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Organix Revitalizing Anti-Frizz Serum, Pomegranate Green Tea, 4 Ounce

It’s thoroughly sensual, exotic, unique and totally intoxicating. For dry and brittle hair.

Key features

  • For dry and brittle hair
  • Pomegranate extracts
  • Green tea

Honest reviews


Florida Keys approved

I really like this serum. It smells amazing! I have long, layered, and wavy surfer girl hair that can get pretty fluffy/frizzy. I bought this when I went on vacation in the humid Florida keys. This kept my hair frizz free the entire time. Just be careful not to use too much because a small amount goes a long way. A great value for the price. Did I mention how amazing it smells?

Ashley Lynx, OH

A product from Organix, but not what I ordered nonetheless….

I ordered coconut milk and got something else. Be careful what you select because the picture can be deceiving and be sure to double check your invoice and the emailed invoice I did not and got something I did not order intially. They will offer a refund but by the time you pay shipping cost and the restocking fee what exactly are you getting back. I will not buy from this seller again.

Gayle Ray, ND


This one is not as heavy as the vanilla or shea serums. This one doesn’t smell as heavy either, but it smells like citrus or sugar. Unlike the vanilla and shea, the pomegranate doesn’t have a funny undertow smell.I haven’t used this one to try and blow out my hair, but I do use it every night before bed. When I wake up, the serum is fully absorbed and my hair is pretty soft and nice to touch.

Jacklyn Hillsboro, GA

Excellent product

I love this stuff. My daughter and I both have curly hair and it keeps the frizz away all day!

Justine Boonsboro, MD

Smells Great

I have two biracial daughters and they have thick tight curls, but their hair isn’t coarse. I just wanted something to keep their curls defined and not frizzy. I’m not sure why all of the reviews I read said only use a very small amount. I can use 6-7 pumps of this in my 3 year old daughter’s hair, which isn’t even down to her shoulders and it only keeps it smooth until it dries, then it’s back to normal. I won’t be purchasing it again. I think this would only work good on straight or slightly wavy hair.

Darcy Hinton, WV


Love the aroma of this serum. It’s very thick, so you only need to use very little for short hair. It definitely defeats the frizz I get in humid Austin, Texas summers.

Deidre Rushmore, MN

Helps tame

Tames the hair and makes hair look smooth and clean. Nice smell too, use generous amounts and makes a difference.

Verna Eastman, GA

Frizzy hair

Love it, finally a product that really works. I’ve tried many products and none of them worked. Really happy with this product.

Joan Encino, TX

even a little bit is too much

This smells nice but that’s about it. I am no stranger to hair serum. I have tried a ton of different anti-frizz serums. I wouldn’t buy this again. I decided to try this because I got fed up with frizz-ease not being very effective, but this was worse. With other serums I have tried, if you use too much your hair looks greasy but at least it feels nice still. With this product, your hair not only looks awful, it feels disgusting too. This product seems too thick. I cannot find a happy medium between not enough and too much. I feel like either there is not enough in my hair to make any difference at all, or there is way too much and my hair is dirtier than before I washed it.

Arline Forestburg, TX