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OPI: Treatment & Finish Bond-Aid pH Balancing Agent, 1 oz

pH Balancing Agent Advanced patented formula. An essential step in chemical preparation, Bond-aid brings the surface of the natural nail to the proper pH for optimum adhesion of artificial nail products, including Bondex, acrylics, gels, nail adhesives, tips and wraps, as well as base coats and nail lacquer!

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  • OPI Bond-aid Ph Balancing Agent 1oz

Honest reviews


Does What is Suppose to

Bondaid is for Acrylic and gel nails. I is to ph balance the nail so product adheres. I have used this for years for acrylics and now gels and does exactly what is suppose to do.

Meagan Ravinia, SD

My new best friend

Ladies/FriendsThis is best thing since SPANX. I decided to learn how to apply gel nails myself and order gel polish and a gel lamp. The lamp was defective, so now I had to send it back which means a delay in this project. But I tried this OPI Bond Aid since hearing about it on the internet with just regular nail polish. Well this is now the 5th day and there is no chipping or peeling. I did also apply Sally Hansen Mega Shine and this also helps (apply the following day manicure). I even washied dishes and still it looks good. If you are one of those people who have reactions to acetone and so can’t have acrylic or gel nails applied. This product will help. PS make sure you pick a superior nail polish or nail lacquer, that also helps. I will still wait for the lamp to do gel nails, but at least I have options if I don’t want to do gel nails. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. If you are a DIY person, then take the plunge. Best wishes.

Erma Cinebar, WA

Definitely a Must

Use this before applying your base coat to make sure that your nails are super clean and ready to absorb the base coat. This is almost as crucial as the Base coat to making sure your Gel nails don’t peel off.

Nannie Cornettsville, KY


I use this product on my husband before I apply gel polish. This really makes the gel polish great and his gel polish stays on for more than 2 weeks. I do not use this product as I am allergic to acrylic and cannot use this product. But if I was not allergic I would use this product in a minute.

Adelaide Baptistown, NJ


This really helps clean your nails prior to painting them with the gelish nail polish. I have forgotten to use this before and my color comes of much sooner.

Freida South Fork, PA

Not for me

I don’t know what all the ranting and raving is over this product. Didn’t think much of it. Gave it to a friend who is really into gel nails.

Allie Nemo, SD

Not much of a difference.

It’s okay, I didn’t see much of a difference as far as chipping or my nail polish staying on longer. I will continue to use it but will not purchase another one.

Genevieve Lineboro, MD

Best bonder

Im impressed this stuff is worth the money. Keeps regular & gel polish on better. Tried Gelish & I prefer this brand plus its a big bottle.

Lorene Burley, ID


It works great for my OPI Gel color it helps it adhere longer without some nasty smell! and its OPI the best there is!!

Arlene Palo Pinto, TX


Great product but then again it’s OPI and they take pride in putting out great products that nail technicians can use and recommend as well as a person that doesn’t professionally do nails. I’m a fan of the product.

Della Jonesport, ME


I use this before I apply my base coat for my OPI Gelcolor and it seems to be working great to help my base coat adhere to my natural nail. I also use this before regular nail polish and it helps my regular polish last longer as well.

Florence Erie, KS

Good amount of product

Not as good as Nailene’s primer or Sensationail’s, but it is much more accessible and does the job well. You get a fairly large bottle as well and it is not easily knocked over like the skinny Nailene bottles are.

Faith Greensboro, NC



Trisha Zachary, LA

Works a little too well

Bond Aid is one of those "industry secrets" that differentiate a home "did it yourself" manicure from salon-quality results. This is suitable as a dehydrator on your natural nail bed before applying gel manicure base. Use sparingly: if you coat the entire nail the gel polish will be more difficult to soak off than if you left the edges uncoated (at your next salon gel mani appointment, watch how nail techs apply this very carefully to the base/center only of your nails).

Rene Dallas, PA