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OPI RapiDry Top Coat

OPI RapiDry Top Coat, .50 oz. size. Dries nails quickly within minutes to a high gloss shine. Non yellowing formula.

Key features

  • High Gloss Shine
  • Non Yellowing Formula
  • Fast-Drying
  • Prevents chipping

Honest reviews


Sally Hansen does the fast dry top coat better and cheaper

I got a bottle of this free when I bought two regular OPI polishes. I love the OPI polish.This top coat, however, is a real disappointment, and I would be furious had I paid the regular $12.00 retail for it.The biggest problem I have is that if you attempt to use a normal sized coat on top of your polish, the top coat’s thickness, in conjunction with the brush, ruins the actual manicure! I wind up having noticeable marks on my nails where application of the top coat actually removed my regular polish. The first couple times it happened, I just assumed I didn’t wait long enough for the regular polish to dry. The next time I tried it, I waited a full five minutes and it still removed layers of polish (I had two coats applied – no base coat). What this means is that in order to avoid removing, and ruining, your polish, you have to apply a really thick coat.Which leads us to our next problem. Using a thick coat inevitably leads to air bubble formation underneath the top coat, again ruining my manicure. Any attempt to apply a thin coat leads to the aforementioned polish removal, or streaks.Tonight, for example, I applied two coats of regular polish, and one of my regular top coat (more on that later). After an hour or two, I decided to apply the OPI rapid dry top coat. Now I have bubbles all over my nails, whereas before I applied the polish, the manicure was fairly perfect. The bubbling is not an isolated problem.The last problem is that it honestly doesn’t dry itself, or the under layers, as fast as it thinks it does. My usual top coat dries faster and allows me to use and touch my nails within about a minute.Especially given the price tag on this one, I would skip it. It really doesn’t deserve to carry the OPI label, to be honest. It doesn’t hold a candle to the quality exhibited in their other products.Instead, try Sally Hansen Mega Shine. It applies smooth, shines like crazy, and actually dries within the minute it claims to. It leaves no streaks (and actually seems to self-correct streak mistakes I have made), it has never bubbled on me, and it even helps the undercoats dry quickly as well.

Leann Rushmore, MN

Excellent top coat!

This top coat does what it says, it dries fast. It’s thick, shiny, and doesn’t leave ‘cracking’ on the polish a day or two after the mani/pedi is done.

Inez Penn Yan, NY

OPI has another great product

I always used a quick dry top coat on my manicures, in fact I won’t do a manicure without it. I don’t think you can go wrong with any OPI product.

Natalia Kennedy, NY

don’t buy this

I’ve been happy with all of my other opi polish. I splurged on this at Ulta, and it is the worst nail product I’ve tried. Not only does it smell atroucious-I think it’s loaded with formeldahyde-It actually makes my polish chip off faster than if I haden’t used a top coat at all. Total junk. I think I’ll return it to the store today.

Caroline Brasher Falls, NY

i love it

it works!!! need i say more but i must to meet the word quota. after 5 minutes your nails fill completely dry

Hannah Center Valley, PA


Love this top coat. I think it’s the best top coast opi makes! Combined with the opi natural base coat your manicure will last a week, and that’s on natural nails!

Paige Whiteside, MO


Almost every product I have purchased that is O.P.I. has been wonderful but this top coat takes the cake. This Top coat is the best of all the top coats I use with wonderful sheen and great drying time.

Maricela Flat Top, WV


Best top coat ever!!! This was a gift for my youngest sister and she absolutely loves it! Great product and awesome quality.

Jacquelyn Elcho, WI

Love this!

I wasn’t happy with the regular OPI top coat, so I purchased the Rapidry. I use it after 2 coats of polish in combination with the Drip Dry drops and my mani ia gry in lass than 5 minutes!

Kara Jonesboro, GA


This nail polish DID dry fast (within two minutes), with lots of shine and a perfect smooth texture. However, it started chipping within the first half hour. All I was doing was painting my toenails, so that shouldn’t have happened. Within six hours the whole top coat on one of my nails flaked off as a sheet.Top coats are supposed to make your nail polish last longer, so this is pretty pointless.

Regina Idalia, CO

Rocking My Mani-Pedi !

Thanks to severe respiratory problems I can no longer have a salon mani-pedi due to fumes. However, that does not mean I have to have awful nails thanks to an OPI team of this Rapidry Topcoat teamed with OPI Rapid Dry Spray 4oz. Even the Illinois heat and humidity have proven no competition to this dyamic duo.OPI was always my “go to” polish and using it with the topcoat and spray has made my nails pretty, shiny and chip-resistant. I have been using them since May and it is now the middle of June. Having nice looking nails have really improved my emotional/mental outlook on my return to reclaiming my life. A homegrown mani-pedi nail treatment can be just as great as a salon one.Enjoy!

Gay Serafina, NM

Not what I expected

This product was a little thick and not sure it worked as well as I thought it would. I have contacted the seller and will probably get a replacement to try.

Ada Beulah, ND


I love how quickly it drys !It helps with the tough polishes that dont dry fast enough !Great product ! Will purchase again .

Jackie Nuremberg, PA

Works As Advertised

Wife says that she loves this product because it does dry very quickly and that her paint job lasts a long time.

Meghan Findlay, OH

lives up to it’s name – OPI

I started using OPI nail polish when there was a sale on and haven’t stopped using it since. The rapidry top coat I hadn’t notices before so was using a different brand. When I saw this on Amazon I was so happy! My nails are now completely dry within a few minutes. No other rapid dry nail polish has worked this quickly.

Lara Kahoka, MO


Super fast and shine top coat I like how fast is, special if youare so busy all day , this is for you !

Shari La Prairie, IL

Dries quickly but did chip the next day

It did chip the next day after application, but I’m not sure if it would applied over an OPI polish – I used it over butter London "Fairy Lights" and got little edge chips the next morning. Maybe over the same brand polish it wouldn’t – I will try that and see. I prefer Nail Aid’s Collagen Nail top coat at this point, and it dries almost as rapidly.

Marva Mc Cormick, SC

Does what it says, but smells horrible

This really did work, stopped any smudges when i was in a rush. But the smell is just so overpoweringly toxic. I’m used to OPI which smell strong, but this smells vile even hours after applying. Definitely couldn’t cook that night, i might have poissoned myself. Only use it if you’re really in a rush.

Callie Auburn, MA

Buy It!

This stuff is a must have and I use it with every manicure and pedicure I do. Very good investment.

Tamera Cherokee, TX

Good 🙂

This product does what it says. It dries quickly. I think it was easy to apply and left a very nice and smooth finish. The only downside is that it doesn’t protect the polish for long and clings to it. This makes it easier to peel away the polish after a day or so. It could simply be the polish I used underneath which was a M.A.C. color.

Mayra Mc Henry, MS

Better than Seche Vite

There’s no shrinking that happens with this top coat! It’s a little on the thinner side as far as formula goes but it covers everything and makes it nice and glossy. It also takes a little longer than Seche Vite to dry, but still reasonably fast. The reason I recommend it over Seche Vite is due to the shrinking. With Seche, I have noticeable line at the tip of my nail. With this one, nothing. The polish stays all the way to the tips.

Lillie Warrenton, MO

Nothing rapid about this top coat

It serves it’s purpose as a top coat but it is NOT quick drying. If you don’t mind waiting, then it’s fine.

Dominique Utica, MN

Works well!

I use over all of my other nail polishes and the coat works well and does dry quickly! I swear by any OPI product!

Kelly La Mesa, CA