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Organic Root Stimulator Hairepair Intense Moisture Creme, 5 Ounce

Helps restore moisturize balance to dry hair and scalp. Coconut oil and avocado oil for intense moisture and added shine. Enriched with lactic acid.

Key features

  • Coconut oil and avocado oil for intense moisture and added shine
  • Enriched with lactic acid
  • Perfect for natural, color treated and/or relaxed hair

Honest reviews


Another great moisturizer from ORS (Organic Root Stimulator)

I purchased this item along with the other companion items from the ORS HAIRepair line. First off this creme smells so good. The consistency is super rich and thick but absorbs well into my hair strands. This creme doesnt feel heavy or weigh my hair down. There are some great ingredients in this cream such as coconut oil, avocado oil, green tea & olive fruit oil to name a few all of which are very beneficial to maintaning healthy growing hair. Another hit and a repurchase for me.

Elda Little York, NY

Former All natural product junkie.

Where to begin. I would rate this product 4.5 stars but that option isn’t given. I actually really really like (not love) but realllllly like this product. I use to be one of those all people who only bought all natural products for my all natural hair (5B/apl) but after sampling the anti breakage creme from this line (I love this item), I decided to give this product a try. Now, I tested this product for a week and I wore my hair in two braids. On one side, I put shea moisture leave in conditioner for dry and damaged hair and then on the other side I put this product. I usually put moisturize my hair twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, at each session, I would ask my husband if he could feel a difference in the texture or moisture of my hair. He couldn’t and I couldn’t. So with that said, I am jumping off the all natural bandwagon. I still plan to buy but not being a junkie about it. Also, this product cost my $5 at walmart and my all natural products usually cost somewhere between $10-20$ so as you can see this product is a steal monetary wise. I also love the buttery/melt in your mouth chocolate texture of this product. OMG…it feels so good. It does not feel greasy. It has a great smell and I don’t use a lot but I can this product for me lasting about four months or more and again for $5 that is a great steal. I most certainly plan to keep this item apart of my hair care for the long haul. Oh, my only downfall is that this product contains mineral oil…I am little worry about how this will affect my hair over an extended time. We’ll see. I will def recommend this product.

Maryann Harrison City, PA

Better suited for a young girl…

Full disclosure — this stuff moisturizes fine, not great, just fine BUT I cannot get past the smell. It’s a candy, sweet smell that is cloying and obnoxious after a while. I just can’t get past it. If it was super moisturizing and amazing, then I could but it’s only okay.

Dolores Lakewood, NY

Another great product from the ORS Hairepair line

I received two sample packs of this creme and not too long ago, applied it to my hair. When they say intense moisture, they wasn’t kidding. This stuff can easily keep my hair moisturized for about four days and I have very porous hair. The only reason why it doesn’t get a five stars is because it does nothing for the breakage with my hair. But that is why ORS created one for breakage. For some reason this one is easier to find than the breakage creme. The anti breakage creme is darn near impossible to find within my usual spots and they can never keep it in stock.

Christine Niland, CA


Since using the ors hair repair , I have 98% less hair breakage! My hair is soo strong now I could probably hang off a tall building by my hair and I won’t lose a strand. I love this stuff soo much I ordered a second jar because I could not find it at any of the local beauty supply stores like Sally’s or cvs,Walgreens or Kmart . I previously used the olive oil hair creme for years, now I have a new favorite. I just LOVE it. I wish that it came in a larger jar.

Beverly Knox, ND

It does what it says it will

I brought this product and me and my daughter both tried it. I have curly hair and she has relaxed. The smell is really good and sweet ( it smells like bananas- not coconut – I hate coconut so that was a plus). Our results were that, it made my hair well moisturized but turned my curls into a baby fro, my daughter on the other hand loves it. So, I would say it’s a great product in general, especially for anyone with permed hair, or if you use alot of heat when styling.

Bertie Reamstown, PA