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OPI Nail Polish Lacquer – OPI Wizard Of Oz Collection – Lights Of Emerald City – NL T56

The new Liquid Sand nail lacquer – What Wizardry is This? – features OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte opi oz the great and powerful nail polish what wizardry is this LAUNCHES: OPI Oz The Great & Powerful Soft Shades Collectionfinish infused with reflective sparkle. This rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring

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  • OPI Nail Polish Lacquer – OPI Wizard Of Oz Collection – Lights Of Emerald City – NL T56 (15ml)

Honest reviews


All three glitters…nothing to click heels about…

Okay, the gold in When Monkeys fly really does have a curl to it, which makes it hard to imagine using successfully for everyday wear. Lights of Emerald City is interesting, opaque white squares in a clear base punctuated with green/blue microglitter. I would have gone for something a little smaller on the glitter squares as these are almost like sheets of minipaper littering the emerald city. Which Witch is Witch is actually my favorite of the three, with chunky silver glitter pieces, and tiny strips of the same silver, in a clear base again, with silver and similar tones microglitter mixed in a little more heavily than in the other two…I do my nails at home, and am by no means a manicurist, but looking at these makes me think that perhaps an expert with nail color applications might be able to do some really unique and fantastic effects using these. Three stars because even though they’re pretty, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do anything pleasing with them at home.The quality is good, and the shippers were all fantastic, I just think these should have come with an “expert” warning on the label!

Velma Morrilton, AR

Love the name, not the polish

I sincerely tried to like this nail polish, mainly because I’m a huge fan of "The Wizard of Oz" and OPI. This product was somewhat difficult to apply and I couldn’t achieve a uniform look. The large chunks of white in the glitter made it appear more childish than adult-look.

Imelda White Sands Missile Range, NM

Fun and Flirty – I wasn’t expecting to love it, but I do!

When I first saw the Oz collection, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed, because I was expecting a brighter color palette, given the color opportunities from the movie (Yellow Brick Road, Emerald City, Ruby Red slippers etc). However, after seeing many swatches on blogs and then looking at the swatches in the store, I was convinced to buy a handful of the colors, and I’ve fallen in love!Lights of Emerald City is a gorgeous and unique polish, in my opinion. It’s a clear base with interspersed sparkles and white square glitter that is like no other I’ve seen. It looks epic layered over any polish, but I’ve been wearing it over I Theodora You. It’s not too thick or clumpy, and the glitter spreads very evenly without having to dig too much. This is actually one of my favorite glitter-esque polishes in quite some time.It’s got medium wear for me. I spend most of my day typing (at least 8 hours/day at 91wpm), and I don’t notice any increase or decrease in chipping when I layer this over other polishes. Manicures, even with top and base coat last about 2-3 days for me without chips. The nice thing about this glitter mixture is that it is NOT a topcoat eater.Definitely recommended, a great addition to any collection for some fun and flirty accenting!

Roxie Arnold Afb, TN

Be selective in how you pair this nailpolish

Great for winter themes, but the white glitter bits are bigger than I had anticipated. Note that there’s no color in this polish – it’s clear with glitter in it. Difficult to get the glitter to stay on the brush for application, so several coats are needed to get any kind of effect.

Rosalinda Granite Bay, CA

Not a fan

It looks so cute on the picture but after purchasing and painting on my own nails, I realize how hard it is to create the same look with this glitter nail polish as the one on the advertisement. First, it takes SO many coats to get that much glitter on each nail. Maybe I simply don’t know the technique, but after two coats, I barely had enough gltter on my nails. I think you would have to paint 3-4 layers to get a good amount on each nail. Second, because the nail polish itself is thick, you’d have to wait a while between layers to make sure the first layer is dry or else you can ruin your manicure and have to start over. I do like that it’s thick because you wouldn’t need a top coat after putting this glitter nail polish over nails. Finally, it may be the lighting right now, but the glitter gives off more of a gold/orange/green reflection in the light. I was hoping for that snowy white/blue/pink reflection pictured in the pictures. Weird. It’s still cute. It just didn’t turn out the way I’d hope, and the way its advertised.Feedback on the sellers: they are prompt! Received this a few days after I ordered it. THANK YOU!

Deana Machipongo, VA


I was so excited for this polish and i still think it looks beautiful in the bottle but it doesn’t look as great on the nail and it is a bit thick, you really have to work with it to achieve the right look.

Carissa Fishers, IN