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Organix Soft and Silky Serum, Vanilla, 4 Ounce

Smoothing Tahitian vanilla bean oils blended with exotic silk amino proteins create a silky smooth polishing formula. Sulphate free product.

Key features

  • Sulfate free
  • Smoothe, condition and shine your hair
  • Organic vanilla bean extracts

Honest reviews



This product is great. it smells great and leaves a subtle shine that lasts for days. My hair is about 3-4 inches below my shoulder and one pump is enough to cover my entire head. I used another half of a pump to apply down my side part. My hair is usually dry so i like that the serum isn’t heavy and it doesn’t weigh my hair down or get too greasy. Just great stuff.

Joyce Watonga, OK

Very Good!

Like any serum, this stuff can be heavy.However, this stuff is amazing when used to blow out curls. It leaves the hair silky shiny and soft to touch.When used alone, I find it has a weird undertow.Still, I find it is worth the money and the results on the blow out were so impressive that I will probably be buying this stuff for years.

Lori Mexico, NY

hate how it smells

I love the idea of vanilla scent but when the package came, I was so excited of using it. The smell is overpowering and it gives me headaches.

Lacey Cantonment, FL

Vanilla Silk Shine!

I am yet another person satisfied with this great product. I did my homework, looking for a hydrating hair product in the oil specrum that wasn’t going to break my bank. I knew from past experience Organix was an affordable brand that I can usually trust. I saw the reviews and I was convinced this would be a smart purchase! My hair is thick and wavy, and I rarely ever style it. However, with my hair type, and my humid climate, my hair is often set up for a dull frizziness. This does what is says it’s suppose to do. My hair has a lasting frizz free look and a silky shine. Plus the smell of this stuff; wow. It’s smells like totally tempting vailla. The scent lingers and lasts, but it’s not overpowering. My hair looks so much more polished! The product is totally buildable amount wise, so you can use however much you need for silky seductive results. Please stop searching and pick this up. I loved this, and I am sure I will continue purchasing.*I tried this on my mother. Her hair is fine due to age. She has it styled in a farely layered bob. This serum didn’t even weigh her hair down! It looked very shiny, she is going to get some too.

Milagros Reader, WV

leaves your hair soft and silky to the touch

The Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Sky Silk Serum does just that… leaves your hair soft and silky to the touch. I have straight medium length normal hair and I have a horrible habit of playing with and running my fingers through my hair all day long. This product really works well leaving your hair soft and silky to the touch… even on windy days. I always finish my hair retune with Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Sky Silk Serum!

Sophie New Boston, NH

Smells Delicious!

I really like this serum. It’s far better then the Coconut Oil serum (for me) because it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It smells phenomenal! One pump is more then enough for my scalp and my hair which is a couple of inches past my shoulder. This product gives hair shine and manageability and it drives men wild.I highly recommend it.

Daphne Greensboro, GA

The best shine serum out there

I just bought this shine serum and it is just the best. I used a small amount on my hair at the office and the next person that came in said “Wow, your hair is so shiny! What are you using”? That NEVER happens to me. Next thing you know, everyone was stopping by to try some and all of them were amazed at the results. I have natural kinky curly hair and need all the shine I can get. It has a pleasant vanilla scent, not too strong and doesn’t make my hair greasy. After I rub it into my hair, I massage the rest onto my cuticles and hands and it keeps them nice and soft too. Excellent product and a little goes a long way so it should last a while.

Lynda Turton, SD