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Opi Shatter Collection Nail lacquer, Gold Shatter, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

The Opi shatter shades creates a two-texture finish when used over nail lacquer.

Key features

  • High quality product
  • Creates a shattered effect when applied over dry nail lacquer
  • Shimmering gold shade with two-texture finish

Honest reviews


Doesn’t really shatter.

This polish is very thin and translucent, unlike most of OPI’s other shatters.It’s a lovely color, very bright and metallic with hints of glitter and shine. But regardless of how pretty it is, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It just doesn’t look good as a shatter. For one thing, since it is more translucent than most OPI polishes it goes on thin. Shatter polishes are to be applied in one quick coat to get the desired effect. So I’m sure you can see the problem here! If you apply more than one coat to reach a good level of coverage, it won’t crack well and it will look chunky and messy. But if you only apply one coat you can hardly see more than the suggestion of a gold shimmer. The crackle gets totally lost. Also, even when applied lightly it has a really undesirable chunkiness when it begins to crack, probably due to the metal flakes in it pulling up a bit and not laying flat as they should. It also shatters in very wide, thick pieces, most of the other OPI Shatters give more delicate looking results.I was hoping this would work out nicely… But it doesn’t. I’ve tried this over many colors and find it looks nice with black, red and blue but I haven’t actually worn it out anywhere. It just doesn’t look nearly as nice as the other shatters. For an OPI polish, I feel this is very low quality.

Maude Uniontown, PA

Gold is horrible as a shatter

I own almost all the shatter colors and gold, silver and white all make horrible shatters. They only look decent with certain colors, which is not many colors. Stick to black or blue or purple

Lauren Van Buren, AR

pretty gold

havent used it yet however the color is great, now its time to use it effectively on the nail not sure if i will have the salon do it or attempt it myself

Colleen Bancroft, WV


Perfectly shine at night! The gold is so glamorous! Now I have six shatters and cant wait to put them all on my nails~!

Jacqueline Summerfield, NC

Not quite ‘shatter’-ish

This doesn’t have the same affect as regular colored shatter…it’s pretty, but it doesn’t block out sections of the color underneath, just gives certain areas of your colored nail some sparkle. It’s pretty and I like it, but will have to decide what colors it works best with… I put it on top of metallic green and …just didn’t give it that wow factor I was looking for. Everyone else liked it though…

Lea Glen Burnie, MD


Very bright gold and clumpy. Unlike most other OPI shatters, this one was harder to apply. As it is so bright, it made it more difficult to find choices with which to combine it and still be work appropriate.

Mollie Ketchum, OK

Great shatter polish

I have 8 other shatter polishes from OPI and they are all great. This was one color I didn’t have so I was happy to find it on here and it was a great price too

April Hartington, NE

I love it!

It works wonderful. I have had allot of compliments on my nails. It stays on for a long time too!

Maxine Farmers, KY

Nail polish

This color worked for me I added a glitter coating on top of it as I was looking more for the color then the cracking … It does not really crack so it worked for what I was trying to do with it.

Karla Hooper, NE

Slight Gold Translucence

My granddaughter who is ten, and I love to have manicures together. This has become a tradition when I visit with her. This time we both chose the Opi gold shatter. We like to be wild and crazy at times with our nail polish. We like to choose out of the ordinary colors, when we are together.At first the good shatter looked lovely, a slight gold sheen. However, we could not see any shatters, so we asked the manicurist to apply another coat. Nothing! One more coat and still nothing, but a translucent gold shimmer. It looks OK, but not anything like we were after. We wanted something spectacular, and we did not get it.What we did get was a good manicure and a good time together. We did not get the shatter gold.Not Recommended For Us. prisrob 12-30-13

Ava Osakis, MN

prettty color

you love the color last along time really pretty buy it it cheap and true to color. i will buy more for price

Elizabeth Stoutsville, MO

It Clumps rather than Shatters

This nail polish clumps; it doesn’t shatter. The overall effect is that your nails look messy. I’m going to stick with the Sally Hansen Shatter collection. Those shatter nicely and you only have to use one coat.

Caroline Rogers, OH

Shatter look OPI

This is a different texture to have on your nails.It gives it the shattered look.An idea nail polish that gives your nails that extra glow

Kristy North Brookfield, MA


I bought this as a gift for a friend along with another crackle polish. Very pretty and shiny. Crackle works great!

Josefa North Pownal, VT

Lovely Polish

I am obesessed with nail polish and this one was a great addition to my collection. Looks great over any other nail polish.

Eloise Elwood, IL