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OPI Polish Remover None Acetone, 16 Fluid Ounce

Moisturizing Aloe Vera formula quickly and safely removes all tracws of nail lacquer o natural or artificial nails.

Key features

  • Moisturizing
  • Removes all traces
  • Natural or artificial nails

Honest reviews



If you look up the ingredients in this remover at, you will see that it contains ingredients that are far more dangerous than acetone. I am sticking with plain old, non-scented, no-color-added acetone because:1. The soy-based polish removers, as safe as they are, simply don’t remove nail polish well: if you apply 4 coats like I do (base, 2 coats of color, top), it takes forever to get it off using a soy-based remover. The only nail polish I use now is Scotch Naturals water-based polishes, which as far as I’m concerned, are the very best, strongest polishes I have ever used (and I’ve used expensive stuff like Mac, Chanel, Clinique, etc., which haven’t lasted any longer than cheap brands: with proper application, including base and top coat, Scotch lasts and lasts!!!) Acetone removes this polish very well.2. Acetone, in my opinion, is a decent alternative if used in a well-ventilated area and you don’t stick your nose right down on the cotton ball and inhale deeply; use common sense with ALL chemicals AND READ YOUR LABELS, RESEARCH THE INGREDIENTS. There are far too many companies out there these days willing to use terms like “all natural” without mentioning the fact that natural can be toxic!! will give you all the information about chemicals in all beauty/hygiene products.Compare ethyl lactate, an ingredient in Opi’s no acetone remover:[…]with acetone:[…]The difference is significant enough for me to decide not to use this product.

Mona Maple City, KS


It is soft with my brushes and my nails. It is perfect for those of us who looove to do nail art 😀

Kristie Odessa, TX

Knock-Off product, but still works

There are fake and real products out there. I think I got the fake one because the bottle and sticker label is different and so is the cap. The smell is really strong and I wasn’t expecting that. It still works like any other nail polish remover so I’ll still give it a three star.

Willie Dearing, GA

smells like chemicals

I have purchased acetone free remover before, and in addition to being gentle on my nails, it had a decent smell. This brand seems gentle enough, and effective, but it has that familiar harsh chemical smell of ordinary remover. For the price, I expected a neutral fragrance. And i bought the larger size for the economy. Oh well.

Lorene Adamstown, MD

Works better than pure acetone on glitter polishes. Great product!

This is the best nail polish remover, hands down. This is seriously the only nail polish remover I use. It works more quickly, yet more gently, than every other remover I have tried. It doesn’t leave my fingers feeling dried out and crusty and my nails actually feel stronger when I use it. It removes glitter polishes much more quickly and less abrasively than pure acetone. The only downfall is the extreme smell. If you are going to use it make sure you have adequate ventilation as it has a very strong chemical odor that lingers.

Hillary Booneville, AR

opi polish remover

This is a non-acetone remover which is better for your nails. It is hard to find this product, so I am really glad to have found this & would buy this again & from the manufacturer. I am very happy with this product.

Flora Soda Springs, CA

Love it.

It does the job or removing polish quickly from your nails and doesn’t harm your nails in the process. So it’s strong but gentle.

Janice Brownsville, MD