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Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse Hair and Scalp Cleanse Shampoo, 8 Ounce

Cleans and refreshes braids, locks, twists and other natural styles without suds or lathering. Leaves hair fresh and clean. Removes odor and residue without suds hair dries instantly, no mildew odor.

Key features

  • Leaves hair fresh and clean
  • Removes odor and residue without suds hair dries instantly, no mildew odor
  • Aloe vera calms and softens the scalp

Honest reviews


it has alcohol in it

I used this product while having braids, so I needed something to keep my scalp cleansed. I did notice build up and that my scalp felt “heated” while applying. Then I read the ingredient list which contains alcohol, which can dry the skin. It smelled okay but it has a little alcohol smell. I haven’t purchased this item again and I won’t change my mind. It was okay but not great to me.

Bertie Centralia, TX

Great for “bangs” … but,

I bought this product at my local grocery store specifically for my bangs, which tend to get oily the day after washing my hair.This product is perfect because now I don’t have to wash my hair every day.I simply apply it to my bangs, let it sit for a minute or 2, then I use a sprayer to rinse thoroughly.Since the first ingredient is SD alcohol, I would NEVER leave this product in my hair. SD Alcohol is THE WORST thing for your hair and skin because it’s very drying. (Thus, I removed one star.)In fact, if you have dry hair, I would not recommend leaving this product on your hair as the directions state because I suppose over time the product might dry out your hair.But for my purpose, as a rinse out product, it’s great. I can wash & style my bangs in less than 10 minutes.I like the fragrance too.Edit:4-28-13Also works great on oily scalp. Just apply to scalp, massage, leave for 1 minute or 2, then take a wet cotton ball and wipe off thoroughly.This stuff is great!If you have super long hair, but an oily scalp, works like a charm.BTW, a little goes a long way.EZ does it!

Beatrice Umpqua, OR

Great Shampoo For Weaves, Plaits, & Braids

Another winner from ORS!I recommend this shampoo if your hair is styled in plaits, braids, or weaves. (Or, if you’re bed ridden, lazy, or going on a camping trip and don’t have the luxury of shower.)It’s latherless but it does an excellent job at cleaning your hair meaning no product residue. It contains aloe vera that’s great for moisturizing and softening hair.Another plus? It has a faint lavender scent that leaves your hair smelling wonderfully.

Tina Lawsonville, NC

Fair enough

I use this product to refreshen my scalp while in braids, but use it only if I have to because there is a buildup. It does stop itching, but nothing replaces proper washing with water and suds

Mamie Gratiot, OH

Doesn’t work

Wanted to get for my hair I have extensions and purple hair, I don’t like to wash my hair too often. This stuff made my hair more greasy and smell weird.

April Marlboro, NY