OPI The Katy Perry Collection NLK07 Teenage Dream

OPI Teenage Dream K07

Key features

  • OPI Katy Perry Collection
  • OPI Nail Lacquer “TEENAGE DREAM”

Honest reviews


Unique nail polish!!! Great Price!!!

I love this OPI nail polish. Very sweet and discrete tone. With only one application the glitter is very noticeable, so by the third you’ve got intense, beautiful, glittery nails. As a recommendation to everyone, when applying this nail polish, make sure you put first a coat of clear nail polish on your nails before applying the shimmer. If you put it directly onto your nails, later on when you remove it, you will spend a hard-long time doing it so, since it’s hard to remove it with the polish remover. Love the pinkish tone, and the price was worth it!!!! I’ll be getting more for sure!!! I recommend it to everyone out there!!!

Allison Sharon Springs, KS

teenage dream

i got this polish in the katy perry mini set. when i put it on i used 2 coats and it lasted a over a week (no top coat) the color its self is actually a bit lighter than the picture (not by much though). when you apply the polish the glitter has a good pay off. not too sparse and not too packed on. i wont be buying the full size bottle but i will enjoy my mini

Zelma Rock Island, WA


I LOVE LOVE LOVE holographic glitter polishes. I was actually wearing Sally Hansem Strobe Light when I bought this, and I love this so much more. there’s 10x more glitter in this so I don’t have to use a base coat of color, it’s all glitter. BUT, it is hard to remove.

Carole Clearbrook, MN

cute, but very easy to dupe!

this is gorgeous, but there is no need to pay $22 for it!Milani Pink Flare or Jordana Fairy Dust look EXACTLY the same and cost less than $5.

Angela Deer Island, OR

Every woman should own this color!

I absolutely LOVE this color — the pictures don’t do it justice. It is feminine and light while being daring and sexy… MUST HAVE!!! I have recieved so many compliments 🙂

Kimberly Tillery, NC

very pretty

teenage dream is a very pretty pink with pinkish silvery tiny glitter with some bigger chunks throughout. I really like it though it looked golden in the picture which is why I ordered it. Not what I’m expected but it was a welcome surprise. I’m using it as a french tip over vampsterdam by opi.

Nola Westmoreland City, PA

Great topper polish

I love this as a top coat over another light shade to add sparkle. It’s so beautiful. Or also to add a French nail tip on the nail — this is really pretty with a gold polish. I would definitely purchase again. Maybe will buy another bottle soon in case they decide to discontinue it.

Charlotte Manorville, PA


this is my favorite opi color! it gets clumpy fast though! I have to use it quickly and you cant add nail polish remover to glitter it messes up the color

Madge Putney, KY

Love it!!

I fell in love with this nail polish and I didn’t think I ever would or could with nail polish. The first coat was very faint, yet still pretty. I let it dry (which takes no time at all) and applied the 2nd coat. It was very pretty but still wasn’t the right tint I wanted like I have seen in the picture on amazon. The last and final 3rd coat gave me the exact color I wanted and looked just like the photo. Its a soft, pretty pink and very shiny. I got several compliments on it and I hardly ever have anyone make any comments towards my nail color. Would recommend and glad I purchased this color!

Christian Ithaca, MI

Teenage Dream KP

This nail polish is really pretty and the color look so lovely on your nails, like very sparkly pink.That picture doesn’t do any justice compare to how lovely it looks in real life. I love OPI and this product!

Tami Clarklake, MI

Great Sparkle, but peels off too easily

I absolutely love this color. Two coats is all you need and you get full coverage, and a beautiful sparkle. I have to admit that I am off-put by some of the reviews that this color is difficult to remove however, because my only complaint about this color is that fact that it peels STRAIGHT off my nails so easily. as with most glitter polishes, the pieces of glitter means that the color does not dry smoothly and I have had the experience with it getting caught on my clothing and litterally tearing right off my nails. But despite this issue, I would still purchase more because it really is a pretty color.

Patsy Chestnut Ridge, PA