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Opi San Francisco Collection Fall &Winter 2013 Havent the Foggiest

Haven’t the Foggiest – great coverage, even on the first coat! It was surprising. Dried very fast.

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Awesome nail polish!!!

This and take the stage, were my first nail polishes I got. I wanted nail polishes but every time I got them they all chipped. I gave up for a long time, and gave all my old nail polishes away. I got almost all from the supermarket. I have only been to the salon once to get my nails done and this was a long long time ago and I got the french tip style nail paint and I don’t remember how long that lasted but I think it lasted quite a long time. I didn’t remember the brand either. But I was looking through all my magazines and this one had these sticker nail art stuff and I remember hearing about them but I never got them because of $15.00 cost. Then I got 4 stickers from a magazine, well I was curious and I always look at reviews. Well they seemed to be great, but they last 2 to maybe 3 weeks and others lasted not as long, seemed like the ones with the stones lasted longer for some reason and when using a top coat sometimes it would help and sometimes not. Well I then remembered hearing about gel nail polish, well they are great but require a uv light from what I was reading to set them solid. They are like fake finger nails after they are hardened if I read that right. Well I don’t have a uv light thing and I don’t want one because that’s just to much work and I was thinking about cancer even though you can get the glove, but still your sides are exposed, no thanks. Then I was thinking there has got to be something else. So I looked up chip free nail polish and up came Opi, I really don’t know how long they have been out, I guess a long time. But like I said I got my nails done a long long long time ago, I’m just not that girly. When I had nail polish I felt girly, but since I gave all mine away because I would chip them off, I didn’t feel girly anymore. Now I do! These last a long time and no chipping!!! Very happy!! I’m waiting until my nails are longer to use the stick on freebies I got in my magazine to see if I like them or not, to get them on a special occasion because they are very pretty and you have a variety and I’m not a artist so I wont be able to do any special designs on my nails, if I did try it would probably not look good or take a million years just to make maybe one look good-very doubtful. So I would just get those sticky nails and call it good 🙂

Marion Long Barn, CA

OPI San Francisco Collection Fall& Winter 2013 Havent the Foggiest

Love this color this silver color really stands out ,has a nice shine not a dull silver .I used two coats it is awesome dries super fast I did add a top coat after think this is one of my new Fall favorites.

Adela Sandborn, IN

I love OPI!

Absolutely loved it!! It is a great color. I love OPI. I am really glad I got this color. I highly recommend OPI. Out of all the OPI colors I have bought this is my favorite!!

Jeanette Morvin, AL

Very Nice

Very nice and long lasting. My hands look amazeballs with this on my nails. Accent nail looks great. SO bright and shiny. Good staying power.

Vanessa Ramsey, WV


Overall this is just as pictured and I loved this color. The only down fall is that it was very very tough to remove, even with opi expert touch remover. I can remove opi liquid sand faster then this product. It was pretty much opaque after one coat so it was a great formula.

Miriam Smithville, MS


This is my favorite polish I’ve ever bought. Not only does it look INCREDIBLE, it goes on smoothly and dries almost instantly. It is a very metallic silver with very tiny texture, like polished steel. This looks great in all lighting and is sure to catch attention!

Flossie Brodhead, WI


This polish has such a fabulous sheen. It lasted for nearly a week, and I was oogling my nails every day of that week. Might’ve been a little distracting. 🙂

Terri Pittsfield, IL

Chipped fast and very hard to remove

I liked the clean "tin man" silver color of this nail polish and it was easy to apply. Only one coat was necessary for complete coverage. However, the color chipped fast (within the same day) and I was not able to remove all the polish, even after two removal attempts with acetone based polish remover. THe color "stuck" to the edges of may nails and near the cuticle bed. As a result, I can’t recommend this particular shade unless you are willing to deal with chipping and frustrating removal.

Dianna Mc Comb, OH

Haven’t the Foggiest – Silvery Grey

The color is exactly as shown in the picture. It is a silvery grey. It looks slightly frosty.The formula is nice and flowing. it is very easy to apply. I could apply perfectly opaque polish with just one coat and no streaks either. Perfect for winter and holidays. I also tried a variation of french manicure with black and this color (this one for the tips). It was stunning.I would definitely recommend this one if you do not have any similar color in your stash.

Kathy Tillman, SC

OPI Silver lacquer

This is a nice thick looking nail polish.It doesn’t separate it goes on smooth,without build up.Your nails glow like a silver dollar

Cornelia Hazelton, ND