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OPI Natural Nail Base Coat & Top Coat COMBO FULL SIZE .5

NEW OPI Natural Nail Base Coat & Top Coat COMBO FULL SIZE .5

Key features

  • opi natural nail base coat
  • 2 bottles of 0.5 oz
  • NT T10
  • NT T30

Honest reviews


OPI Rating

OPI is just about the best nail polish around. I found these a great value since I do go through so much base coat and top coat.

Lindsay Woodbury, GA

Terrible top coat. Expect more from opi

Worst top coat around .my manicure was gone in 8 hours. Even my manicurist friend hates it. No recommendation here

John Whitehall, MT



Catalina Ruby, LA

Professional Results at Home

Using the OPI base coat and top coat will give you a professional looking manicure that lasts for days with no touch ups. I’ve tried just using nail polish with no base/top coat, but the chipped, peeling, cracking nails looks so tacky that I need to touch up the tips every day and then remove the polish after a few days. I would rather have bare nails than messy looking nail polish. I am not a “high-maintenance” gal, so that’s just way too much time to spend on my nails.Application of the base coat/top coat adds a bit of time to the home manicure process, but it’s well worth it. I do it on Sunday evenings while watching tv or reading, so that I’m not rushed into applying the layers too quickly or doing something that will mar the nails before they’re dry. Then I’m set for the week.OPI will allow you to have professional-looking effects for a fraction of the price you would pay in a salon.

Cassandra Ferndale, WA


It goop’s up too fast. I was only able to use it 2x before it was too globby to use. A waste of money.

Lupe Alderpoint, CA

Base coat is good, top coat sucks!

I really like the base coat its nice and thin but the top coat got thick and gelly really fast. I put like 15 drops of nail thinner in it and it’s still just as thick and it’s not very old at all! I’d pass on the top coat!

Cherry Clearfield, PA

Great and economical

Instead of going to the salon now, I do my own nails at home and save a ton of money. I love OPI products. These work great.

Alissa Preemption, IL

Top Product!

When I use OPI base and top coats my polish never chips. I store mine polish etc in the fridge. They seem to last longer and not get thick or clumpy if I store then in there. It always goes on smooth and makes a DIY job look nice and professional. I highly recommend.I have strong long natural nails, not acrylic. My secret you may ask? I have an old nail polish bottle I cleaned out with remover then soap. I then poured mineral oil in it. I put it on and underneath my nails and cuticles at least once a day

Katharine Moreland, ID

I Love It

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat & Top Coat Combo is the best. Been using it for years and can’t live without it.OPI products are the best.

Jenifer Denver, MO


I always had a hard time with nail polish- always bubbled up or chipped within a day!! Love these two clear nail polishes. The base coat is great on it’s own, and under nail polish. The top coat really helps the color not chip, which I especially needed!

Sandy Elk Horn, IA

Works better than drug store brand

I like my nails colored and neat. I don’t like them looking ragged and chipped. I’ve tried different base and top coats from the drug store and found they don’t keep my nails looking good much, if any longer than using no base or top coat at all. I’m lucky if it looks good for a couple days.Using OPI base and top coat combo makes a noticeable difference. My nails stay looking good for several days, and I don’t baby them, I wash dishes by hand. 🙂 I’m glad I bought this, may buy another set for a friend who decorates her nails.

Emma Cummington, MA

Great Bargain Price for Two

I really needed to buy a base and top coat. I’m glad I saw this online. I love it that it’s OPI brand and the price was great too. Thanks for such a fabulous product.

Amanda Wakefield, MA

Keeps polish looking good

Quick delivery,helps keep polish looking good for a week, the best product of this type I have tried of this type.

James Tuckahoe, NJ


I am not usually the type to buy myself brand name nail polish, but these have made me a believer! Bought as a splurge and used with OPI’s Every Month is Octoberfest nail polish and love it!I did two days of chopping/stacking firewood, which usually destroys my nails, right after applying these and had only the tiniest bit of chipping! Two weeks later, chipping it still minimal.I am thoroughly sold and will be an OPI user from here on out!

Stella Osakis, MN


The coats are long lasting and give my nails a professional finish. Since I like to do my own pedi, I love the OPI results. It is great quality, and I will definitely buy it again. No need to spend money on other brands.

Kari Baileyville, KS

Reverse them and you are good to go!

After applying the top coat my nails look shiny but once they are rubbed on anything they become instantly dull and it chips and peels. The nail color without the top coat remains much more shinier than if I use the top coat. Very bizarre. I will not be purchasing again. The base coat looks nice. I think I will just do a couple of coat of the base when I want to do a french manicure. Also, like others have said, it leave little bubbles on the surface of the nails making them look bumpy and gross. UPDATE: Reverse the order and it’s perfect. Top coat as the base. and base coat for the top and your nails have a shiny luster and and they don’t chip or peel.

Bonnie Mount Clemens, MI

No Manicure Is Complete Without These!

I first applied the base coat then 2 coats of OPI nail lacquer and finished with the top coat. That was 8 days ago and my nails have no chips or flakes! I’ll need to change the polish soon because I’m starting to see new growth at the base. That’s a first for me, I’ve never had polish last this long. OPI nail lacquer is one of the best but with the base and top coat it’s even better. I received a bonus with my purchase; 2 small pots of nail glitter, 1 each of silver and gold. I highly recommend.

Flora Bagwell, TX

arrived on time and excellent packing and quality

as always OPI doesn’t dissapoint. excellent quality and packing arrived in top condition. Brand new. the brush is the new one thick and softer.

Felecia Elk City, OK


This it a great base and top coat… It drys fast and works great for my nails… Looks great 🙂

Corrine Rio Vista, TX

Opi natural nail base coat & top coat combo full size

Love it.this product is excellent and make your nails feel hard. I like it very much and plan to use it in the future when needed.

Angelita Buffalo Junction, VA

Stopped using it

I was excited to get this since I love OPI polishes but this one made my nails chip earlier than normal. Tried it a few times and applied it thin- didn’t shake the bottle, etc and I had bubbles all over. I switched back to Milano.

Hattie Coolville, OH


I needed a nice base coat and top coat and this did the trick. OPI is such a great line of products. The items arrived quickly and in great shape.

Bettie Sanger, CA

OPI is a quality brand

For your do-it-yourselfers, these are quality products. You apply your base coat, allow to dry, then apply your top coat. I’d use a cool or warm air dryer to "set" each coat. You must manicure then apply polishes at 3 week intervals. The longer you use these products, the more skilled you will become. Some people use UV light to set their polishes, but there is some evidence that frequent exposure may be related to skin cancer.

Miriam Dalmatia, PA

Works great!!!

Goes on easy and stays on. Is a great product and I would highly recommend it. It has a nice shine to it also and looks more natural. Good to use with a color too and then your nails don’t get the color embed into your nail.

Lucia Ary, KY

Great product

Base keeps nails from discoloring and top coat makes it stay on longer would recommend it to everyone. Very happy with product

Lorena Black River Falls, WI

OPI You just can’t beat it

I love OPI and it’s quality and affordability. It lasts and lasts and lasts. I live in the country, do a lot of gardening etc. so my hands take a beating but the nails look great. My advice: Do wait for drying of all products. You will be rewarded with the wear.

Katharine Tenakee Springs, AK

love nail polish

very convenient. i can also only use the base coat to leave my nails clear. so far my nails haven’t chipped so this is a good buy in my opinion

Penny Lynch, KY

Should have bought these a long time ago

I am really happy with these and wish I would have bought them a long time ago – these make nail polish look much more consistent and smooth

Harriett Amherst, NE


We bought this to use with our new nail light system. It works well, we followed the instructions on the light and what we found on line for these coats. Product is as described, but did not "blow us away".

Leanne Dorado, PR

Top coat doesn’t really help keep nail polish colors stay …

Top coat doesn’t really help keep nail polish colors stay longer. For the price I expected more. Would not buy again.

Geri Loogootee, IN