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Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

natural, organix, all types of hair

Key features

  • Organix penetring moroccan argan oil

Honest reviews


Buyer beware

I bought this item at Walmart, it’s in a gold colored box by the way. I looked at the ingredients, it’s chemicals! Not organic. It has linseed oil in it too. Lin seed comes from flax seed, it can be used on house hold items such as wood, wood oil, and to preserve wooden items, linoleum, or anything outdoors! Helloooo!?! What was organix thinking? Does my hair look like wood? Linoleum? Or some other furniture needed to preserve it? It also has a low drying quality. I guess I’m never going back to this product! I’m disgusted! If I’d known I wasted 6 dollars at wal mart, I’d take it back, go buy real argon oil. Just beware of this stuff! I wouldn’t order it from here or buy it from walmart. It does make my hair soft, but, it’s not 100% argon oil. I’ve used one n only I liked it much better, I may switch to that , redkin argan 6 or nexxxus also upon investigating into what else it’s used for it’s used for oil paints and paint. I’m very upset! I don’t understand how I could’ve been so foolish! Please if you’ve bought this item, return it, get a refund. Don’t apply it to your hair!

Jaime Endicott, NE


Received sample blue bottle but donated it. Did not like smell or consistency.The retail price point on this should be a warning it’s not pure argan oil.What kind of company puts argan oil in a plastic vessel? No cooking or beauty oil should ever be in plastic, it changes the composition of the oil! Duh.The consistency is of this stuff too watery compared to products with substantial pure argan. This oil also smells poor compared to Josie Marin (used for hair, face and body) or the cult favorite oil by Morrocanoil.Skip it and buy real oil.

Sadie Bangs, TX

Love LOVE this oil!

This is awesome oil.The bottle is clear with a gold back, not blue and the front says “Moroccan argan oil” Penetrating formula.They also have it in extra penetrating oil for coarse hair. I am extremely impressed with how soft and healthy this makes my hair. I stumbled on it and love it. I cant compare this to expensive argan oils but I’ve used other drugstore oils that went into the garbage. Love it! I’m in the process of bringing my hair back to life as its pretty damaged being a blonde and having well water so this definitely will do that!

Georgina Bow, WA

Smells goods, lasts, a little thick

I have used better products (with $$$ price tags), but this is the best I’ve found at the drugstore and I find the faint scent to be pleasant. I’d like to find one that was less gunky/heavy and that smoothed my hair better, like I had with Schwartz. & Henkle, but I’m just not willing to pay for it right now.

Veronica Rio Verde, AZ


The first time I tried this, I didn’t like it. It’s oil for just your hair and it feels gross on your hands. However, when I first tried it, I just wet my hair and then put it on. It made my hair so frizzy! BUT when I put this on after I actually showered, my hair felt soooo nice afterwards. It helps your hair retain its natural curls in a controlled manner. I now use this regularly after I shower. For reference, I have thick, wavy hair that frizzes in an upside down triangle… Not cute, at all.PROS:-super affordable-makes hair soft, less frizzy, and helps hair retain curls-will last a long time (I have shoulder length hair and only need a 2-3 drops)CONS:-it’s an oil and doesn’t feel so great on your hands. I try my best to make sure most of the product is in my hair, but I typically wash my hands afterwards.-cannot use on dry hair (in case you were wondering); must be used after you shower or wash/condition hair-not 100% argon oilOverall, decent, but if you can get the 100% argan oil (and organic), do it. I’m going to finish the rest of this but will probably not purchase it again.

Hilda Norfolk, CT