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Organic R/s Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer, 6 Ounce

This hair fertilizer helps to reinforce and feed weak and damaged hair. Enriched with a blend of nettle, horsetail, and paprika, these ingredients have in the past been known to arouse the scalp, and add moisture to dry hair.

Key features

  • Stimulates scalp for faster hair growth
  • Adds moisture to dry hair
  • Helps hair to grow stronger and faster

Honest reviews


Won’t Be Able to Find Out if it Works!

As I cannot have this gunk in my hair daily and wear it around w/o keeping my head covered, I will not know whether it works or not. I suppose that if one wanted to put it on before bed & wear it through the night, they could if they wrapped their head to keep it from getting on bed linens. Then, it would have to be washed out every morning before going into public. IMO, only a bald person could really use this.

Keisha North Vassalboro, ME

Good Stuff

I recently started using this product about a week ago. I have used the Olive Oil conditioning cream which works wonders on the ends of your hair but was constantly having to add it for constant moisture on the scalp. This one, though not heavy at all, provides lasting moisture once applied to the scalp and brushed through. No more popping and breaking of new growth when combing through my hair. I love it. My curls last and everything. No weighted down feeling but lasting moisture which really helped the manageability of my hair. I have relaxed, colored hair which is currently not in the best condition. I will continue to use this as I believe it will also aid in the growth of my hair and the managing of my new growth in between relaxers. Seems that this would be really good for anyone trying to transition from relaxed to natural. I’m seriously thinking about it.

Shawn Fredericksburg, VA

Love It!!!

As an avid fan of Organic Root Stimulator’s products, this is PERFECT for my natural hair! I’ve been using this for a month and I love how it lightly moisturizes my hair! It doesn’t give a “greasy” or “heavy” feeling and the smell is very pleasant. I use this to moisturize my hair first, then seal the cream in with pure castor oil. They both provide a great combination and both work wonders for my hair.

Guadalupe Hollister, MO

Root Stimulator

Will be returning this item. It wasn’t what I thought it would be and the lid was broken and solution was seeping out. I already notified seller, and they agreed to accept it back. Will be returning it.Thank you!

April Rockland, DE

Super Moisturizing

This product adds so much hydration and nourishment to the hair and scalp. Only a very small amount is needed. I think those that have build up used too much for their hair type. I can see that possibility with using too much, and it’s easy to use a heavier hand. This is not a “more is better” product.For my relaxed and thicker hair, I do my entire scalp with less than a dime size amount. Natural textured hair may need a touch more. Very thick hair may need more. You may experiment with the right amount for your needs. It’s applied directly to the scalp. After applying it needs to be gently massaged into the scalp. The product works itself into the hair, so there’s no need to apply it directly to the hair. The consistency is lightweight and creamy. This is not an oil or pomade. I use twice a week and have never experienced any flaking or dullness. My hair is growing nicely, healthy and has a rich sheen.My hair was cut “buzz short”. Since Christmas, it’s grown 4″. I “dust” my ends every 2 months. If taking good care of hair and it still looks dull, it’s possible the ends need to be clipped. Too many split ends makes hair look dull. This fertilizer adds to beauty and health of new growth, and it can help prevent ends from splitting up the entire hair shaft, but once split, the ends are damaged. They can be treated, but not repaired back to normal. A regular trim or dusting is a good ideal. Actually, if rest of hair is looking well nourished and healthy, those rough ends really stand out.I believe this product is great for most people with relaxed, natural and transitioning hair. It’s good for stretching relaxers, because it works so well on both hair textures. There are, good for the hair, herbs infused in the Fertilizer. While ORS doesn’t claim this is a “hair grow” product, they do say using this product provides the right environment for the scalp, and the protection the hair needs to experience growth and maintain healthy hair. I believe it. This may be a wonderful addition to the hair care of anyone on a hair journey, or anyone that just wants to maintain the beauty and health of their hair. Using on a regular basis, I think most will be quite pleased with the results. The smell is very light and pleasant. I highly recommend.

Cherry Kinde, MI

Very nice product!

The name itself is very attractive. Not the fertilizer part. Well, that brings images of plant manure and what not. But believe me, `this fertilizer’ smells good and has a cream colored mayonnaise-like texture. The tub says to apply it daily. But I chose to apply it thrice a week. I do other hair-care DIYs too. So I really don’t want to overwhelm my hair with daily application.The product is very thick and at first I feared applying it would be tough. However, the product is absorbed by the hair pretty fast and I like that. It does not leave the hair greasy, which is a huge plus. I usually brush my hair first and make sure it’s untangled. Then I scoop the product out, apply on the scalp and then brush again so that it’s evenly distributed.I believe this is formulated to be applied on the hair and washed off after some time. But nothing is mentioned about it in the directions. So I chose to apply it in the night and wash off in the morning. As it’s not greasy, it’s totally ok.Within the second week of using it, I felt a really good difference. My hair has a beautiful shine and it’s softer now.

Valeria Blair, WV

Organic R/s Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer, 6 Ounce

I use this product. It works well with your hair. It gives you a natural shine and softness.Believe me it really works. I’ve been using it for 4 months and I tell you I love it. Please try they also have the other one for hair breakage. You it to seal and moisturize your hair for best results. Try them all.Organic R/s Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer, 6 Ounce

Latoya Oakville, CT

Feel Better already

This product is light and not greasy but provide your hair just the right amount of moisturizer. Make sure when using this product, you completely rubing into your scalp for the best results.

Angelique Ghent, KY

Super moisturizing

I love the way this product makes my hair feel; soft, smooth and very moisturized. My hair is relaxed, colored, and bleach, so it’s difficult to retain moisture. With this product, it looks healthy and feels great.

Celina Sherrill, AR

It really works

If you want a product that DOES regrow hair, get this product and use it in conjunction with the temple and grow balm, and the scrub shampoo if you really want great results. This product by itself works a little slower, but it leaves your hair really soft and manageable . I love it, but then again I love all Organics products- I’m a fan.

Helena Horse Branch, KY

Great product!!!!!!

I love this product it works for me. Make my hair grow in thick and strong. I use it everyday. It really soothes the scalp.

Anna Franklin, TX

Not for me

I can live without this product. I tried it based on reviews but it’s not for me. A bit heavy and it weighs down my hair (even when applied to the scalp). Once it’s gone, it’s a wrap. I will not purchase this again.

Geri Allen, KS