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OPI: T35 Matte Top Coat, 0.5 oz OOS !!

OPI: T35 Matte Top Coat

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  • OPI Matte Top Coat

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Not what I expected.

I made the mistake of wearing this alone. It looked like I had nothing on at all. I guess I was hoping for a touch more shine or maybe a slight white color.

Florine Barton City, MI


In the past 6 months or so I have become a nail polish-o-holic, my collection at the moment has about 100 bottles of all sorts of polish: textured, holo, cremes, chromes, thermals, glitters, jellys, indie brands, mainstream brands, no name brands…and I MUST. HAVE. MORE. So naturally I wanted to try a matte top coat to basically double the amount of looks that I could do with each polish.I had been intrigued by matte nail polish for a while but was put off by a lot of negative views I had read on the look of matte nails, saying that it’s ugly, and it takes way longer to dry vs. quick dry shiny top coats, etc. But a lot of the swatches I had seen on my fave nail polish blogs looked just so sleek, modern, and classy that I had to give it a shot. I did a bunch of research on the best matte top coat and came to the conclusion, based on mattifying comparisons (this one "matted" very well, while some only to a satin or rubbery look) and price here on Amazon, I decided, heck, why not?! (My usual decision making process on whether or not I should by a nail polish).HECK YES I LOVE THIS TOP COAT.Is it ugly?F*NO! It’s fantabulously dumure and sexy at the same time! I could not stop staring at my nails the first time I used it over Jade Diamond Velvet, an amazing purple duochrome that I loved without the top coat but I think I love even more with it!Does it take forever to dry?F*NO! This dried SURPRISINGLY FAST. It seemed to dry almost immediately, as you could see the matte effect morph from wet to dry within seconds on the nail. But I didn’t try to touch it until after a couple minutes, and it felt dry enough for me to move on to something else. Probably not dry enough to do the dishes but dry enough to put on a jacket and get into the car without ruining them.I tried it again over a deep blue-green creme and I didn’t like it as much as over the chrome, so YMMV with the kind of polishes you prefer it over. I have heard and seen that it looks great over a glitter, but I have yet to try (but soon!) I also like mattifying black nail polish and then stamping with a black or white shiny polish, very classy.OPI is quality and I love their wide and flat brushes. BUY THIS POLISH! You won’t regret it.

Cara Sand Point, AK

Good formula

This is not the absolute matte-est topcoat out there, but the formula is consistently great (as is to be expected from O.P.I.). It can be used for lots of fun nail art designs — I like to put on a coat of this and then paint on delicate designs with a thin, ultra-shiny topcoat for contrast. Looks excellent over dense micro-glitters.

Tonia Republic, PA


works amazing and turns anything into matte. Plus the bottle is soo cute. I dont recommend using it with anything sparkly because it looks awful.

Letha North Ridgeville, OH


I LOVE THIS! I was hesitant to buy this because I thought, "Oh it’s OPI and it’s so reasonably priced, I might get jiped" but I didn’t. It came a day before expected delivery and works great. I wasn’t a fan of matte manicures until I tried this out for myself. It’s a STEAL. It was packaged impeccably, in a bubble wrap envelope, wrapped in bubble wrap. I have nothing bad to say about this.

Kaitlin Dell Rapids, SD


Excellent product. Works perfectly. Every nail polish I have becomes matte in several seconds. That’s wonderful. I would recommend this to everyone.

Wilma Genesee, MI

Love it!

This is such a neat polish. I have found so much to do with it. One bit of advice is to put your top coat on before using this matte top coat encase you don’t use it on the whole nail….a little trick I learned…

Graciela Maple Falls, WA

So chic!

I bought this after seeing several nail designs on Sephora using the matte/glossy combination. This is easy to use and there are some great tutorials online, through Sephora and YouTube. Check them out and you will find some very sophisticated designs that are demure for the office but still artistic.

Constance Egypt, AR

Does the job.

Before this purchase I had tried home made recipes of matte top coats. It did not work. This one does the job, it is matte and it dries quick.

Bettye Lambertville, NJ

Another great OPI product!

I love the smooth application and long lasting power of OPI nail lacquers. This polish lives up to OPI’s high standards. The application was smooth and it dried really quickly (always a plus with a 2 month old baby, I really don’t have time to wait for my nails to dry!) It was dry to the touch after about 30 seconds and no longer soft after 5 minutes. However, I wouldn’t do anything crazy that could ruin your nails for a while after just in case. The top coat created a nice flat matte (not satin) topcoat with a tiny bit of a milky or foggy look to it. The foggy look lessened after a few hours. After 3 days there started to be some wear on my nail tips and it started looking more satin in appearance. I took it off after 5 days of wear because my tips were looking pretty shabby. Not bad considering how hard I am on my nails. Overall, another great product from OPI, you won’t regret this purchase!

Audra Painton, MO

Loved it

Loved it. Fast shipping. Looked great on

Pansy South Sutton, NH


Yes, I love OPI polishes. This one makes any polish matte. It works fine. But I’ve realized I’m not a matte girl. It turns a beautiful shiny polish into a rather boring color. Just saying . ..

Tiffany Huntsville, AR

all matte everything

LOOVEE i’m matteing even my own nail without polish. i absolutely love it. once i runs out i’m buying another one. dasss it

Marilyn Spiceland, IN

matte is awesome….

matte topcoat is great because I don’t like having shiny paint on my nails. It’s a topcoat, it’s not shiny, I like it.

Lashonda Hillsboro, NH

Give your same old color a different look

Whether it’s to the whole nail or a mock french manicure I really like this product to change it up!

Lucy Fultondale, AL


Matte means matte and this top coat do what need to do in that wayand have the good quality the Opi products haveI like it and come back for more

Christina Lyons, KS


i love doing my nails matte so i got this nail polish and an orly one and they both get the job done really well. this opi one probably does a better job because it dries up faster.

Rocio Matheson, CO

Love it!

I tried this out on a variety of styles, and I love them all! It was a bit less matte than I was expecting, but if you put it over a really glossy nail polish, it looks great.

Marla Umpqua, OR

Cool affect!

Great for nail designs and to just do something a little more interesting with your mani. Also dries pretty quick as well.

Phyllis Eudora, MO

Love it!

This topcoat gives my mani a fresh new look. It dries quickly and doesn’t seem to chip easily. Just note that you can’t put a topcoat over it, but it kind of acts as a topcoat anyway. It’s a super fun look for all my favorite colors!

Delores Ramer, AL