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Organic Caffeine Eye Whip – Cream – Best Treatment for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Fine Lines – Natural – Antiaging – Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber, Green Tea – 1 OZ. – Wake Up Tired Eyes!

WAKE UP TIRED EYES! Are you tired of looking tired? Are you tired of overpriced eye creams that promise the world and deliver nothing? Skin2spirit’s all natural, affordable, whipped eye cream is made with ORGANIC ingredients and is very effective at reducing puffy eyes, lightening dark circles, and decreasing the appearance of fine lines. Lightly scented with Vanilla Coffee, we only use 100% Natural, Organic, Wild Crafted Vanilla Bean and Coffee Extracts (used in gourmet cooking so you could literally eat it, but we don’t recommend that!) HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS include: ORGANIC ALOE, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, ROSEHIP SEED OIL: Some of the most effective moisturizing ingredients in the world CAFFEINE EXTRACT: Known for increasing circulation, de-puffing and lightening under eye circles GREEN TEA and CUCUMBER: Antioxidant and anti-aging benefits ANISE EXTRACT: Rich in mineral salts, helps smooth expression lines HYALURONIC ACID locks moisture in and plumps up fine lines for smoother, younger looking skin PACKED WITH 10 ORGANIC WILD CRAFTED SUPER FRUIT EXTRACTS for more anti-aging benefits: Acai Berry Blueberry Brown Seaweed GAC Fruit Goji Berry Grapeseed Mangosteen Noni Berry Pomegranate Sea Buckthorn GREAT FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES as a light moisturizer for the eye area, but especially great for women over 30. What are you feeding YOUR skin? PLEASE NOTE: Effective in most cases, might not work for all skin types and all skin / health conditions that cause dark circles or puffiness. Please allow up to 90 days to see results.

Key features

  • ♥ NET WT. 1 OZ.. = TWICE the average size eye cream
  • ♥ HELPS REDUCE DARK CIRCLES, PUFFY EYES & FINE LINES! Truly all natural HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS / HAND WHIPPED in small batches! NO Synthetic Ingredients, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Parabens, NO Petrochemicals, NO Phthalates, NO Sulfates
  • ♥ PACKED WITH 10 ORGANIC, WILD CRAFTED FRUIT / FOOD EXTRACTS! From all around the world: Acai Berry, Blueberry, Brown Seaweed, GAC Fruit, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Noni Berry, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea, all help to help reduce sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles – GREAT FOR DARK CIRCLES!

Honest reviews


UPDATED: Reeks and Doesn’t Work

UPDATE:I gave this product one extra star because it has lasted me for 6 months, and I think I still have a month left in the bottle. I won’t be buying it again, but feel like I should hand out another star simply because this product lasts such A LONG TIME. My usage averages twice a day, using a partial (mini) pump.One other thing: I believe my bottle wasn’t properly mixed or stirred or something. The first months of usage were terribly stinky, and left my skin so shiny with oil. Later in the bottle, the smell has eased up and I’m getting more of a matte look. Goodness knows what’s going on.For the record, my lines haven’t improved and the darkness around my eyes is the same.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I’ve been using Skin2Spirit eye whip for a while now, as per the directions, waiting and waiting for improvement. Every time I apply it, I increasingly dislike it. The smell is strong and unpleasant, cloyingly sweet like coffee syrup.Skin2Spirit Eye Whip comes in a pump that pumps out too much; I try to do a half pump and am occasionally successful in getting out the right amount. It has the consistency of a thick cream. It feels like it absorbs, however, it leaves an oily sheen wherever you’ve applied it. I can see the line of where my eye whip ends and my facial lotion begins, as my facial lotion is oil-free.This eye whip reeks so much my family has commented to me at different times why I ‘stink’ like ice cream, or coffee, or candy. Keep in mind, these comments come long after I’ve applied it, after it’s dried. To me, it smells like coffee ice cream that’s been baking in the sun all day: very sweet, cloying, pungent. Also, when I dry my hair with a hair dryer, the scent becomes strong again–heat activated–to my dismay.My discoloration and fine lines have NOT improved with continuous use. I feel like my fine lines are actually worsening with use of this product, or else the oily sheen makes them look worse. My dark circles haven’t lightened one iota.Another thing I don’t like about the product is that after I purchased it, I received an email from the owner, Kat, asking me (in other words) to give it 5 stars OR contact her to fix whatever problem I have with the eye whip. And what she really means is “pay for more of my products”.I’ve also read these long passages she’s written, commenting on other people’s reviews. I find her involvement in reviews unprofessional, as it comes across as her wanting to control reviews. Honest reviews can improve products because it gives companies feedback, without having to pay focus groups.Kat also claims this eye whip works on “99 out of 100” people. Yeah, right. There is absolutely no science backing up this claim. I’ve worked in skin studies and NO company can honestly make this claim. I wish Kat would just tout the indisputable positives of the product: cruelty-free, vegan, entirely natural, paraben free, etc. instead of making more outlandish claims that aren’t fact based.I cannot recommend this product as it stands, and I wouldn’t waste my money buying the unscented version either.

Sheena Georgetown, SC

Such a wonderful “coffee with cream and sugar” smell.

The smell is just wonderful, if you love coffee, that is. The whip is thick and creamy. Pat it on and keep patting until it soaks in. Directions say to apply twice a day and give it a few weeks to work. Of course caffeine in cold green tea bags works wonders for your eye bags and dark circles, so I expect this to also do nice things for my eyes. The most important feature of this product is that the ingredients are organic and contain nothing "chemical". The ingredients list is impressive! Some of the ingredients are: aloe, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, green tea, cucumber, acai, blueberry, noni, goji, mangosteen, and many more good things. There is nothing else on the market like this product, and the seller is very nice to deal with. I will be adding updates on how this is working, in a few weeks.

Katina Mahopac Falls, NY


I bought this and received it the next day. The smell is distinct (It smells like a mild mocha coffee)however it is not obnoxious. The consistency is gel-like and very smooth. The bottle has a pump (which I read is designed to make sure you get every last drop). A little really does go a long way so I only use 1/2 pump for BOTH eyes.I have only been using this product for 3 days and I swear to you not, I can see the results. Instantly it decreased my puffines. I mean INSTANTLY. However, the reason, I purchased this product was not for my “bags” but because I have serious dark circles and fine lines. I have not yet noticed a difference with the darkness around my eyes but I have noticed a slight improvement with my fine lines but again, it’s only been 3 days. I will post another review after 30 days and possibly pictures to show differences.The icing on the cake is that after my purchase, I received an email from the owner of this brand telling me thank you and giving helpful instructions and tips! WOW. This product has definitely become a staple in my regimen. All natural, inexpensive, great customer service, and IT WORKS!

Katie Artesian, SD


I have tried several expensive eye treatments for dark circles and puffiness. I could tell no difference in before and after appearance. I began reading/researching what makes a good eye treatment. Every article named caffeine as a must have ingredient. I looked at the ingredients of the I creams I had and only one had caffeine and it made my eyes peel!I decided to give this a try. I love the all natural ingredients. It is not too greasy. I have noticed an immediate reduction in my puffy eyes. I have not been using it long enough to evaluate reduction of dark circles. Some people that have reviewed this product have mentioned a coffee scent but I have noticed no scent at all.I highly recommend this eye whip.

Mollie Roy, NM

It actually works!

I’ve tried all sorts of organic eye creams and this is by far the best. I love the smell (it kind of smells like a Starbucks). No irritation or rashes which has been a problem for me in the past. The bags under my eyes are gone when I put this on. I’m going to try her moisturizers next.

Rocio Moncks Corner, SC

Stuff is amazing!

A bit skeptical at first but it does work. I still have a little puffiness especially around one eye but it does reduce the puffiness. It also is great for the dark circles. At this price you can’t go wrong!

Juliana Annandale, VA

Not Effective for Me

This smells great, but unfortunately, that’s about it. I’ve been using this for six months and have not seen any improvement in the dark circles under my eyes. I thought this was going to be the solution based on other reviews, but sadly, I’ll be moving on.

Patrica Appleton, WA

Give it time and it’s a great investment!

I’d been having trouble sleeping and as a result was experiencing some puffiness and darkness around my eyes. I decided to give this “Eye Whip” a try because of its all-natural ingredients. For me it took a few days of twice-a-day applications to notice any difference, but after about a week the puffiness around my eyes had subsided greatly, and generally the skin in that area began to look a lot softer and brighter. After three weeks I’ve also noticed some reduction in under-eye darkness, too, though it hasn’t gotten rid of it completely (I wasn’t really expecting it to — only concealer can do that). It’s also nice because I only use a tiny dollop of cream for both eyes, so I think the can will go a long way. So that’s all good.However, I have a few criticisms too. The first few times I applied the cream it felt kind of burn-y around my eyes; the sensation went away after a few days, but it was off-putting initially. Also, the cream’s a bit greasy and takes a LOT of rubbing to work into my skin, even just a dollop: after the first week I stopped using it in the morning because it left my skin shiny for half of the day. It also definitely has a distinctive coffee/mocha smell — I’ve grown to enjoy it, but I could see it being a bit strong for some people (the good news there is that there’s an unscented version available from the seller’s store, which is cool).Final verdict: Overall this is a good, rejuvenating eye cream, and the price is definitely right for the amount of product you receive.**UPDATE 1**I have now been using this eye cream for about two months, and I have to say, I’ve grown to like it more and more. The skin around my eyes has never been softer, and if I forget to put the cream on at night, I definitely notice it the next day because my eyes look a lot puffier and tired. There’s still some darkness under my eyes, but overall it has definitely become less prominent. Thumbs way up!**UPDATE 2**Remember how I said a little of this stuff goes a long way? Using this stuff daily I JUST ran out of my first bottle nine months to the day after I bought it. For less than $20 per bottle, that is a fantastic deal! Additionally, I have really grown to love this stuff over time. Daily use has made the skin around my eyes MUCH brighter and softer, and I have virtually no dark circles anymore despite hardly ever getting enough sleep. I have also started spreading a little cream on my forehead, which I think has improved the skin there, too. I am so pleased with this stuff, in fact, that I bumped my original review from 4 to 5 stars. Seriously, give this stuff a try — it’s a great investment!

Camilla Falconer, NY

Nice Eye Cream

A combination of chocolate & coffee–it absorbs very nicely (I apply it immediately after showering-it absorbs by the time I apply my body lotion), I have hereditary dark circles so…it’s not a miracle cure but it does sooth the eyes and decrease puffiness. As a bonus–my goodness does this stuff smell good.I’ve been using it a week now and feel I’ll be purchasing again when it’s near the end.

Brenda San Miguel, NM

LOVE this eye cream

I came across this eye cream while doing searching on amazon for natural eye creams and I am so glad I found this one. It has the lovely aroma of coffee which I LOVE, I am usually sensitive to anything with scents especially around my eye area but this eye cream doesn’t bother my eyes, I just have to make sure not to over do it which is hard because it smells so wonderful and it so creamy that I’m always tempted to put more then I need. I use it at night time and during the day time and it sinks in very well and when I wear it during the day it is fine under my normal under eye concealer, I have not had any issues either am or pm and I have been using it for a few weeks now. What’s great about this product is that it is homemade by an actual person which is comforting.

Laurie Sylmar, CA

Nice Soothing Cream

I wanted to wait a few weeks before giving my review to see if this helps. I have big, black bags under my eyes. This has helped considerably. They are not gone, but they are reduced and some of the blackness is now gone. I think with continued use they may just get better and better. You also get an enormous amount of product from this seller for the price, I was impressed. I use this morning and night, even under my makeup. It just sinks into the skin, no greasiness and no exotic smells. Very nice stuff, will reorder when I run out.

Hester Ruffs Dale, PA

This is a great natural eye cream!

I’ve had this eye cream now for a couple months, and I really have enjoyed it. You can’t beat the ingredients! It’s smells like delicious coffee and makes me happy every time I use it. Before I started using this, my under-eye area was always dry and irritated. This never makes my eyes water or bothers them in any way. I use it both morning and night and it works great under concealer. This bottle will also go a VERY long way. I use the tiniest amount of this stuff each time. My under-eye area just feels so much better now and I don’t get those tiny “lines” from dry skin. The customer service is also just great. I definitely recommend this product!

Karyn Williamsburg, MA

Love the feel & the smell!

I love how this cream feels around my eyes! I read another review that said they did not like coffee, but loved the smell of this stuff and I am the same way. I do not like coffee or the smell of it, but this stuff smells dreamy. Not sure I can see any effects yet, but at 53 my eyes are not that bad. The scent & feel make me happy, so that alone should improve the look of my eyes :).I recommend it and have already reordered.

Jeanie Maple Hill, KS

I love this Eye Whip.

I will soon be 50 and I have had dark circles for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I had them. And so does my Mom. I rec’d a sample of the Eye Whip. It was love at first smell. I do not like coffee or the smell. But this eye whip smells so good. I use it more then twice a day. And I can tell they are getting lighter. I think I will always have them. But this product is making them seem lighter. And the smell. I will be using this for the rest of my life. And Kathi is so nice and so willing to help you. I would tell anyone, yes go to Kathi’s site.And get you some of this eye whip. Even if your dark circles aren’t so bad, the whip makes the skin around your eyes feel great. Cool and refreshed, alive. Thank you again Kathi, and I will be back to buy some more.

Althea Camargo, OK

ok. this is my result after 4 months and 20 days.

i give 2 stars even it doesn’t help me anything at all. i have used this whip cream for my bags under eye area since september 16th 2013 everyday, twice a day as the instruction and all the helpful reviews from the amazon customers. it doesn’t help anything truthfully. it might work for somebody, but so sad that it does not work with me, and it does not hurt to give this product a try because of the price and the service. thank you.

Rosanna Foxworth, MS

The powers of caffeine with a sweet sweet smell

On top of being an awesome organic product with nothing harmful in it, this stuff smells AMAZING! It’s extra creamy and blends in so well, I use it over my entire face, not just under my eyes. It’s an excellent moisturizer on top of its caffeine abilities to help with under eye blemishes and promote circulation. It smells just like a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks! It smells as if you could actually eat it. I love skin care products that smell sweet and edible and this one is at the very top #1 spot on my list! When I pack my bags for trips, this is the first think I pack to make sure it comes with me.

Rae Thompson, UT

Day one

Firstly, excellent shipping and customer service! It came super fast and packaged well.Next up, smell. It isn’t over poweringly sweet or coffee scented, I was a tad worried after reading reviews that some weirdo would mistake my face for a snack.I have been without an eye cream, mainly because I hate drugstore brands. I was searching for something more natural and straightforward, ingredients I know of and can pronounce. This seemed to fit the bill. So, last night before bed, I put some on and my eyes gave a big sigh of relief.Felt a little tingle (not sure why, but it was fine) and it absorbed fast. I use emu oil on top of my face products, it helps push them in and emu oil is the closest oil to our own natural oil. I will update in a couple weeks.So, a week later (1/10/14) and I’m happily impressed! The puffiness has decreased greatly, fine lines seem unchanged though. It has only been a week, so I wasn’t expecting vast changes. I’ll check back in a month, SO EXCITED 🙂

Hallie Danielsville, GA

It works as described

I’m in my 60’s and I’ve been using this product for a few months now and I can definitely tell the difference. The puffiness under my eyes is down considerably. I also noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes have been significantly reduced.

Christie Calvert, TX

Good stuff

This eye cream is pretty good. I like the constancy, smell (much more coffee then vanilla that other customers reported) and absorbency. I haven’t seen a massive change in my under eyes, but will continue to use it.

Frances Sewickley, PA

Only used for 2 days/nights…

…and already I saw the dark circles lighten. Like the seller wrote, it varies from person to person and can take up to 90 days to see results. I have very light sensitive skin and saw results quickly. A friend even commented how "well rested" I looked! It’s this cream!It soaks in fairly well. Most eye creams I can’t use during the day because my makeup will smudge but not with this one.There is a smell resembling coffee but it fades in a couple of hours. It isn’t a bad smell but pretty strong. If you’re opposed to it you could always just use the cream at night but I’m not sure how well it would work just using it once a day.

Harriett Richmond, ME

This product is great!

I have an autoimmune condition that causes puffy and darkened eyes. This product has helped me with this tremendously! I ordered one for my mother and my mother-in-law! give this product a shot its worth it!

Nora Poplar Grove, AR

Five Stars

I love this and the way it smells

Stacy Yarmouth, IA