OPI Rally Pretty Pink Serena Collection NLS19

A Part of Serena Glam Slam Collection. Rally Pretty Pink has a rosy pink base packed with pink and gold foil micro-glitter. The gold is very predominant in this shade and it really pops under the shatter but the pink is definitely noticeable. On the nail, the two colors combine to create a peachy duo-chrome effect.

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  • OPI Rally Pretty Pink Serena Collection NLS19

Honest reviews


So pretty!

This color is beautiful. It’s two toned depending on the lighting. Sometimes is a darker pink and other times its a gold color. This is my new go to color. Blends nicely with my lighter skin tone which I was skeptical of at first. I’ve gotten many compliments as well!

Corrine Meeker, OK

Different but wonderfully so!

This polish is not what I thought it was from the picture; I thought it was pink but I was pleased and delighted to see that the polish is actually two colors. One color is gold and if you look again it is pink giving a beautiful soft gold/pink (TWO TONED) color and with a coat of ‘S’PARKLELICIOUS or some other ‘sparkle’ polish on top the result is beautiful!I am in love with all OPI colors and this purchase was no different. I love to mix colors and this ‘Pretty Pink’ is lovely on its own or with any type of sparkle polish on top.Once again I am delighted with the product. Thanks OPISher Holtz

Deanne Council Grove, KS

Amazing color

The bottle does not do this nail polish justice. When you see it in the bottle, it looks like a dark goldeny- green color, but when you put it on your nails and the light hits it, it looks pink and gold. Very low-key but incredibly pretty and shimmery 🙂 And great application.

Alba Telephone, TX


Lovely, shinny golden pink color. I feel like a princess. It’s quite light if you apply just one coat. I was happy with three and it doesn’t look caked at all.

Keri Bensenville, IL


I love this polish. It last such a long time and i loved that i didn’t see any chipping. And the color is beautiful. I would definitely recommend.

Sharron New Middletown, OH

beautiful color!

It depends on the lighting, but this color looks bronzy. To me, it looks like it has a pinkish purple base with lots of tiny gold glitters in it. It looks amazing and it’s definitely one of my new faves from OPI.

Irene Walkerton, IN

Love the color

Hides chips and imperfections. Goes with anything. Strong gold sparkling shiny tones. Good consistency. This is my third bottle! sweet

Cara Garfield, KY

OPI Goodness

So this wasn’t what I expected at all. I thought it was going to be orange looking like in the photo and great for Halloween but then read that it was “Rally Pretty Pink” and thought ok, I’ll get used to that…but it isn’t pink either, lol.What this is, is a GORGEOUS pinkISH purple filled with gold glitter dust. It’s amazing looking. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be on my nails next week with my next manicure. WOOT! I can’t wait to see what it looks like with nail stamping art over it. I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous!I recommend this for purchase. It’s a beautiful color that you shouldn’t HAVE to live without. It’s my favorite mistake 🙂

Reyna Gann Valley, SD

Five Stars

luv the color

Charmaine Penfield, NY

It’s pretty enough

I expected more shiny holo effect, but it only came out as a shimmery gold-red. It’s still pretty though. It did ship quickly enough too.

Brandie Hinckley, ME


This is one of my favorite polishes. It’s good for all year around. It has a pink/purple hue with gold and silver flakes. It’s absolutely stunning and is the most dimensional polish I’ve ever seen. I get tons and tons of compliments too!

Juana Shaftsburg, MI


This color on nails can go all year round, no matter the season because it picks up what ever color you are wearing day or night. Amazing multi-color OPI color! You can’t tell from the photo how amazing this color really is….OMG, time for my 3rd bottle. My clients love this color indeed!

Verna Fort Belvoir, VA

Simply Gorgeous!

Wow, I think this might be my FAVORITE nail polish color of all time! It’s a pinky-peachy shade with a TON of beautifully brilliant/sparkling gold micro-glitter, I know some people mentioned seeing purple hues as well but I’ve been wearing it for a couple of days and have seen no hint of purple in this polish (in any light). Two coats is more than enough to get the full opaque effect of this polish. You simply cannot appreciate the how pretty this is from the picture…trust me!

Dorthy Burnsville, NC