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Organic Root Stimulator Hairepair Anti-Breakage Strength Creme, 5 Ounce

Continued use will make hair appear stronger with a beautiful, healthy-looking shine. Formulated with a blend of bamboo extract and shea butter. Moisturizes and conditions weak and damaged hair.

Key features

  • Formulated with a blend of bamboo extract and shea butter
  • Moisturizes and conditions weak and damaged hair
  • Helps reduce breakage and dryness in hair

Honest reviews


sample size

This seems to be great product but I sampled a sample size that came along with ORS hair mayo. Also, I used this in combination with a Shea moisture product so I don’t know how well this product will stand by it’s self. I am plan t. I am planning to buy a regular size jar in the next week or two. I am only giving it a four stars because the sample jar did not have the ingredients listed so I don’t really know what is in it. But, I think it will be a staple product in my regimen. I used this product twice daily/7 days a week. I have 4b/c..very thick black hair. I am completely natural. It smells great and feels great. I love it.

Kendra Craig, CO

Great strengthening creme

A very light creme that is packed with ingredients known for their moisturizing & strengthening qualities such as shea butter, coconut oil & bamboo extract. This is a penetrating anti breakage creme that can be used daily ands also directly to your ends for added protection against splitting. Two words…staple product!

Lidia Athens, WI


You only need a small amount put on after washing hair let sit until hair air drys.i had very little breakage. I will continue to use this product. It really does work for me!!!!

Callie Sonora, KY

Not bad.

I’m African American with relaxed hair. I just started my hair journey a month ago and I’ve been using this for a month already and I think it helps but I’m not really sure. I’m still experiencing breakage. I really love how it smells and how soft it makes my hair feel. I don’t use a lot at once so I have a lot left in the jar which i will finish. I might repurchase at a later date after trying other products.

Rosa Guilford, CT

ORS knocked it out of the park with this hair creme

I have fragile 4a/b/c hair that is porous and breaks constantly. I fairly recently did an slight modifications to my hair routine and plan to stick it out to see if my hair conditions improves. Within that time period I came across samples of this product that I requested some time ago. I incorporated this into my nightly moisturizing routine called the LOC (or LCO) method just to test it out and I was shocked on how quickly my hair improved. I would say within five days, my breakage has been cut down to about 30% and decreasing. I have never experienced anything that noticeably improved the state of my hair so quickly. What I love about this product is that so little is needed and my hair stays moisturized and doesn’t break as much for the next day or two. This is way better than some oils I have tried. When I finally ran out of the samples, gradually the breakage increased and was made more apparent when I tried to do a wet set on my hair. I went to several stores around me before I found it in some far-flung suburbs grocery stores. It was a bit expensive but when you only need a smidgen amount, you get a good deal. I hope ORS never changes the ingredients.

Rosario Steinhatchee, FL


love love love the way this smells and the way my coarse thick hair feels afterwards amazing cant wait to buy the real size

Linda Porter, TX

water based

This is a great hair cream to use while styling wet hair but because it is water based it can’t be used for water sensitive styles. That being said,I like the smell of this thick cream and it’s great if your looking for something other than a pomade type of hair cream.

Velma Calliham, TX