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OPI Rapidry Top Nail Coats, 4 Fluid Ounce

Mist on RapiDry Nail Polish Dryer 45 seconds after applying final coat of nail polish.

Key features

  • Instant drying protection, dries in minutes
  • Long-lasting, non-yellowing, and high-gloss formula
  • Eliminates issues of smears, smudges and streaks

Honest reviews


The Best Glitter Polish Remover & Gentle, Too!

Although it is gentle, OPI Polish Remover takes off glitter polish better than anything else that I have tried. It does not damage or dry my nails, and I don’t have to soak them.

Karla Twin Bridges, CA

Makes a HUGE difference in drying…

as in, either wait for almost an hour or for less than 10 minutes. I didn’t really time it but I do know about an hour after putting on the polish without the spray I’ve smudged, and with the spray I’ve dinged my nails and not smudged. Great stuff and highly recommended!!JTG

Melinda Cambridge, KS

Thanks again OPI !

Living in the middle of a Midwestern cornfield can be challenging during the sticky, humid summer months especially for nail polish.My “go to” product has always been OPI. Due to respiratory problems I cannot endure the salon fumes to have a mani-pedi. BUMMER! I purchased this spray along with the OPI Rapidry Top Coat. This combo can beat the toughest humidity a cornfield can offer.No smears, smudges with a quick dry spray. Wait 45 to 60 seconds after the last coat then lightly spray and within 5 to minutes you have shiny, perfect nails.Just because I can no longer get them done at the salon does not mean I cannot rock a great looking nail.Enjoy!

Sofia Delaware, AR

Works Well

Works well but also dulls your polish so you don’t get that shiny look we all want. Make sure to use a shiny top coat before spraying to fix this problem.

Elisa South Newfane, VT

A Must For Fast Drying Nails

While I use Seche Top Coat Rapid Dry, I also spritz a dash of the OPI Rapidry Top Coat, which helps set my nails in minutes. Within an hour, my nail polish is completely dry and ready to conquer the world.

Debora Geneseo, KS

Not sure if this works

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to dry my nail fast. I’m not sure if this really works though. I may make my nails dry to the touch in 2-3 minutes but that’s normal with or without this spray. And they don’t really make them so hard that they are smudge or nic-proof so not sure if this is worth it…

Helga Bartlett, NE

Gentle polish remover-but effective

Thsi product is effective yoet gentle to your nails. I use it every week and along with the Avoplex Nail and Hand Cream (used daily), my nails, hands and cuticles never looked or felt better

Amanda Pippa Passes, KY

What a disappointment! 🙁

I just received the product today and I was so anxious to use it because I forever am smudging my nails after painting them. I had high hopes for the product because O.P.I. is a good brand and so I thought for sure this was going to work. However, when I did use it dried out the skin around my nails and left the polish rather tacky. I even tried using it with a nail polish dryer I have for a few minutes and didn’t "rapidly" dry my nails. The good thing about this product is that it didn’t make the polish bubble so that is why I gave it two stars because usually spray on products ruin the polish. It also smelled very pretty. I don’t know if there was a certain amount of wait time I should have had because all the instructions on the bottle say is spray nails after 45 seconds of the final polish coat. I am disappointed to be disappointed :c.

Mamie Tolstoy, SD

love it

This is a great nail polish remover and I love how big it is. I redo my nails every 3 days and now I have plenty of remover to do so. I would recommend this

Lorna Barrett, MN

LOVE this stuff!

This works great when you want to paint your finger nails but don’t want to mess them up when you go to bed or go to do a chore or something. Just spray on, wait a couple minutes, and you’re good to go!

Cheri Nara Visa, NM

Seems to work

I paint my nails a lot, and hate risking smudging them during the long drying time. I bought this spray and it seems to help shorten that process some. It does not dry instantly or super quickly, but it does have a pleasant smell and any time off is fine with me. I will probably buy again when my bottle runs out.

Lana Wallagrass, ME

Works good

Drys my nails fast which is what i wanted. Perfect for when your decorating the nails and need one layer to dry before the nxt.

Dale Red Level, AL

Quick & Smells Good

This is great stuff. Just give your nails about a minute, spray and you’re good. I also love the fragrance – very nice. It’s lighter and less thick than the brush on brands. I found that Sally Hansen seemed to streak my polish unless I was already almost dry.

Rosie Dwight, NE

Can I Have My Money Back Please?

I chose this rating because the product does not work, at all. I was hoping to get a dryer that probably was not as good as Seche Vite but decent enough and wouldn’t shrink my polish. I spray this stuff on and nothing. It does nothing at all. I wonder if maybe someone took the authentic labels and places it on fake bottles because I can’t believe OPI would put their name on something like this. I tried on dry nail polish and I added a top coat, waited two minutes then sprayed. 10 minutes later the top coat was still, indeed, tacky. I would give this 0 stars. If possible please purchase either at Walmart, Target or even go to Sally’s or Ulta. Only then can you say you have an authentic product. If it is authentic then shame on you OPI.PS: there is a light scent to this spray. Almost smells plastic with a light floral scent. Not sure how that stacks up against would could be the real product purchased elsewhere.

Esperanza New Haven, IL


I’m notorious for smudging my nails right after I paint them, I’m so impatient. A spritz of this and my nails dry much faster.

Paulette Howells, NE

Love it!!!!

Just love this product. When I put my nail polish on and I am in a hurry this is handy to help me out the door fast.

Ellen Jordanville, NY

love it

i love this rapid dry. i use it on myself and my baby when i do her nails and it works really well. i will def buy another one when im running out.

Samantha Mcdaniel, MD

Still takes a long time to dry

I used another brand of Rapid Dry before I ordered this. That product dried my nails within seconds of spraying. This OPI spray doesn’t do much. It may speed up the drying process but once you’ve sprayed your nails don’t expect your nails to be dry… it’ll still take 5 mins or so to dry completely and not have smudges. I won’t be buying this again.

Millicent Hiawatha, UT

Buy this!

This stuff is a lifesaver. I am so glad I discovered this stuff in cosmo school years ago. I use it with every mani and pedi I do.

Mallory Meansville, GA

Love it!

The rapidry spray does no completely dry wet polish, so don’t expect that. But, it does dry nails enough to do task. I always do my nails at night, before bed and use this; I wake up with no sheet marks and perfectly dried nails!

Lynda Westport, SD

Works Well

I received this as a present and I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I find it very hard to keep most nail polishes to last. It doesn’t help that I’m impatient either with nails, and I find that quick dry top coats increase the chipping and peeling. This rapid dry spray is wonderful. I use as directed and I find that it is touch dry almost instantly, though I wait for five to ten minutes.This product is expensive, but I am thinking of bringing it with me to my nail salon, because I always seem to smudge my nails easily after a salon trip. It will be worth the price if it saves me smudges and chips from the salon!Recommended. prisrob 09-29-13

Lucinda Bonnots Mill, MO

Dries Super Fast

I dont know how i went without this product for so long! It really works amazingly great to dry nails quickly. I have a tendancy to polish right before bed- and used to always have the problem of waking up to ruined nails- not anymore. Just a couple sprays of the rapid dry and waiting just a few mins, I can go to bed without worrying about my nails getting ruined. I honestly dont know if i can ever go without this stuff now!

Joan Antwerp, OH

Nail polish drying spray

It definitely isn’t the best and definitely isn’t the worst. It’s worth trying as it dries out the nails quite fast and definitely saves time when your’e in a hurry.

Margery Wilkesboro, NC


I had higher hopes with reading other reviews, but it does work okay on thin coats of polish, not between coats though.

Lakeisha Saint Peters, MO

Great rapid dry spray, best one so far!

Heard about this stuff by word of mouth – does the trick! I’m always banging my nails around and messing up my home-manicure. This stuff helps me keep my hard work intact. Great for speeding up the process when you are doing nail art too

Mercedes Midpines, CA

Love this topper spray

I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but after completing my nails I sprayed this on and sat for about 15 minutes. My nails were good to go…I used a nail ridge filler and two coats of polish and I think how many coats you put on makes the difference. Again, you can’t go wrong with OPI

Lola Albemarle, NC

it does not work well with others

It does not work well with other top coats unless OPI and sometimes you have customer who have there own pick of top coat. But OPI top coat is it’s friend.

Opal Francesville, IN

Five Stars

quickly dries nail polish

Robbie Bloomingdale, NY