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OPI Polish Remover, 16 Fluid Ounce

Mild Acetone formula moisturizes with Aloe Vera while removing all traces of nail lacquer without streaking or staining.

Key features

  • Moisturizes
  • Removes all traces
  • No streaking or staining

Honest reviews


Great one!

I just used it with my nails to remove some nail polish and they are looking good. I mean, it is moisturizing enought for me thou 🙂

Natasha Yonkers, NY

Gentle on nails

I wasn’t sure about ordering this product mainly because of the cost (very expensive, especially on top of adding in the s+h). However after trying it I have to say it does a good job and seems a lot more gentle on my nails (than the cheep polish remover). I would purchase again, but hope this last me a long time!

Suzette Dunnell, MN

It’s Nail polish remover

This is a good product, but it IS just nail polish remover. This is good for the cheap price, though.

Selena Tustin, MI


I was so excited to get this polish, but it dries my nails just as badly as the cheaper stuff and it takes more to get the polish off. Ill save my money next time.

Sherri New Castle, VA


Aside from the lack of a strong odor, I wasn’t too impressed with this nail polish remover. I think I may have over paid for it just because its OPI. I’ve used OPI for years and am usually never disappointed. However, I felt this didn’t get the nail polish off very well. Honestly I was looking for something a bit better and I think I could of done so with a smaller bottle of nail polish remover from cvs or something. It works don’t get me wrong but it’s nothing special from a cheaper brand. This took a few passes to get the polish fully off. I’ll use it till it runs out (which will be a while) but I won’t get it again. I’ll stick to the regular kind you can get anywhere from cvs or heck even the dollar store which can give the same (if not better results)

Clara Olsburg, KS

Worth every penny

I love OPI products and this is no exception. I only need a little to go a long way and I don’t have to worry about it overdrying my cuticles or not getting all the polish. Enjoy!

Carolyn Independence, WV

Gentle but effective

My nails have never looked better-they break and split less.My nails and cuticles aren’t overly dry and when they do break or split, it’s not down to the quick.

Mayra Phillipsville, CA

Best nail polish remover

I love this remover, it really takes polish off quickly and doesn’t leave my nails feeling totally stripped and brittle. A little goes a long way so even though I paint my nails several times a week this 16oz bottle lasts me for at least a year.

Dena Osage, WV

good nail polish remover

good nail polish remover, works just like its supposed to. The difference I noticed was I didn’t have to use as much as I do with other nail polish removers.

Erica Cottonwood, MN


This nail polish remover is the best! It works very well. It’s a big bottle, of course so the good news is it’ll last.

Joanna Watkins, CO

Great nail polish remover

I really like this one as it works fast and removes everything. OPI makes good products and I’ll reorder when I need more!

Denice Saint Michael, ND


I used to buy the dollar tree nail polish remover, it took forever to get my polish off and was super messy and drying. This is magical compared to that!! Easy to use, and you use less because its so good!

Angel East Chatham, NY

Takes the polish Right Off Without drying out my nails

That pretty much sums it up, but it’s the truth! This polish remover takes the nail polish right off my nails without drying out my cuticles or any other part of my nails. I just love it. And I use it very frequently.

Lela Baskett, KY

Awesome nail polish remover!

This nail polish remover does the trick. It easily removed my glitter nail polish with ease, without soaking. After the use my nails didn’t feel dried out or brittle, unlike some other removers. Has the same odor as other polish removers but not very strong. I would definitely recommend this product.

Vanessa Midway, TN

Good product.

This works find on regular polish, but I started buying plain acetone which is cheaper. However, this products doesn’t seem to dry out nails quite as much–so it may be worth it in the long run.

Polly Horton, MI

Works well, smells decent

I like that this remover has aloe in it, it helps keeps my skin and cuticles from drying out too much.

June Meyers Chuck, AK

Great remover

I’m glad I bought this nail remover saw it on YouTube and had to buy it works great fantastic plan to buy more!

Janell Geneva, ID

Pleasantly surprised

Have never been able to remove all old polish w/ what is available in the local stores. This stuff actually works, 9 times out of 10.

Karin Hillsboro, WV