Tree Shampoo seems to be a better option for me.

Della Mount Vernon, TX

Good shampoo, but bleached my hair

I didn’t realize how much the lemon in this would lighten my hair over time. I only wash it every other day. After a few months my hair was getting so much lighter people thought I was bleaching, so had to stop using it. I’ll give it a blonde friend.

Meagan Winterport, ME

Good for normal-to-oily scalp and makes hair fluffy.

Good for normal-to-oily scalp and makes hair fluffy. It seems to soothe the scalp nicely. The herbal smell seems to go away and just leaves it fresh.

Tisha Pawcatuck, CT

Makes my scalp ITCH LIKE MAD! Lousy shampoo!

This shampoo did not work for me. I tried it about 3 times total, and my scalp was raging itchy! I cannot remember any shampoo causing my scalp to itch so intensely, so quickly following useage. It also made my scalp very dry and uncomfortable. I cannot use, or recommend this shampoo.

Pat Bremo Bluff, VA


I was hoping this would help with my scalp issues. It didn’t really seem to help and it doesn’t lather very well. It seems like it’s mostly water and I have to use more than the normal amount to wash my hair.

Madeline Wells, VT