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Organic Coconut Oil Capsules 1000 mg – 180 Softgels, Coconut Oil Pills Made with Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Cold Pressed and Unrefined. Natural Weight Loss Support, Natural Energy Source. No Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee by ZenVita Formulas

ZenVita Formulas Coconut Oil Capsules benefit your body in many different ways Coconut Oil contains an array of essential fatty acids, it can be effective for a broad range of health issues. While it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial qualities, the most significant effects are on immune system health. Lauric acid is especially good for the immune system, and coconut oil has higher concentrations than any other source except mother’s milk. Studies have shown that the essential fatty acids in coconut oil are processed directly in the liver, therefore it’s easier to digest than other fats.  This process has been proven to increase metabolism and immediate energy. Higher metabolism and increased energy for exercise can both have a positive effect on weight control. Coconut Oil is hydrophobic, which means it does not mix well with water. As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take softgel capsules which helps absorption. ZenVita Formulas Coconut Oil Advantages – Each bottle contains 180 softgels of 1000mg of Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!! – Premium-quality, Cold Pressed and Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil in easy-to-take softgel form. Experience the nutritive benefits of coconut oil without having to consume the actual oil. – Contains No Additives, Artificial Ingredients, and Preservatives!! – Manufactured in USA to FDA specified cGMP standard to ensure the highest product quality. Click the “Add to Cart” button above to place your order now before it goes out of stock!

Key features

  • ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ZenVita Formulas Coconut Oil Capsules are made with Cold Pressed and Unrefined Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Rich in Beneficial Fatty Acids and MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
  • ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Promotes Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair* / Helps Improve Memory* / Helps with Digestion and Weight Loss* / Supports Immune System Health
  • ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Coconut Oil pills are much EASIER and CONVENIENT to take than Coconut Oil in solid form
  • ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 2000 mg Per Day for 90 Days / 1000 mg Per Softgel / 180 Softgels Per Bottle / ZERO Additives, Artificial Ingredients, and Preservatives.
  • ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Made in USA to FDA Specified cGMP Standards using only Top-Quality Ingredients – Consistent Quality Assured!

Honest reviews


Learning Something New Every Day***~~~*** : )

WOAW! only like 2 Days into taking this product. and YES I Gave it a 5 STAR. Because First of all I LOVE Coconut : ) and also i love that i am able to take this wonderful Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules with out it even up-setting my stomach. and I Love what all it can do for you. Also I learn something new. I never Knew that Coconut Oil does all of this*******~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~*******~~~~~*********~~~~~******~~~******Coconut Oil: Contains army of Essential Fatty Acids,it can be effective for a broad range of health issues.*******~~~~~*****~~~~*****~~~~******While it has antioxidant,antimicrobial, antifungal ,and antibacterial qualities. ********~~~~~~~*********~~~~~*******And also studies have shown that the essential fatty acids in Coconut Oil are process directly in the liver, therefore it’s easier to digest than other fats.****~~~~*****~~~~~******~~~~~*****This process has been proven to increase Metabolism and immediate energy. Higher Metabolism and increased energy for exercise can both have a positive effect on weight control. WOW***~~~***See i did not know that This Virgin Coconut Oil does all of that and more.*****************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*************~~~~~~~~~~~**********——–Contains NO Artificial Color,Flavors,or Preservatives!! Great product Just take two (2) Softgels Daily 2000mg of Virgin Coconut Oil per Serving | 2 Softgels per serving. and it Helps Promote Healthy Skin And Hair. Now How Sweet is that??? : ) Thanks!

April Sulphur, KY

Best Deal – Nutribody Virgin Coconut Oil

Living healthy is very important to me. So, when I saw these capsules of organic premium coconut oil, I wanted to investigate further. I have a big tub of coconut oil that I cook with. Yet, these capsules would be great to supplement with my cooking. I know the benefits and not it was just a matter of connecting the dots. Thus far, I’m happy that I ordered these virgin coconut oil capsules from NUTRIBODY.Note: I wondered about the daily recommended value of this product in my diet. I’ve read from various sources that you should consume 1-2 tablespoons daily of coconut oil. However, I probably use more because I don’t use butter anymore and use coconut oil to fry, saute, bake, and put in smoothies/nutriblasts.The label reads 2000 mg of coconut oil. I read the following: A teaspoon is = 5 mL and A tablespoon is = 15mLTherefore, I could be wrong, but it may be that this dosage (2 capsules daily) is approximately 1 teaspoon. I realize you can’t convert mg to ml, but after looking online at conversion tables, this is my best approximation. Nonetheless, it still will help with numerous health benefits and that’s the most important value.Pros:- Organic formula (premium)- Great for hair, skin, and body- Reduces cholesterol- Improves with weight management- Helps ward off viruses (i.e. fungus, candida, yeast, etc.)- Increases antioxidants in our bodies- Strict Manufacturing & Packaging- Contains No Artificial Color, Flavors, or Preservatives- Great price- 100% Money Back Guarantee- Great customer service and follow-upCons:None so farAbout the Seller:I ordered my coconut oil on 6/13/13 and they arrived on 6/18/13…on time and neatly packaged. It took a little longer to receive than what I would have preferred, but I was ecstatic when they arrived. I’ve been able to use for a few days now, I can tell the difference since my body is used to ingesting on a regular basis. Otherwise, the seller also had sent properer verification as to when the product would be delivered and when it shipped.Recommendations:I highly recommend this product. As a health food nut and organic lifestyle person, I appreciate quality, premium products such as these. Overall, I’m very satisfied.

Carey Platteville, WI

wonderful item

excellent seller, wonderful item. it helps my stomache. i feel more focused. much better skin. slight weight loss. More energy. It’s truly a gem. I will be buying again.

Alyce Warminster, PA

I love this for the fact that it strengthens the immune system!

It is much more convenient in capsule and easy to take.I am very impressed because there are so many benefits you will get from this product. I will order again!

Hester Farmington, UT

Nutribody virgin coconut oil capsules

So far I been taking this nutribody virgin coconut oil capsules for a while and tasted various brands. I’am basically a diffrent type of person I like to bite open the capsules and taste the oil, the taste of this coconut oil is not as strong as some other brands which is great for us all .It also gave me nice hair and skin I have a lot of energy when I use it as a daily workout supplement great product I give it a thumbs up highly recommended Courtesy of Nutribody .

Cara Copen, WV