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OPI Nail Lacquer, Panda-Monium Pink, 0.5 Ounce

New collection comes with an exclusive ProWide Laquer brush. Polish spreads quick, even, and leaves itself streak free. The brush also has stacked bristles which apply more polish than regularly spaced bristles. OPI polishes are designed with quality and excellence in mind, and almost exclusively sold only to nail professionals.

Key features

  • ProWide brush provides a perfect streak free finish to any nail style
  • High quality polish lasts longer than the competition
  • Nail salon quality

Honest reviews


Classy Pink

Love OPI products and both my daughter and I love pink. Neither of us are kids and wanted an adult color. This is it! Subtle but , still a pretty pink!

Bobby West Fulton, NY


Beautiful pink/lavender. Reminds me of Essie’s French Affair! I found it was streaky until the 4th coat, but maybe that just my bottle. This is a nice pastel that doesn’t seem to wash out my pale skin. A keeper!!

Kate Forsyth, IL


I absouelety looooove this color! It brings my nails to life. I have gotten so many nice compliments on it, that i have become a polish junkie!! It made me want to try out new different polishes. This color is the perfect pink with a tad bit hint of lavender. I used 3 applications because it looks better that way. The first one was streaky. This pink goes great with everything. Def recommend.

Margo Madera, PA

Wonderful color!

The lovliest color or pink/pale lavender that I have ever seen! So soft and feminine! Bought 4 bottles so that I will not run out!

Myra Mayodan, NC

Not too pink.

Love OPI. Best polish I’ve found. This color is not bright. It is a pale, pale pink. I prefer a more lively pink but this will be fine for the fall or early spring.

Terrie New Hope, VA