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OPI Nail Lacquer, Simmer and Shimmer, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

OPI Burlesque Colors

Key features

  • OPI Burlesque Collection – Glitter
  • Simmer & Shimmer – In this glitter bit of blue
  • OPI Nail Lacquer was voted Best Nail Polish in Seventeen magazine’s Best Beauty Awards
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


ALOT of glitter

I am a huge fan of shimmer, holographic, and (some) glitter polishes. OPI’s “Simmer and Shimmer” looks better in the bottle, in my opinion… It has beautiful colors in the bottle, but when applied, it is very gritty in texture. I applied several coats of clear polish to try to make it smooth. Not only was that barely successful, it took a very long time to remove! I had to use straight acetone and a textured brillo pad- it was still difficult. So if you like the textured feel, then this is for you- I just prefer the smooth finish. Again, this was pretty, just too textured for me personally. Since receiving this, I have been checking out images of the original version of this, and since the two are not at all similar, they should have given this new version a different name.

Cathleen Marks, MS

OPI nail polish

I gave this product four out of five stars because I haven’t worn it yet, and I suspect the glitter doesn’t go on as intensely as shown.

Erna Riverdale, IL

I LOVE this!

This polish is amazing! I didn’t use any base coat, and the color looks just like the picture! It looks better on toes, but I’m really happy with this!

Olive Quinter, KS

Glitz and Glaamour

Perfect bling for the the holidays. I love the glitter. The product came as expected but took a while to ship.

Helene Prospect, NY

Awesome Nail polish tone, Amazing price!!!!

Loved this OPI nail polish color. The glitter is very intense itself with the first application. By the third you’ve got glittery, perfect, unique, shiny nails. However as a recommendation to everyone who buys any OPI shimmery nail polishes, if you apply it directly to your nail, later on removing the nail polish will take you forever, since it’s hard to come off with the polish remover. So to avoid this tiny problem, I apply a coat of clear nail polish first, let it dry, and then continue by applying as many coats of the shimmer nail polish as I want (depending on the intensity that you’d like). The combination of the colors in this shimmer vary from reds, silvers, blues, turquoise, and some golds. I really recommend this product, and for the price….I recommend it even more!!!! Really happy with my buy…. I’ll be getting more pretty soon!

Jaime Lovelaceville, KY

Soooo Pretty!

I recently purchased this polish because I love glitter and I am a nut for blue. Glitter? Blue? How could I go wrong? I certainly did not with this polish. OPI Simmer and Shimmer is beautiful. It applies smoothly, dries fast and feels surprisingly smooth to the touch, even before topcoat. Application of topcoat just enhances the beautiful sparkle and scintillation of this glitter. It is long wearing, for a glitter, too. I wore this for four days with no chipping or tip wear. Love this polish!

Shannon Nashville, KS

Very pretty

I love the color of this, it’s almost exactly like the color of the sally Hanson nail polish press ons that just came out. I cannot wait to use this on my next manicure.

Lorie Garrison, MN

It’s ok for a glitter.

This polish is definitely a glitter as opposed to a full coverage polish. It is not as coarse to the touch as most glitters (fine sandpaper feel) but was just fine after a top coat. Lot of blue and silver in the color, not as gray as pictured.

Alberta Rickreall, OR



Carmen Goodland, FL

So Sparkly

I received the polish and was pleased with the color. It had a lot of different sparkle tones to it and will be fun for a toe polish. I can’t wait to try it out and would recommend it to anyone.

Natalie Terry, MS

OPI is my new love!!!

I have already ordered this product as well as OPI’s glittery silver, rust and gold sparkly nail polish. The coverage is fantastic and I have found other sparkly clear coats to put over whatever color I’m using and that makes it even more glitteryIn the sun.The product above and all the other OPI sparkly nail polish give terrific coverage with just two coats. It is thick and sometimes I add a smidgeon of polish remover to make it less ‘coarse’ while preserving the fantastic color with a little more ease.I would definitely give a ‘go’ to the blue, rust, gold and silver sparkly colorsIf you like glitter and you love sparkly you’ve gotta’ try these products!!Sherrie H

Jenny New Springfield, OH