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OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Treatment, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Builds in layers of protection on natural nails. helps natural nail grow stronger

Key features

  • OPI Classic Nail Essentials
  • Helps natural nail grow stronger
  • Builds in layers
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Doesnt help

This is basically just a thick clear polish. It doesnt strenghten my nails, if anything it made it worse. It just puts a top layer over my peeling nails. Then when the nail polish starts to come off my nails peel with it. If you are looking for a good clear polish this is for you, but if you are strictly trying to fix your cracking/peeling nails, this isnt the best.

Roslyn Goffstown, NH

Great strengthener

This is such a great nail strengthener! My nails will finally be strong enough to grow out and put colored nail polish on!

Adelaide Selma, IA

Not effective for me, made nails brittle

I used this according to the instruction and it seems to me that my nails became somewhat more brittle and prone to breaking.Also it gave my nails an unattractive yellowish look.The people who find this works seem to wear nail polish over it. Maybe this makes a difference but it is not mentioned in the product instructions. I don’t typically wear nail polish.

Tommie Mc Clellandtown, PA

Very pleased with OPI Nail Strengthener

So far I like OPI and use it only and it provides good coverage, a nice shine, doesn’t peel or chip, and the two good coats fill in the nail ridges. I bought two bottles and will give an update after finishing the second bottle if there are any plus or minus comments to add.

Alyce Mountain View, OK


I have use this nail streighner for 3 years and it works amazing, my nails actually get harder when I apply this OPI and the amazing thing is that it dries fast unlike other nail strenghters. Definally will recommend this.

Ellen Knightsville, IN

Helps Nails Grow

This is a good product to help your nails grow out healthy. I usually put on two coats and then once a week take it all off and start over again. My nails were splitting and weak, this product seems to have strengthened them.

Roseann Huntingdon, PA


It globs up very quickly and I have only used it twice and it needed to be thrown out. Not happy.

Zelma Hutchinson, MN

Nail stregthener

The nail stregthener is suppose to be clear, mine has a yellow tint to it. Unfortunally I accidently throw away the returning label or else I would have returned it to the seller. I am sure the product is great but like I said my has a visible yellow tint to it. Also, it tinited my nails yellow. Seller look into why the product has yellow tint to it.

Mollie Middlesex, NY

Recommend over Nail Envy

I bought Nail Envy on recommendation. I actually like the Nail Strengthener as a base coat better. I still have some peeling of my nails but not near as much as a basic base coat. The Nail Strengthener seems to stick a little better and not peel off all in one piece like the Nail Envy. No harsh smell. It dries quick, too.

Whitney Mineral Wells, TX

Better than Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

I wondered if the added expense was worth it and it is. Makes a strong long lasting nail protection for my weak nails that shred at every opportunity.

Twila Corona, SD