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OPI The Amazing New Spider-Man Collection, Just Spotted The Lizard

OPI’s new Spider-Man collection was a bit of an unexpected surprise for me. A comic book themed collection?? For real? That’s AWESOME. Okay, not exactly based on comic books, but it was created to coincide with the release of the new 3D Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spider-man, that’s coming out in July, so close enough. Still Spiderman. The collection consists of six colors plus a new shade of OPI Shatter crackle

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i thought this polish would be really cool cuz 1) its theme is from the amazing spiderman and 2) its a duochrome. but the blue doesnt even show up on the nail. so that was a disappointment for me. but its not sooo bad. its decent.

Luisa Cossayuna, NY

its ok

I love OPI, longest lasting colors and huge color variety. This one was ok, not my favorite of colors but very different, you will not see this shade on anyone else’s nails for sure. Its more gold-ish than green, I wish it was the other way around.

Leeann Coldiron, KY

Just Spotted the Lizard, Indeed

This is a great green golden color. It applies on smoothly with the right amount of shimmer. It truly is a beautiful color. Also, it is part of the Amazing Spiderman collection. It’s like seriously, you just got to have it.

Susanne West Finley, PA

OPI nail polish

I gave this nail polish a perfect score because even though I haven’t put it on yet, it looks like a pretty color in the bottle with a nice sheen.

Tamara Cambria, WI

Truly Amazing, Spiderman.

I love this color! The polish is typical of what you expect from OPI. The quality is great, it applies evenly and wears well. The gold/green duochrome is very strong and easy to see. It’s an exact dupe for Chanel Peridot but MUCH cheaper. So glad I got it.

Shawna Gilsum, NH

Just spotted the Lizzard

This is another great color from OPI its gold and green depending on the light one color may stand out more than the other ,goes on easy only used two coats and a top coat ,this can be worn any season with just about anything.

Esperanza Meacham, OR

I like this color

I like this color. I bought it as a dupe for Chanel’s Peridot. Currently enjoying it on my toes. However, the boyfriend hates it. Too bad. I am still going to enjoy it!!!

Ofelia Minco, OK

Best. Nail color. Ever.

I’m a huge Spider-man fan, so I’m biased, but I get compliments on this color all the time. OPI is the best nail lacquer in my book, and this duochrome color lasts for not just days, but weeks, if applied carefully.

Alyson Plaistow, NH


i love opi nail polish, its the only brand that i buy. this color does not dissappoint! it picks all of the colors in it wonderfully in the light, but i noticed that i mainly saw the gold gleam in it, which was great!

Lynette Orla, TX

So pretty like a metallic olive green

Got this color and love it. The color is like a lizardy olive green with a metallic finish. I’ve already worn it and I love it. Great color for fall.

Gale Phelps, WI

Now that’s Green!

The packaging was swift and delt with care. I liked how the deep Green reflected other tones and was not boring like a basic color. OPI brand speaks for itself and was worth every dime. Definitely would recommend this to anyone

Joann Harvel, IL

This is more of a golden with a green undertone

I was hoping for the color to be more like it is on the bottle but this is a semi sheer color. I applied two coats of it and got kind of a green tinted gold, not an lizard green with a gold shimmer like I thought from the bottle.Still a cool color, and the staying power tells me it’s genuine OPI- It lasted 3 whole days with no major chips, and I am super tough on my nails.

Jana Caldwell, OH