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Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Lotion 8.5 oz.

Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair LotionTM conditions and provides maximum protection from heat while adding shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Key features

  • Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion protects, conditions and restores moisture to dry, thirsty hair.
  • Organic Root Stimulator has taken hydrating botanicals and blended them with olive oil.
  • With consistent use, your hair will begin to show improved elasticity, hydration and shine.
  • Organic Root Stimulator has taken hydrating botanicals and blended them with olive oil into a vitamin-rich creme that replenishes the “natural” moisture balance of the hair.
  • Proclaimed as “liquid gold”, olive oil has been used for over 5000 years.

Honest reviews



Buyer Beware! This product could close down a public school because of the chemical soup in these products. I love how the front of the product says in large letters ORGANIC OLIVE OIL – but on the back it lists chemicals that should be buried in a toxic waste site. Do not put this poison on your baby’s head!If it can clear a classroom – what is it doing to your brain?[…]

Stacie Colerain, NC


I got this because I thought it had no glycerin in it, and on the label it says GLYCERIN!!!!, If they were thinking they’d put the ingredients up there on the screen.

Melva Oregon House, CA

my hair is like silk with this stuff

I’m a white girl who swears by this stuff 🙂 Let’s face it, dry hair is dry hair, and this stuff will quench it fast! I have hair that’s been killed by coloring, and this lotion tames the frizzies and makes it feel so lush and healthy. A little goes a long way so you can’t beat this at five bucks, what a bargain!

Hope East Ellsworth, WI

IT smells!

This product really smell! In not a good way! and it made my hair dry, and brittle! I will never buy this product AGAIN! NEVER!!! It’s so not good and its so oily and I dont know for some odd reason it doesn’t even work! I would recommend get a real OLIVE OIL or an ARGAN OIL! WAy better than this smelly product ugh!

Annie Forestdale, RI

lite texture

Very nice, a little is all that is needed. Use this on my hair as well for deep treatment. Do this for yourself.

Chasity Homedale, ID

Grandma aroma

As I am eager to try any product containing olive oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties, I gave this product a shot. Sadly I found it a bit too thick as it leaves too much gunk in the hair when used as a leave-in conditioner. Compared to Herbal Essence conditioner, it just doesn’t seem appropriate for styling hair. On a separate note, it does have an odd aroma. When this product is in my hair, my girlfriend tells me I smell like a grandma.

Maude Huddy, KY

Makes my hair hard

I have newly relaxed (texlaxed) arm pit length hair. I heard great things about this product and that I give it a try on my newly relaxed hair. This product goes on soft and feels moisturized. By the end of the day my hair feels hard and dull. I am not sure why this product does that to my hair. Did not work great for me.

Marianne Fleming, GA

great for dry hair

i tried this because i feel in love with the organic root stimulator relaxor. and i wasnt disappointed. olive oil hair lotion leaves your hair silky smooth and not greasy. i use is as an altermative to lusters pink lotion. its a great product.

Ellen Stanton, AL

Not greasy at all!!

I love love that this is not a greasy product. It is rich and a little goes a long way. My hair is soft and I can touch it without pulling back a shiny hand. I use it on my edges and tips and to tame frizzies and fly-a-ways.

Lori Elba, NY

Must have!

I don’t know how I lived without this moisturizer! I love the smell and the consistency. It’s great for my transitioning hair and keeps my curls moisturized and soft ans silky. I use it almost every day, it’s great to use when doing twists and knots to moisturize and perfect for edge control. It softens the hair and leaves a nice, pleasant smell. It’s not heavy or oily and you hair absorbs it fairly quickly. This line has been great for my hair. It’s never been healthier and you can see the difference.

Chelsea Edgemont, AR


Truly this product works! I have searched high and low for a moisturizing product down through the years with many heartache of dealing with hair lotion that had dried my hair out. However using this product has brought life back into my hair, so I recommend this to anyone suffering from dryness! U won’t be dry again with this amazing hair lotion!

Angel Mendenhall, PA

Great Stuff

I’m a white woman with hair that’s a mix of wavy, frizzy, curly and dry. I haven’t been happy with many of the products I’m finding in the “white” aisle (though there are a couple I admit I love) — usually, however, they’re too heavily perfumed and make my hair feel worse than ever and coated down with product. Then I just end up thinking maybe I should invest in more hats. When my neighborhood Walgreens went and renovated, adding a bigger “ethnic” hair care aisle, I decided to explore, especially when a friend told me that olive oil was excellent for hair, period. I found this product and a couple others there, and couldn’t be happier. I love that this doesn’t feel like a perfume bomb went off around my head — it does have an aloe vera lotion vibe to it, scent-wise, however — and using it I get a nice shine and wave to my hair. Applied to dry hair, it feels like a great touch-up that actually works. The hair looks a bit healthier and shinier, too, and feels that way. I’m sold on this.

Jenny Orlando, FL

Great for African-American hair

This hair lotion is very thick and moisturizing. I use it daily in my hair care regimen of moisturizing my hair and sealing the moisture in with a carrier oil. The smell is also great! I will repurchase this product over and over and over again!!

Madge Atlantic City, NJ

I Love It

I received a sample of this (a rather large sample) in the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil perm and didn’t really use it then but put it in my cabinet of products that I use on occasion. I am trying to transition my hair to natural and away from perms (2 1/2 months going strong) and decided to go through that cabinet to see what products I had that would work and what products I needed to add to a shopping list. I found this hiding in the back. I washed my hair a few days ago and conditioned it, which left it nice and somewhat nourished, however I used this lotion and my hair is like silk! I have never had hair this silky, ever and I am glad I didn’t do what I normally do when perms give me extra products and toss it out. I am here to buy the bigger bottle of lotion. I am very satisfied and very shocked at how my hair straightens without making my hair tough and brittle-feeling like most products do. I truly recommend this!

Luann Tulsa, OK

Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion Unisex 8.5 oz.,

I like this product because it moisturizes and keeps the scape oiled and hair shinning, plus I like the way my feels after I comb the product through.

Charmaine Bathgate, ND

A good moisturizer

Before I went natural I was using this product after getting a wash and set or just before a blow out. This hair lotion kept my hair moisturized, soft, silky and can’t forget smelling good :). I might try it again on my natural hair to see if I get the same results. I do recommend this product!

Lashonda Lomita, CA

Meh…I prefer Argan Oil instead

Before discovering Argain Oil by Organix I was using this leave in treatment…well I thought it would be the best for my thick, coarse and dry hair. At time I was happy with it again until I discovered the Argan oil by Organix. Comparing both one should thick that argan oil should leave grease and shine on the hair. Well actually this stuff made my hair super greasy no matter how little I applied 🙁 It smells really good but I guess the concentration is too thick and greasy. My hair took some time to absorb this treatment as well and I had to make sure I don’t wear a nice dress or top until it’s completely absorbed. Not sure if it also stimulated my roots since I did not notice a difference in my hair growth cycle nor the quality of my hair has changed. This stuff is good for a day or two

Ann East Hickory, PA

This was my one of my staples for over a year, however…

When I stopped using it noticed WAY less breakage. I don’t know if it was this product or my conditioner Tresemme (I doubt it) since I stopped using it at the same time. I really liked it while I was using it, but I’m hesitant to pick it up again obviously.

Evelyn Rayne, LA

it delivers great results indeed!

I have been using this hair lotion for almost 4 years now and I must say that even though it has a rather thick consistency…it leaves hair hydrated and nourished without leaving a greasy feeling! I love it

Bridget Denbo, PA

Love this product

I have curly hair and have a tough time finding something to make my curls look good. This stuff works great, doesn’t leave my hair greasy and it smells great. My curls even look better.

Lydia White Plains, KY

Excellent for dry hair

Even in California, my hair is so dry and I have been using this olive oil cream for several months and it is great. It is also lightly scented and is very nice. The only issue i have is the bottle has to squished hard to get the cream out. Planning to buy the cup version of this next time so that it can be scooped out easily. The cream itself is excellent and very good for dry hair.

Edythe Richey, MT