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Organic ROSEHIP OIL – Premium Facial Grade | 100% Pure Unrefined | 30ml | Highest Quality | Freshest Available | Seeing is Believing. Moisturizes Skin Like Nothing Else | Fades Stretch Marks, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Scars. Evens Skin Tone, Strengthens Hair and Nails, Stimulates Hair Growth, Eliminates Dry Flakey Skin and Dandruff

100% Pure Organic Rosehip Oil In its pure form, rosehip oil is among the most powerful regenerating and rejuvenating skin oils in existence. Our rosehip oil starts life from the wild rose plants of Chile’s southern Andes. A beautiful lush climate, mountains covered in mist, A climate and region perfect for producing Chile’s real national treasure… …Pure rosehip oil. The benefits of rosehip oil have long been know by the indigenous people of Chile, but until recently remained a secret to much of the rest of the world. How You Can Benefit From Rosehip Oil A potent antioxidant, pure rosehip oil firms, restores, and hydrates damaged and irregular skin. Making it hard to find previous scars and fading age and sun spots from the skin. What does this mean for your skin? Scars heal faster, sun damage and age spots disappear from the skin… …and… …stretch marks fade away! Rosehip oil is also extremely effective in treating Eczema, Psoriasis, dermatitis, acne scars, brittle nails and dry hair. Dandruff? –> Add a few drops daily and massaging into your scalp. Why Our Rosehip Oil is the BEST Our rosehip oil is rosehip oil in its purest form. 100% pure Chilean rosehip seeds, cold-pressed to preserve potency and freshness. We produced our Rosehip oil in micro-batches to ensure your rosehip oil is the freshest possible product. Due to the fragile nature of what is pure unrefine rosehip oil, this is important. Our product does not sit in some warehouse for months or even years before being shipped out. Important Notice Since we produce only enough Rosehip oil to keep up with demand occasionally we sell out. If sold out please be patient, we promise it will be worth the wait!

Key features

  • POWERFUL REJUVINATING PROPERTIES. Proven extremely effective at treating sun damaged skin, age spots, scars, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dry flakey skin, wrinkles, dandruff, dry hair, brittle nails. Rosehip oil has long been a Hollywood secret only recently making it to the mainstream. Try adding Skin Daily Pure Rosehip Oil to your mascara for noticeably (As in your friends will be asking) thicker and longer lashes in just weeks.
  • COLD PRESSED GOODNESS. Oil is cold processed ensuring the freshest most pure, potent, and beneficial product.
  • PRODUCED IN MICRO-BATCHES. Skin Daily’s Rosehip oil is pressed and bottled in small micro batches. This ensures we produce only enough rosehip oil to keep up with demand. Eliminating the possibility of our oil sitting idle and going stale in some warehouse. Our 1 oz bottle makes the perfect 1 month supply of super fresh Rosehip oil. Beware of large “bargain” bottles as the oil often goes stale long before the oil can be used.
  • PREMIUM AMBER GLASS BOTTLE W/DROPPER. Our tinted glass bottle keeps your product fresh. Exposure to prolonged light will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of this fragile but highly effective oil. Dropper ensures just the right amount….a little goes a long way.

Honest reviews


fabulous skin care product

great natural facial product. Works on dark / age spots, wrinkles and has been used by Egyptians, american indians since the dawn of their time.

Mia Raisin, CA

I like the clean look of the bottle and that this …

I like the clean look of the bottle and that this oil includes a dropper for easy application.The oil has very little (almost no) scent, but it is light and pleasant. My skin has been a little crazy lately, so I used this rosehip oil on my scalp as a test on this horrible dandruff and psoriasis flare I’ve been experiencing due to our weather lately. In the morning I massaged a few drops of the oil into my scalp and let it soak in. If I was going to be home all day, I let the oil be. If I had to go out I would take a shower as I found it did make my already oily hair look greasy. This would more than likely not be an issue for those with normal-dry hair. I found after about a week of use that my scalp was no longer itchy, and there was a great reduction in my dandruff. With continued use, I’ve found that this oil really keeps my dandruff in check, and gives great relief to my psoriasis.

Velma Enville, TN

Rosehip Oil Is A Gift to Your Skin!

I received one bottle of a 100% Organic Rosehip Seed Oil to review! This Rosehip Oil is a 100% organic, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals in it, which I think is a real plus. If you’re looking for a skin care product that has rejuvenating properties, then you’ll love this Rosehip Oil! It really doesn’t have any fragrance, but it certainly gives your skin a smooth and silky feeling. This Rosehip Oil has been proven to firm, restore, hydrate damaged skin and irregular skin issues, like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne scars, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. Making it hard to find previous scars, as well as fading age and sun spots on the skin. It can even help stretch marks fade away! Rosehip Oil is among the most powerful regenerating and rejuvenating skin oils in existence! To me it sounds like the perfect beauty product and it’s organic! It’s even good for dry hair and dandruff, along with brittle nails. This is another one of my favorite products, that I would stand behind and highly recommend!

Misty West Liberty, KY

Excellent product

Excellent product that does not have an unpleasant smell. It works within in a few treatments but results will be seen within the first try. My skin did not feel sticky and it is easy to wash off.

Lilian Aroda, VA


Using this on my stretch marks, as it lay claim to helping them diminish away. It took a few days but then i started to notice some results in that area. This product helps, I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle oil or anything, but it actually helps. This company is amazing as well! They have great customer service if you have a question, and they ship their products out quickly and with no hassle. I love this product, and will be trying the Rosehip oil on my daughters eczema as well! Heres hoping it works great for that as well!

Gabriela Benzonia, MI

top anti aging

For those who do not know Rosehip oil is amazing little oil. It is good for the skin and is like a little miracle oil. It one of the best anti aging products around. I love it and use it daily! We are huge fans of this brand and love that its organic!

Carolina Luana, IA

Works just like it said it would.

I noticed that I could use this on scars and for dandruff so I decided to see if it would actually work the way it said that it would. I have been not only using it on a few of my scars but also for dandruff. I started using it first on the worst of my scars the one I have on my lower right leg. I had a compound factor of the right leg over 10 years ago and it caused a huge scare. I have tried everything to try and diminish the look of it or at least make it softer looking. Nothing really worked the way I wanted until this stuff. I have been using it for a few weeks now, everyday when I get out of the shower I use some on the scar. It absorbs nicely into the skin and before the scar has a tight scabby feeling to it where the skin was dry and flaky. Now the skin in much smoother and the flakiness has been diminished. It doesn’t feel as tight and actually feels much better to the touch. As far as the way it looks. It looks much better. I am a very pale person and red spots look 10 times more red on pale skin and the scar had a lot of redness to it. It seems like a lot of it has gone away since starting to use the rosehip oil. I am most definitely going to keep using it for my scars.When it came to the dandruff I didn’t like it as well but it was my own not liking. It worked well at treating the dandruff and I could tell it was working but I hated putting it into my hair. My hair is very oily but my scalp stays dry. It’s a horrible combination and I have to be careful of products I use because of this. The rosehip oil will work great for a lot of people who don’t have to worry about hair like mine but every time I used the oil it made my hair look greasy and oily like I hadn’t washed it in weeks. Which, is normal for a lot of hair products that my hair doesn’t like. While it does work and really helped stop the dandruff, my hair hated it and it really made it look horrible. However, it’s one of those things that as long as you wash it out every morning before beginning your day, it honestly isn’t that big of a deal. It does work and that’s what matters.Disclosure Notice: I received this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Rae Barneveld, NY

Eyelashes GONE WILD!

I have always had decent eyelashes but not the kind I have always wanted! I wanted nice thick and long lashes but I had no desired to add a medication to my lashes to make that happen. I prefer natural products that don’t come with label after label of warnings that might happen to you if you use their products. Nope that’s not for me.I recently tried Skin Daily, Skin Care Solutions 100% Organic Rosehip Oil and I must say I am in love! I decided I was going to use the rosehip oil around my eyes to prevent crow’s feet from setting in. I lost all interest in my potential crow’s feet when I realized that the rosehip oil was making my eyelashes grow and I mean grow like crazy. Within a week of using the rosehip oil my lashes were thicker then within another week or so I realized how long they had gotten. They were almost as long as my husbands and I didn’t think that was possible. At one point my husband asked me if I was wearing fake eyelashes. I thought that was hysterical but yet I knew it wasn’t my imagination the rosehip oil was changing my lashes. My Mom even asked me what I was doing different with my lashes.My lashes are now being nourished and hydrated by the rosehip oil and they are so happy to have it. I had no idea this could happen. Even the skin around my eyes looks more hydrated and feels so much better. I am amazed by this product.I have a mini frig in my bedroom that my husband and I keep bottled water in. This is also where I store my rosehip oil. When I am grabbing a bottle of water before bed I also grab the rosehip oil and put it on so that it can do its handy work while I sleep.I have never seen a product make such wonderful changes and in such a quick span of time in my life. I am a lifelong customer that’s for sure!I want to note that this rosehip oil is cold pressed which I have recently learned is essential to insuring that you are getting all the nutritional value from the rosehip oil. If it’s not cold pressed then you are losing vitamins that you need and you are probably paying for. I can’t say enough good things about this product!

Nikki Branscomb, CA

benefit from Healthy Cuticle

I recently ad the opportunity to try this product, Skin Daily Skincare solutions was kind enough to send me a bottle of their Skin Daily’s Rosehip Oil to tr..well.I suffer from eczema on my hands and this Skin Daily’s Rosehip Oil has improved my skin and I haven’t had an outbreak on my hands since I started using the Skin Daily’s Rosehip Oil. This product helped with my eczema and I will continue to use it. I also love how my nails are looking and how healthy my cuticles are now..before they where cracked and brittle. I sure recommend this product. #AD

Madeline Eunice, NM

Great for dry hair and dry skin!

I received this product free in exchange for an HONEST review (which my blog prides itself on). The first thing I like about Skin Daily Skincare’s 100% Organic Rosehip Oil is the fact that it doesn’t have a strong and irritating smell…just a slight, soothing fragrance. I also like the consistency; it isn’t thick and gloppy, but it isn’t so thin that it won’t spread, either. A lot definitely goes a long way! A few drops was enough to cover my entire face, and it didn’t dry up like some oils do before I had a chance to thoroughly massage it in. It was really oily at first, but after a minute or so of massaging, it absorbs in. I really liked the moisturizing aspects of this oil — my skin feels so soft and smooth after using it! I haven’t been using it for very long, but I feel like it is helping reduce some of the acne and redness on my face. I haven’t seen any changes with my stretch marks yet, but I will keep you updated, as I’m sure that takes time. I also loved what the rosehip oil did for my hair. A few drops of oil was enough to calm my frizzy, dried ends and make them shiny again! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves natural solutions, and especially to anyone who could use it for both their face and their hair.

Nettie Jumping Branch, WV

Great oil!

I really liked this product! Also, there are so many awesome benefits, and is used extensively by individuals, Natropaths, Aromatherapists and Massage Therapists! To those who may not know, Rose hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a rose bush. It is unique among vegetable oils, in that it contains the skin clarifying retinal and vitamin C. Rose hip seed oil is high in the essential fatty acids, too! This product, applied directly to the skin was absorbed quickly, without leaving a greasy film. As a moisturizer, it helped to eliminate the dry, chapped skin around my lips, nail beds, and elbows. The only caveat I would suggest, is that this product, as it is a derived oil, not be used for those with cystic acne.

Freida Grahn, KY

A quality rosehip oil with an easy to use dropper and amber bottle to keep it fresher, longer.

A slightly nutty oil, rosehip has been perfect for keeping my aging skin clear and keep my wrinkles at bay. I apply a few drops to my fingertips and rub into my face after cleansing in the morning. The oil does not feel greasy , it is nice and light and does a great job. My skin is super clear, and looks healthy and bright. I keep my bottle in the fridge to help keep it fresher, longer. And, I love that the bottle is amber to keep the ingredients (rosehip oil) fresh. The dropper is easy to use and control the amount of product on your fingers.

Patti Paauilo, HI