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Organic Soy Nail Polish Remover By Karma Organics – Lavender

Finally! A nail polish remover that really works, without all of the harmful chemicals and harsh odors! Moisturizing and works quickly to remove nail polish. Karma Organic’s Nail Polish remover is made from an organic soy mixture, and is: -Free of any petroleum Ingredients -Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles -Comes in Lavender, Tea Tree, or Unscented with Vitamin E Oil * 4 Fluid Ounces Ingredients: Propylene Carbonate – odorless, colorless liquid used as a solvent Soybean oil methyl exter – used as a solvent in liquid separations Tocopheryl acetate (Unscented only) – also known as Vitamin E, common vitamin supplement

Key features

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Soy based
  • Non-toxic and Non-carcinogenic
  • Pleasant, Non-Chemical Smell
  • Derived from farm crops, which in turn supports American farming

Honest reviews



This nail polish remover has no harsh smell whatsoever. It actually smells quite pleasant, similar to a lavender hand soap I have. It works just as well as acetone-based polish removers, taking off a thick coating of nail polish (four coats) with just a few passes of the cotton ball.

Tara Saint Paul, MN

Didn’t think it would work so well…

Amazed at how well this removes “traditional” nail polish….leaves a bit of an oily residue which I actually like. Appears to be moisturizing the nail as it cleans….amazing lavender scent. Tossing all my oil “remover” out today!

Marian Thermopolis, WY

Milder remover

Second time purchasing. Love the oils in it that help condition your nails. I highly recommend for a more natural nail product.

Diann Faunsdale, AL

EXTREMELY greasy and not effective at all

I didn’t use this to remove glitters or anything like that. But for ordinary creamy nail polish, I leave this remover on for more than 10 sec and nothing, nothing comes off. Also it is definitely oil-based, and is just too messy to handle. Not worth a buck

Noreen Port Gamble, WA

Great and organic

This is a great organic nail polish remover. I bought this on a whim and it really is my favorite. Doesn’t dry my nails out or sting. Take polish off fast!

Octavia Meadow Bridge, WV

organic soy nail polish remover

I love this stuff. Takes my red polish right off without toxins. It also doesn’t seem to dry out my nails.

Sheryl Melrose, MN


This product smells great. It works as advertised and it does not harm the children/people or environment (as far as I know).

Marguerite Burlington, WI

It works!!

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to me that in order to keep my family away from chemicals and protect the earth I end up spending MUCH more for products that work MUCH less (or sometimes not at all). Enter Karma Organics Soy Nail Polish Remover, I ordered it because of the other good reviews, but in my heart I was certain that it would not get rid of my fuschia nail polish, and IT DID! Not only did it not have any chemical smell, but it took just exactly the same amount of effort to get off the nail polish with this product, as it does with the extremely strong stuff I got from Ulta. I am over the moon!

Pam Rockton, IL

Fast and Nails Are Not Left Dry

This nail polish remover works fast and doesn’t leave nails dry. I highly recommend this product to individuals that do not want to use nail polish removers with acetone. It is great!!!

Kelli Hugo, OK

Never Ever Buy Anything Else!

I will never have to buy another nail polish remover. Four women/girls in this household who all do their nails and we are all in love with this nail polish remover. It does not have any harmful chemicals. It has no harsh odor. It works like a dream taking all kinds of polish off. And because it is oil based, it always leaves our nails and hands feeling great instead of dry like other polish removers. Our nails have never been healthier and we have even been getting more playful with polish. Last week my daughter had watermelon nails and everyone loved them. Too cute! Once they were chipped she went straight for this remover and like a dream it removed all of the coats (base, red, green tips, white separator line, black seeds). The only drawback I can see is that (because it is oil based) it will occasionally leave our fingers a little oily. We use gentle baby wipes to remove the oils before putting on fresh polish so it does not detract from the experience and I would not even remove a star from the review for this. Way too much positive for the negative to be of any significance to us personally.In case you are wondering, here is the ingredient list and other bottle information:Karma NaturalsNail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil & LavenderIngredients:Propylene Carbonate, Soybean oil methyl exter, tocopheryl acetate100% Biodegradable100% Soy BasedNon ToxicNon CarcinogenicDerived from Farm Crops (supporting American Farmers)Packaged in 100% Recyclable Glass BottlesHope you love it as much as we have!

Tori Millstone, WV

Takes a while, but much easier on your nails

Because this is oil based instead of acetone, it does take a bit of scrubbing to really get the nail polish off your nails. That’s really my only gripe about this remover because overall, it’s so much better for my nails and cuticles. My nails have stopped splitting/flaking completely and my cuticles are in much better shape, even in the winter. The bottle is small, but a little goes a very long way. It even works well on glitters, sand and dark colors (which is 90% of what I use).

Cecelia Landenberg, PA


Obviously this product is oil-based, and that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. There’s a weird feeling to it, but it definitely works. I bought it based on the raving reviews and I’m completely satisfied with this purchase. I’m glad I’m not hurting my nails anymore with acetone!

Joni Glendale, KY

Makes Painting Nails Enjoyable Again!

I loathe the smell of nail polish remover, acetone and non acetone, so it makes painting my own nails (which I prefer to do myself over a salon) a dreaded thing because of the smell! Nail polish stinks too, but not as bad as the chemical headache causing odor of remover. I purchased the non scented bottle and it’s lovely. Its an oil so only a little amount is needed and it cuts through the polish, removes it, and leaves my nails moisturized. It comes in a pretty glass bottle too (package junkie here). It would have received all stars, but its pricey…why is it so pricey btw?

Marcia Saint Stephens, WY