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OPI The Bond Girls Mini Pack DC M09

Mini Pack Contents: 4- Mini Nail Lacquers 3.75 ml- 1/8 Fl. Oz. Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore, and Solitaire

Key features

  • Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore and Solitaire
  • Opi mini collection

Honest reviews


OPI bond girls

After trying the Stage shades of Mariah Carey collection I was really exited to try the bong girls liquid sands. However they were inferior in many aspects in my opinion. The colors are not as bright and shiny as the Maria Carey’s with one exemption: Jinx, which is an interesting coral matte and shinny polish. The worst was Vesper, being dull and looking like smudged polish. Pussy galore and Solitaire are mediocre: their colors are nice but they are metalic which does not go well with the textured formula.

Natalie Genoa, WV


These are all pretty colors but Jinx steals the show here! It’s soooo pretty! I layer a lot of top coat on mine because I hate liquid sand texture but these are pretty with or without top coat! Vesper is probably the least stand out polish of the bunch, it’s so dark that you can hardly tell its purple.

Hallie Bristol, WV

OPI Bond

The polish is really pretty. The size is just the right size to get different colors and figure out which one you might like the best before purchasing the full size bottle. You will be able to get a lot of polish out of each bottle before it is empty. Very pleased on the color selection.

Leticia Orwigsburg, PA

Great set

Never tried the liquid sand polish so I figured this would be a great introduction. The colors are all great. Not a big fan of vesper (the dark purple). Jinx steals all the glory in this set. Already ordered a full size of jinx because its so beautiful. A must have! Very happy with this set. Shipping was super fast. Received my order in 2 days.

Francis Goldens Bridge, NY

Great starter set….some colors are better than others

I have never used the OPI liquid sand so I thought this would be a perfect introduction to them, and a great oppurtunity to test them out. This kit includes four Bond girl inspired shades. I will give a mini review below on each individual color.Jinx–a stunning deep orange with gold micro glitter. This is my favorite color in the set. I am in love!! It is very vibrant and it sparkles like crazy. It had a medium “sand” or bumpy texture. This color looked amazing with two coats applied and nothing else. I will definitely buy a full size bottle of this.Vesper–a deep almost black purple with black flecks. This was my LEAST favorite. The color is very runny, and there is almost no “sand” texture to it at all. At least I couldn’t get any of the sand to apply to my nail. I simply didn’t like it…just my opinion. I would not buy this color again.Pussy Galore–a baby pink shimmer with flecks of darker pink glitter. I am obsessed with the color pink and I had high hopes for this polish. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It is okay….just not great. There is medium sand texture in this color. It was more textured than Vesper….but not as textured as Jinx or Solitaire. When fully applied the pink also appears very light. I personally would have preferred more impact. So I like this one…but I don’t love it. I may or may not purchase in full size….I’m still on the fence.Solitaire–Shimmering pearl white with silver glitter. TONS of “sand” texturing. This is my second favorite in this set. The color is beautiful. It looks like crushed pearls on your nails. It is perfect in every way, color, texture, application. I will buy this in the full size.So pretty much I think it is just personal preference on which colors jump out at you. I love the fact that with this set you can try out several without committing to buy a full size bottle that will sit and rot if you don’t like it. These go on easy and look amazing when applied…..with the sand texture it is virtually impossible to mess it up. They also seem to wear very well. I have had “Jinx” on for over two days now with absolutely no chips (which is rare for a glitter/textured polish)!! Pick this up and give them a try for yourself!!

Monica Concord, NH

OPI The Bond Girls Mini Pack DC M09

Super cute colors! I know I am getting the full size of at least 2 of the minis that I got! Happy I tried it!

Clare Brewster, MA

No go on the Bond Duo

I will never purchase a mini set of OPI again. Not what I expected and this pack was even worse.

Jillian Noble, MO