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Organic Root Stimulator Curls Unleashed No Boundaries Leave-In Conditioner, 12 Ounce

Softens and detangles for wavy, curly and kinky hair. Use as a foundation to prep hair for styling. Free of bpa, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil.

Key features

  • Use as a foundation to prep hair for styling
  • Free of BPA, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil
  • With vitamin E, moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil

Honest reviews


best product for my curls, by far!

This product is amazing. The hold i get for my curls (a combo of 3b, 3c, and 4a) is better than any product ive used before and since.Im a product junkie so im always on the hunt for the next great curl definer, and i keep getting disapointed by other products that do nothing for hold and definition. Another great perk about the curl boosting jelly is that it stretches my curls (not sure if it does the same for others), and as a result i realized that i did have some looser curls throughout my head. The hold is not as strong as eco styler but i prefer to have crunchless hair. This product is a keeper!

Ella Natalbany, LA

Curls Unleashed Conditioner “unleashed” the filmy residue!

I have 3c/4a kinky hair so I need a conditioner with good “slip” so the comb can really glide through my hair and not get stuck at the curly ends. I used this in conjunction with the Curls Unleashed Shampoo. It smelled clean, like soap, and was very thick and creamy. As soon as I put it on, I knew something wasn’t working. It just didn’t feel slippery like I need it to be. I left it on for a short time and rinsed. Not only was my hair VERY difficult to comb through after using this conditioner, but it left some kind of film on it that I did NOT like at all. Had to end up washing it again and using TRESseme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner, which I love. The shampoo was ok, as most are, but I was really hoping the conditioner would match up to the hype. It may work better on hair that likes thicker conditioners (my hair does better with the runny stuff) but for me it was no good.

Bernadette Plainfield, PA

Makes a Great Base for a Curl “Recipe”

I highly recommend mixing this product with olive oil, castor oil and aloe vera juice. Using an empty container, mix half of this container with; 2 tbsp of olive oil; 2 tbsp of castor oil; and 4 oz of aloe vera juice(not gel). Combine gradually while stirring with a spoon. Mixture will still be emulsified and creamy. Castor oil is key, but olive oil can be interchanged with other oils….golden sesame, jojoba, sweet almond,,etc…Try this and get the most beautiful, frizz free, well defined curls with a lovely sheen. Good for “all” natural hair types. Including what is called 4C. The Z is a sharply angled curl, but still a curl. This recipe will loosen the pattern and define the curls, minus the frizz. I like and use the Curls Unleashed, but any creamy, buttery curling creme can be used as a base. The key is the aloe vera juice in combination with the buttery creme and oils. Aloe vera lowers the PH balance. Our natural hair responds very well to a lower PH. Most hair care products typically have higher a PH than is optimal for us. Lower that PH and add some good oil to this buttery product and watch your hair do what it naturally does best….Curl. Great for wash and go’s, and other styles as well. I promise you will be pleased with results. If you think your hair won’t curl well….try this. If your hair curls well aready…it will curl better and smoother with this recipe. There is no need to purchase a lot of different products for curl definition. This really works!I like Curls Unleashed and trust the quality of ORS. This is very rich, creamy, and buttery. The scent is pleasant. I tried using Curls Unleashed without the oil and aloe. “Much better” result are achieved using this as a base for the aloe and oil.I apply to my wet hair after shampooing and conditoning. Let dry naturally. The hair will dry with beautiful long lasting curls and sheen. In between shampoos, I spritz my hair with water and apply as needed.Mine is very similar to a recipe I got from a youtube channel. I can’t remember the young womans’ name, but she deserves all credit for creating this recipe. I tweaked it for me and you may do the same for yourself. She understands the science of our hair. She can better explain why lower PH levels are so important for our hair’s beauty . As soon as I find her channel again, I will update my review with her info. so you can visit her on youtube. She has lots of videos with good information on hair and hair care for people who wear their hair naturally.Also, check out the Cherry Lola treatment on youtube. That is a wash out conditioner that you can make in your kitchen. It balances the protein in our hair. The results are similar to a short term Brazilian Blowout, without the heat, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. Just type Cherry Lola in the youtube search bar.UPDATE: Kimmaytube is her youtube channel. Last note, anyone looking for a style change up, with less defined curls, use Sta Sof Fro Comb Out Conditioning spray. It can be used for detangling, before applying curling cremes or gels, too. Curls will still activate. It’t what we used for our 70’s precision cut Afos. Everything cycles. Natural hair is returning with an updated spin. Today the unstructured afro and curl defined natural hair is what’s popular. Not to worry, unless the barber is old school, most don’t even know how to cut a precison Afro. My son is a barber and he can’t do it.Our 70’s routine was regular precison trims, shampoo, condition, Sta Sof Fro Comb Out, pick the hair, and finshed with Afro sheen oil spray. Really simple. Hair will dry stretched if picked out. I watched a youtube video, 10 minutes of explaining why she couldn’t possibly wear an afro because her hair would matte into one big ball of tangles. I had to smile. The Sta Sof Fro will stretch the most tightly curled hair, provide sustained ease in detangling, add moisture, conditioning, softness, and a nice sheen. We used the Sta Sof Fro in conjunction with an oil sheen and our afros were easy to care for and beautiful. Just rent Shaft, Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones or watch an old episode of Soul Train. You’ll see how beautiful our ‘Fros were. We didn’t waste time polarizing our hair into “type categories” either. Was that really started by Oprah’s hairdresser?Sta sof Fro is still on the market. The formula and packaging are the same. It’s not widely known anymore, but it is still the best detangling conditioner on the market. I wish more natural wearers of today knew this. Detangling hair can become easy. Using will eliminate breakage due to dryness and tangles. We went “Black and Proud” as a Nation. Afros crossed all socioecononic groups and generations. Momma, daddy, grandmomma, children, politicians, celebrities and the whino on the street wore Afros. At that time, Sta Sof Fro and Afro Sheen were produced by Black owned companies. We made ’em rich and they produced quality products for us.

Hannah Mapleton, MN

Hated it.

This product was a HUGE disappointment. It does not work on all hair types. Don’t believe the hype. It’s also flaky and leaves the hair feeling dry and drawn up on your head like a poof ball and I have fine, soft curly hair. Go figure. I do not recommend.

Joanna Remus, MI

OMG! Amaaaazing!! ….. More than just curls

Just FYI :)Almost 2 months ago, I purchased this product from the beauty supply store while searching for a product to define my curls. I was hesitant to do so because it was so expensive and didn’t know it was available here (for less too!).MY HAIR and REVIEWScalp is tender and my hair is extremely thick/dense, medium length, dry, and lends itself to tangling and shrinkage after washing. My natural 4A/3C curls are not defined without some kind of product in it; just a big dry dull-puff that will break and prone to shed without a good moisturizer cream, or leave-in. This product seemed to do more than just make the curls come to life. The curls lasted for 3 days for me. It moisturizes too which is a triple bonus! I have tried so many products (code for product junkie) but NOTHING has worked like Curls Unleashed Boosting Jelly. Bravo! Excellent product. I love, love, LOVE it!! (I am buying 2 jars from here). Curls Unleashed Jelly will now become a regular in my hair care regimen.THE PRODUCT PROCESSDay 1:I washed and conditioned my hair, blotted only excess water but left enough water to work the product. This is key. I sectioned my hair starting at the back of my (still wet)hair. With my fingers, I raked the jelly (which by the way smells awesome) through my hair section by section. Me-oh-my, amazing!!! I could not believe how my curls were popping and defining. My hair was shiny and looked very moisturized. I completed the application process, and had only used about 20% of the jar (again, my hair is super thick and normally requires much product). So I gauged about 5 uses per container. A few hours later when my hair totally dried, I noticed my hair was not crunchy (estatic relief!). Hair was absent of residue and flakes (happy as heck!). It still looked wet, shiny, and was super soft just like it did that morning. My curls had no frizz, and not one curl out of place! The coils (4A) and wavy S-curl pattern (3c) were still very much defined. Little shrinkage was noticed. Talk about moisturized baby soft hair!!! The product is a purple colored jelly not a gel which of course means it’s texture is different (kinda like pudding-jelly). Although thick, it didn’t leave my hair greasy or feeling heavy unless I over used it (been there, done 2:I slept with plastic bag and scarf/bonnet over it because the jelly has humectrant-like moisturizing properities in it. As a “wild sleeper” I was sure that the magic of Day 1 would fade resulting in flaking and major crunch, (as I had experienced with other products)–Not so! Some of the curls were mushed to my head from sleeping, but they were still defined and soft! Totally crazy! I used a water spritz bottle and lightly spritzed my hair. I gently lifted, and raked my fingers through. The curls stretched a bit and the length of my curls began to define a bit. No add’l product was needed. Hair still beautiful!!Day 3:Same as Day 2.Day 4 or 5:Wash and Repeat.I have done this process 3 times already (over the course of 1.5 months) and I project I can get another 2 cycles from the jar. I found that if I wanted to refresh the curls, the next morning I either rubbed a teeny-weeny bit in my hands, then spritzed water and styled OR just spritzed with water and styled (this worked the best).

Guadalupe Barry, TX

Not better than others..

It was just aight… i liked the way it made my hair look when i applied and it was very moisturizing but i HATED the smell it smells like very strong flowers and something synthetic. It not a all natural product at all and the next day when i took my twists out my hair was a bit dry. Not better than Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie the smell was pretty bad. Try if you’d like but i wouldn’t recommend.

Celeste Waucoma, IA

Smooth effect

I like this conditioner and it actually helps hair which feels quite dry. Good for retouches and curly wurlies. Would buy again

Betsy Switz City, IN

Ok product

This conditioner absorbs well into my hair, but have to use other leave in conditioner to soften my hair. It also smells like amoxicillin.:(

Jade Lees Creek, OH

A product to keep in the front of your collection

There’s a lot of products that smell good but does nothing for you. Well this one smells good and I love the curl pattern. I like the way it makes my hair feel. No crunchiness; it’s soft and fluffy. I wouldn’t necessarily say it moisturizes but it’s not greasy yet it doesn’t dry my hair out. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t feel like I have anything in it.

Jayne Greenwood, AR

Naturals and extension users stay away

I purchased this product from my local hair supply store because i wanted to give it a try. Pros: my natural curls did pop and when i used it on human hair extensions (afro-Kinky-curly) it also made the curls pop. Con – it is drying and it leaves your hair feeling like straw and stiff. I’ve never had a product do this to my hair. They say it doesn’t have alcohol but it has a type of alcohol in there. I used this product on moisturized hair and bare hair and the outcome was still the same except on bare hair it was worse because my hair had no protection. People who give this product 5 stars are using it in conjunction with other products. I’m very disappointed with the company Organics Root Stimulator for promoting Curls Unleashed as something that moisturizes and defines your curls it doesn’t. If you’re a natural without a relaxer and use this product it will only dry it out. If you use good quality hair extensions this isn’t the product either. This product lifts your hairs cuticle and literally starts to tear you hair when you us a brush. I use a denman brush and i start from the tip to root. I gave this a 2 star because it does boost curls but thats it. If you touch your hair when it dries its crispy and it will frizz up.An honest review from someone who actually purchased with their on money.

Felicia Lake Luzerne, NY


This mousse is out of this world. It works great, but is best if you shower the night before and apply it the night before. Best next day curls ever!!!

Cheryl San Ygnacio, TX

Curls unleashed needs to go back to the drawing board on this one

So I have four of the products on this line, this product, the leave-in , the creme and the gel. By far this has to be the worst of the four that I have tried. Any type of refresher should be in a spray form? This gel substance is not ask thick as the jelly but a close second. I dampened my hair and had to apply this heavily and the dried results are a crunchy mess. My hair looked better with just the water or without doing anything at all. I love the jelly and thought this was good, but if you do the jelly just right you would not need this at all for your second day. I got hooked on the buy one get the second half off at target. This will be returned. I was hoping that it was going to be good so that I could have stretched the one bottle into two, not the case.

Dolores Warren, IL

Don’t wast your money

This was the worst mistak my hair, didn’t like it at all I had more shedding then usually, and my hair started breaking off I was scared that my hair was falling out.I will not recommend this too anyone.

Nanette Mc Quady, KY

My Curls Love This Stuff

The product arrived packaged well. The consistency was nice, with a light scent. And being a new natural I was unsure of what products to use. Although I am familiar with the brand the product was new to me. I love it. It defines my curls and gives my hair a healthly shine. I would order this again but luckily it is available in stores near me. ORS you did it again.

Shari Fannin, TX


It really does what it says. I have wavy unruly hair. I keep scrunching my towel dried hair after uniformly distributing it through out my hair lengths. The end result is soft hair and beautiful beachy waves with zero stiffness.

Mari Lakeville, MN


Leaves your hair gummy and it does not give your style a "second Chance". I had to wash the crap out of my hair!

Deana Letcher, SD

Working for me.

Got a sample of this product and now I’m here shopping Amazon for a regular supply.I used this after a sample of the curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo. This conditioner smells mild and fresh to my nose, though I get the reference to the antibiotic someone mentioned in these reviews. The consistency is like soft soap or a tad thinner. It was easy to apply. I think these products work by doing an excellent job of smoothing the hair cuticle, sealing the hair making for much more smoothness and shine.I got a lot of spring in my hair from this product. I’m buying this stuff for the foreseeable future.

Avis Sugarloaf, PA

Finally – I’m A “Natural” Woman Again

First let me say I read nearly every hair curling product review available on and the more I read frankly the more confused I became – and even more intrigued. Nearly all reviews were about the results obtained for specific hair types – “2a, 3b, 4c”, etc. and I didn’t know what the heck everyone was talking about because I didn’t know my “hair type” from a hole in the ground. I eventually stumbled across a section of “Questions & Answers” that led to another website – (who knew such a thing was in existence). Naturallycurly has an abundance of everything hair info and also reviews and sells hair care products for every hair style imaginable. More importantly the site has a quiz on the first page with a series of questions to help determine hair type. It’s important to know your hair’s “type” because it makes it alot easier to identify the products that work best for your hair – especially the curling products because most are specific to the hair type. My hair type is “4b” which means the natural state of my African American hair is thick, has a tight curl pattern and tends to be coarse.Now to the product: There are a number of positive reviews for the Curls Unleashed product – most of them swearing the product worked well for their hair type and some reviewers also listed the potpourri of other products they used to get even better results. I also noticed references to “co-washing” only it wasn’t exactly explained so I haven’t the foggiest idea what it means to “co-wash” the hair (though I’m venturing a guess it refers to washing the hair twice to make sure any other product’s residue is completely removed?). Some reviewers stated they experienced flakiness, dryness, and “crunchiness” with the product (scary) and to be fair the reviews mostly appeared to be written by 1st time users.riSooo . . . to make a long story short: I washed and “co-washed” my hair and conditioned it (recommended) and lightly toweled dry to remove excess water (otherwise it drips down your back). Next I parted my hair in four sections (down the middle and across from ear-to-ear) and combed it through with a wide-tooth comb to remove kinks. I worked on one parted section of hair at a time and applied a scoop of approximately 2 tablespoons of the Curls Unleashed product and starting at the roots of my hair worked the product through to the ends of my hair then “scrunched” small sections at a time after I coated it with product. “Scrunching” the hair is basically taking a small section of hair and grabbing from the root and squeezing the hair with the fingers so the hair is pressed tightly into the palm of the hand for a few seconds then releasing the hair. Scrunching works best if you do the same section over and over several times before moving on to another small section. After I applied the product to my entire head I started scrunching randomly all over my head – by then my hair was completely (though moderately) covered with the product. For a split second I thought I’d made a big mistake – I looked a hot mess! – and thought I must’ve been crazy to believe coating my natural hair with globs of goop would turn it into a head full of curls – then I noticed the product was being absorbed by my hair. I kept scrunching and within 5-10 minutes (at this point I should add I also followed the advice of one reviewer and applied a moderate amount of jojoba & sesame oils to my hair – more later. When I saw a section of hair that looked frizzy I applied a bit more product and scrunched – and viola! My hair started curling and I began to see glistening (dang) and loosely but defined spiraled curls emerging! I stood in front of the mirror and kept up the scrunching and working the hair all over my head. CURLS – I GOT CURLS – ACTUAL CURLS! One thing though – I did NOT need to use any extra oil – and I would not recommend using anything else except Curls Unleashed however things might turn out better if you apply the leave-in conditioner during the styling phase because after my hair dried completely it was a bit on the dry side. My results were very little hair shrinkage and I got spirally tight curls and was able to come up with a pretty decent-looking style just using my fingers to arrange the curls.Just to be clear though the results will not resemble “Shirley Temple” curls but you will not be disappointed in the least because this product actually works quite well on 4b hair in the natural state – transforming just washed frizz into a mass of well-defined springy, spirally curls that look like you used curling rods to produce the look. I should also add I didn’t “twist” or braid or do anything else except apply the product to very damp hair and scrunch until my hair absorbed the product and using my fingers to scrunch my hair repeatedly in small sections until it began curling. After my hair dried completely the curls became tighter, springier and more defined and there was no flaking or “crunchiness” with my results.I LOVE THIS STUFF! I didn’t exactly get perfect results the first time – I probably used more product than was required and I added extra oils to my hair I didn’t need – and regret but most people reported their results were less than perfect the first time as well so – the important thing is I am pleased with the results I received and very impressed with this product. And, judging by other reviewer comments, the first time is mostly a learning curve and I have to wholeheartedly agree with that! A big plus for me is not only did I notice that Curls Unleashed product works well – OTHER PEOPLE NOTICED AND I GOT COMPLIMENTS ON MY CURLY HAIR!Anywho – I wanted a stylish break from perming and a more natural look that is also easy to manage and I can honestly point to Curls Unleashed as the product and the solution I was looking for. Even more important – For me (horns blaring) Curls Unleashed is my very own Holy Grail (borrowed but true)! I will definitely buy this product again and again and again and again.

Gretchen West Suffield, CT

Really good stuff (Really)!

I was reluctant to try something so new with a price above $10, but ORS has a very good reputation (at least with me). I used it on my daughters 4a/3c hair and it worked really, really well. It defined her curls, had a lovely shine, and no shrinkage. Her hair looked very natural and just really pretty. It helped detangle her hair as well. After applying it I could just run my fingers through her hair, prior to application my fingers just got caught in the tangles. I think this one is going to become a staple here.

Marion Elk City, KS