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OPI Soft Shades Nail Lacquer, Princesses Rule!

A light, baby pink sheer polish with glitter. This shimmery pale pink shade is a versatile addition to any nail polish collection. Use a single coat on bare nails for a natural, feminine look or wear atop other polishes for a glittery pink finish. You can also layer Princesses Rule. by itself for increased opacity. The lovely, soft pink sparkle works well on all complexions. From the OPI Princesses Charming Collection.

Key features

  • Fun color for both toes and fingers
  • Won’t chip or peel
  • Lots of shine and seal to protect your nails and give them fabulous color

Honest reviews


My new favorite black!

I LOVE this shade!!! My Private Jet is a gorgeous black, with a rainbow shimmer that is perfectly balanced in the polish. Indoors, or in dimmer lighting, it’s a super shiny slick looking black, with what looks like a very light sprinkling of sparkle. Outside, or in bright lights, it’s an astounding oilslick of rainbow iridescence.If you haven’t tried the ‘new’ black polish trend, or love the black polish trend and want something a little different, this color is for you. Beautiful.Oh, and not only do I do my pedicure in this shade, but for my manicure also, it’s just stunning.

Ava Spinnerstown, PA

PERFECT MINT GREEN! (Gargantuan Green Grape)

MY FAULT! For relying on internet swatches and not seeing it in person first. I thought this was going to be grape green. However, this is totally the PERFECT mint! I love the shade. I have 4 other mint green polishes and this is definitely the best of all of them. Great creamy formula. Check lots of swatches or see in person before buying.

Juliet Stanardsville, VA

Natural for french manicureb

If you are looking for a more natural looking french manicure, try a coat of Stickey base coat and just use this color for the tips and cover with a top coat. (Natural nails, I don’t know about acrylics). I get lots of compliments on this combination.

Carla Lavonia, GA

Not Opaque!

I bought this item thinking it would be a lovely opalescent pink shade….but, it is almost if not completely clear! There is little to no pigment in this bottle- it can be used as a topcoat only!Color: (Altar Ego)

Vanessa Malta, MT

UGLY COLOR..not what expected!!

Before i purchased this color, i went online & checked it out. From the pics that i saw, i LOVED it! It was sooo unique & pretty! When i recieved mine..NOT so much!! I was so disappointed & mad! From what i’ve read of other reviews, apparantly OPI changed the color from the original one. That was not smart because this one looks NOTHING like the original. The glitter in it is not nearly as bright & rainbow colored & the base color is a mucky, dirty looking brown! I gave mine away.

Sondra Margate City, NJ

Don’t Let the Name Fool You

While this name makes it sound as though the color would be a vibrant girly pink, it’s actually a subtle pink with buildable color. It can easily be dressed up or down or applied sheer or heavy for a variety of looks.

Sheri Oasis, UT

Bolder color

This is a beautiful lilac/lavendar shade that is not too dark. It does not discolor my nails as some of the other brands of polish have done in the past. Nothing worse than yellow nails! I am staying with OPI and the Amazon merchants.

Virgie Dresden, ME

My favorite polish

This is my favorite OPI nail polishe. When the package arrived, the bottles of polish were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. All arrived safely. It never fails, whenever I really like a color, they discontinue it. When “My Private Jet” began to become scarce in my area, I turned to Amazon to find an extra supply. Of course I found it, I ordered it and when it arrived, all bottles were in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

Brittney Pony, MT

A Grape Fit

I love love LOVE this purple polish. It’s creamy and nearly one coat will do. I used almost all of it and it’s not even a year old lol

Heidi Wister, OK

OPI nail polish

I gave this product four out of five stars because even though it’s a pretty color, I haven’t seen it on yet.

Cleo Newbern, VA

Gorgeous Color!

OPI Give Give Me The Moon is a shimmery gray polish with a strong light blue iridescence that makes this polish glow on your nails. Very pretty on cool skin tones. This is a great alternative to a plain gray color. It is a little on the sheer side, but it is opaque in 3 coats. I love this shade, I have well over 100 bottles of polish in my collection and I don’t own another color even close to this. Very unique color, I highly recommend!

Katina Princeton, AL

Good pigment, good staying power

This is a nice color in terms of the depth and gloss of the shade. I pair this with the OPI Matte Top Coat to make some really fun contrasting designs. It stays longer if you pair it with a protein-packed basecoat (Essie makes a nice one) and a good quality top coat (Seche Vite has a good one, and it dries quick). If you reapply the topcoat daily and use a cuticle oil, you can maintain the integrity of your manicure for a full week with little touch ups. Sweet!

Melody Burnside, PA

great color

What can be said about this. this the best taupe color I have found. I use this every fall. I also love it when I want a neutral nail, this is great.

Elise Kent, WA

The wrong color!!

I got Gargantuan Green Grape, and in the picture on here, the polish a dark green. I got a very light mint green color. I like it but I already had a color similar to this, and I think the picture is misleading.

Juliana Willow Springs, MO

OPI Black Onix

I had my eye on this color for the longest time, but was hesitant to get it cause I was thinking the application would be a real mess. However, I am so glad I got it. The formula is a dream to apply, fully opaque & dreamy in two coats. Black Onix is one of my favorite colors from OPI.I am by far not a "teenager", and I have very pale skin & it looks amazing on me, not "Gothic" at all; infarct it is very elegant & it has a beautiful shinny finish which I enhance with a generous top coat of Seche Vite 😉 I get tons of compliments every time I wear this color. I highly recommend OPI Black Onix.

Chasity Manhattan, MT

Atomic Orange

We love the atomic orange – it needs 3 coats for full coverage. It’s a bright (not neon) summery, melon-y orange color. It’s been a week and it’s still not chipped.

Lakisha Mountainside, NJ


I do love the color but when I got this the bottle was not full. It seemed as though I was not the first one to use it

Lara Solomon, KS

I love blue polish! and this is a darker,richer,more saturated blue color

This blue is darker,richer,and more saturated than any blue polish I have found. I love it! Now, I have a light, medium, and dark blue to match my wardrobe.

Rosalinda North Middletown, KY

Love it

I love the color. It is really pretty much exactly what is shown in the picture. Works well for me.

Cheryl Brazil, IN

Great Color

Great color with the quality you expect from OPI. I was in search for a light purple lilac color. It’s lovely.

Elena Pelham, NY

Pretty Color That Lasts

I really like this nail color, it is a beautiful tropical orange that looks great in the summer. It lasted over a week without chipping, I only applied the base and 2 coats of this color, no top coat. I am buying the top coat next and am assuming the color will stay chip free even longer.

Robin Moorcroft, WY

Nice Color

I love the color it goes on smooth and dries fast. It last a couple days without chipping I really like OPI products they last a long time and I’ve had some bottles for a few months/years and they’re still going.

Maggie Glen Aubrey, NY

OPI Up Front and Personal nail polish

This is a lovely light color with a gold sheen to it. I wanted a color like I’d seen on the actress Alison Sweeney, which looked like a milky white with a gold sheen. I had to guess at it because I don’t know her color, and this isn’t exactly like I’d hoped but pretty doggone close. As always, OPI doesn’t disappoint in the wearability and ease of application.

Lela Burbank, SD


Beautiful bright orange, but not tacky looking. Perfect for summer. Goes on smoothly, no drips, dries quickly to a high shine. Thumbs up!

Tricia Oaktown, IN

Very unique!

First, OPI is fantastic nail polish to begin with. Add to that this unique color and… WOW!!! This paints on smooth and when it’s dry it looks like chocolate! Beautiful!

Justina Marietta, MN

Not exactly what I expected

I had been looking for a lilac type color when I bought this and while the color is beautiful both in the bottle and on, it just wasn’t the exact shade of lilac I wanted. My recommendation is that if you want a brighter lilac then this is it, but if you want a more subtle shade of lilac Essie’s lilacism is the perfect one.

Zelda Linden, NJ

Great orange to keep in your collection

I wish it was just a little bit brighter, but I suppose if it turned up too much more it would be considered a neon. Great thick color, needs only one or two coats max for full coverage.

Rebekah Bala Cynwyd, PA


Holographic. Striking. Exciting. One of the best polishes that OPI ever discontinued (who makes those decisions)?Definitely recommended. Polish was authentic and I recommend the seller.

Doreen Lurgan, PA

color is off

At the OPI website and here it is pictures as a teal color. When I got it, it is more of a sparkly bright blue. This is my third attempt of getting a teal nail polish through OPI. very frustrating.

Judith Round Lake, MN

Lovely Color

I purchased this thinking it was a neutral beige shade. It’s not. I was pleasantly surprised to find the color is between a light gold and platinum. It’s highly frosted. Looks like it has gold dust in it. It looks good with both my gold and silver jewelry. The color is not what I would normally choose for myself, but I’m very happy with the purchase. As always OPI nail lacquer is durable and long lasting.

Marianne Branson, MO