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Opi Nail Polish Nicki Minaj Metallic 4 Life Nl N15 .5 Oz


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Great polish

This is a semi clear black polish with black and silver glitter in it. I have put it on my toes and I love it a lot. I have yet to put it on my hands but will next time I get them done. Just know you need to put at least two coats of clear on it to make it smooth and to make it shine. Glitter polishes have a tendency to kind of eat the shine of top coat!

Gracie Chino, CA

Metallic For Life

I bought this polish because I love anything black and silver and shiny. The first time I tried it, I put a base coat on and then had to put three coats of this polish for it to look opaque and it still wasn’t good enough for me. After the fourth coat, I finally got the desired shaded that I had hoped for. It really does shine and the black and silver glitter look amazing together. I would definitely suggest putting black polish on first so that you get the best effect from this polish. I did have a hard time keeping it on my nails. I don’t know if it is because I wear flats to work all of the time but the polish started chipping off in decent size pieces after only two days of having this polish on my toes. It has a great visual effect but the staying power isn’t what I had hoped for.

Bette Austin, TX

Super Amazing Color By A Super Amazing Person! =]

I love Nicki and this color is SUPER TOO! its kinda thin on the black though so you might want to put one coat of black under two coats of Metallic For Life, this will make it so that it looks darker without wasting any drops of this amazing polish. Buy it, you wont regret! =]

Angel Guntown, MS

Love It But Not Nicki.

I was actually not going to use this polish at the salon because it is ‘endorsed’ by Nicki Minaj. I don’t ‘do’ celebrity products but black and silver are my favorite so I had to try it. I ended up loving it, have it on now. It is better than the Manic Panic black and silver. So far it has lasted a week which is long for a glitter polish. I would buy it if it was a normal product but I just can’t support this chick, don’t like her and don’t like her music. O.P.I did a great job on this color though.

Angelina Saltese, MT


good color but hard to take over, very nice shade lasts very very i recomend this one not bad

Tami Stroud, OK