Opi Nail Lacquer, Not So Bora Pink, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

A rich, creamy pink with an exotic twist. Whenever you find yourself stuck in the office or in traffic staring down at your pink nails, this not so boring pink will have you longing for a tropical trip to Bora Bora.

Key features

  • Fun color for both toes and fingers
  • Won’t chip or peel
  • Lots of shine and seal to protect your nails and give them fabulous color

Honest reviews


really bad

Got 2 OPI nail polishes. It stays one single day. American quality sux sux sux sux sux. Dont waste your money. European rules.

Dianne New Effington, SD

OPI is still the best!

Gorgeous deep navy color, beautifully saturated, easy to apply and lasts the longest for me without chipping. I’m an OPI junkie.

Pauline Cranberry Lake, NY

Oh yes!

I just have to say that I LOVE this shade of polish by OPI. I purchased it on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. The color is this awesome light gray with just the slightest hint of olive green. It really makes my nails pop, and I receive so many compliments when I wear this shade. Plus, the staying power is great. Definitely scoop this one up!

Sadie Kewanna, IN

Beautiful blue-based true red.

If you’re looking for a blue-based red that doesn’t have any orange in it, this is the perfect shade. It’s very sexy, and so rich. I love it.

Willie Ferryville, WI

Love OPI, prices on here are better than in stores.

I can’t really help you pick this polish based on the color, since I recommend doing a Google search for color swatches and bear in mind things are never a guarantee based on the colors on your monitor and the way the person took the photo, you could see things in a whole different light. However I can comment on the seller, the price, the quality. All were excellent and I love this polish.

Christie Oakham, MA


Great color, it looks good on people with cool skin tones not warm, because it is an orange red. It shipped and arrived very quickly.

Luisa Graniteville, SC

Is alright

This is my first experience with OPI nail lacquer. I usually buy 99cent bottles from the drug store, but I have tried a quite a few different brands of nail polish. I decided to try OPI because of reviews I’ve read on the products and also the fact that all the nail salons I’ve ever been to carry the products. I wish I had remembered the difference in color between bottle and nail when ordering this color..It is not as vivid of bright as i pictured it being looking at it in the bottle. In fact, it is the exact same color as a wet n wild nail polish that I bought last summer(and they look nothing alike when the bottles are put together). So the color itself gets 1 star, pretty misleading. The polish seems a little thicker than other brands I’ve tried, I would assume that’s why my nails havent chipped yet after 5 days, this makes it tricky to get used to painting it on evenly if your not used to thick polish. Im used to 2-3 thin layers to perfection(at least on the left hand). With OPI, you really only have one, maybe two coats(if you have a light hand) to get it right, more than that it looks clumpy. I had to remove and start over on four nails my first try.

Erma Hiram, GA

So Hot!!!

I love this color. It has just the right amount of pink and orange mix. Great hot summer color. With a tan or darker completion it stands out even more. Gives off a bright cheerful glow. Friends and other ladies at the salon have asked the color and are now huge fans of it too. Being that it OPI it wears fabulously.

Hillary Nikolai, AK

Suzi Sells Sushi,,,House of Accessory

I ordered my choice from a seller called “House of Accessory” and explain later in the review why I made that decision. The color is true to the website color and adheres well. Personally, I don’t think it’s even necessary to use a top and base coat with this product. Beautiful shade of pink/beige with a hint of tan. PLEASE NOTE: While searching out the OPI range, I was puzzled by the variance in reviews, ranging in excellent to very poor. Finally noticed the sellers can be varied, even if you’re on the same product page, scrolling through the available colors. Noticed “House of Accessory” actually had highest overall ratings and chose them to order from and packaging and delivery was well-done and rapid.

Valeria Brundidge, AL

Great color and smooth finish, but horrible quality!

The only negative thing I have to say is that the color is different to what is pictured on the product listing. The color is actually more pink than purple (although you can definitely see the purple in the color). In the picture, the color looks like a deep purple, whereas in person the color is more of a deep pink, as one reviewer already mentioned. It’s almost like a dark Barbie pink. I almost took a star off for this, but that is more of an issue with the product listing than the actual product. The actual color is a beautiful color, but I wanted the deep purple color in the picture.EDIT: Since posting this review, I have become unhappy with the quality of this polish. This polish is below average in that arena. It dries very, very quickly (10-15 mins) and leaves a nice, smooth finish, but it chips very easily, which I did not expect from a well-known brand like OPI. This polish starts chipping badly the day after application if no top or base coat is used. I have never experienced this with any of the other polishes I have used, even with cheaper polishes that you can purchase from stores like CVS. Even though I typically apply a top and base coat, which would make the polish last longer, I don’t like that a bottle of polish for which I paid nearly $6 chips so badly the day after application that it looks like I’ve been wearing it for two weeks. I will not be purchasing this brand again simply because I can buy polish for cheaper than $6 of equal or better quality – at least as it relates to the chipping issue. I would advise using a very good top coat if you do decide to purchase this polish.

Mollie Peru, IA

Goes on smooth and looks amazing

This is one of the few Lacquer’s that I only need to put one coat to make the color look even. Granted opi is higher quality than most of the other brands I use but even among the other opi polishes big apple red with Sech Vite top coat looks beutiful. It goes on with a profesional looking finish. I can’t say enough about the ease and smoothness of the application. love love love this Lacqure.

Young Denver, IN

Great color

I absolutely love this color. Very fun to have on during the spring and summer months. And it goes on very smooth. OPI nail color is always the best.

Nannie Richards, MO

My favorite OPI color

I love OPI polish and “A Rose by Dawn” is my favorite color. I wear it year round for both my manicures and pedicures. It goes with everything I wear and I get lots of compliments on it, especially on the pedis.I brush on two coats, goes on smoothly, and then I top it off withOPI Nail Polish, Top Coat, 0.5-Ounce. It’s a great combination and usually lasts close to two weeks (unless I’m swimming a lot or cleaning a lot, with my hands in water for extended periods without rubber gloves).

Julia Lebanon, OK

FAB Red that every one can wear

I’m fair with warm coloring. This is a great red as it’s not too cool. Perfect blend of red. It’s shimmer in a lovely way. Good for day wear and perfect for night !

Deena Naples, NC

Love the color!

Great color! A little thinner than OPI usually seems to be so I would probably need 3 coats to feel like it was completely covered but I just did my toes and since I’m far enough away from them I doubt I’ll do it differently, just wanted to mention it for anyone who plans on doing their fingernails!

Libby Bowden, WV

Wow! Cheerful color!

Pompeii purple… more pink than purple, as you can see in the pictures someone was nice enough to post… Very cheerful! – Makes me want to paint tulips on my toes lol (toe-lips??? ;).

Josie Worland, WY

Not worth it!

After reading some of the reviews about OPI nail polish, I became obsessed with the brand. I went to get a manicure and on the SAME DAY (I’m not exaggerating) it chipped from one nail. The manicure did not last me a week (3 days tops). Very disappointing, waste of money. FYI: When I use Duri or Essie nail polish, it ALWAYS last for more than 5 days!

Angel Pulaski, IL

Made me an OPI Addict

I was looking for a cheap, new nail polish to try and decided on this color. I did not expect to be this pleased with the result. Yoga-ta Get This Blue is a deep, navy blue. I was expecting a regular navy, but when I saw this polish in the sunlight, it has a certain shimmer to it which was unexpected and very attractive. It also stays put. My job is very hard on nail polish, but this stuff has remained almost chip free. I will definitely be buying from OPI again soon.

Natalie Croton Falls, NY

Nice and Strong Nail Polish

I’m 37 years old, and started getting pedicures for the first time in my life after surgery this year. I’ve had three pedicures so far in my life. I’ve honestly always worked so hard in my life whether it was earning multiple degrees in college or working long hours at all my workplaces. I’ve honestly never really splurged on myself, and after my surgery this year after enduring 18 years of chronic pain from a routine surgery gone bad (I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last surgery. I’m still in pain, and not out of the woods yet.), I decided that life is short, and that I would reward myself and get my mind off of my chronic pain by getting manicures and pedicure treatments. When I was younger, I would paint my nails myself, and I still paint my nails by myself every two weeks. So, I have a long history with OPI nail polish. Anyways, I went to an amazing Aveda salon/spa to get my hair and nails done, and there was an ultra-nice/wonderful manicurist/pedicurist named Rose. She asked me to choose a shade for my nails and my feet. I chose La Paz-itively Hot and Senorita Rose-Alita for my nails and feet, respectively. Both of the shades were wonderful. And I told Rose that I chose Senorita Rose-Alita because rose is my birth flower, I’m a June baby. And that the nail polish merged both of our names together – Her, Rose and me, Lalita. Rose smiled and got a kick that I chose that shade and said that she would always remember me and that shade because it merged our names together. I will always love this Senorita Rose-Alita shade because Rose and I got along so well and chatted for the longest time. When I think of it, I end up getting along very well with any nail technician I meet, and end up chatting with them for a long time. Anyways, Rose did an amazing job on my nails and feet. Painting my nails and feet and buying jewelry are mostly the only female slurges I do for myself. I’m not really into wearing makeup, buying lots of clothes, shoes, bags, etc. My feminine splurges are nail polish, jewelry, and bath/spa products for bathing/cleansing/moisturizing. Out of the all the nail products, I think that OPI lasts the longest. Can you believe that this Senorita Rose-Alita shade has lasted for a month on my feet? That’s how good Rose was with her pedicure treatment. I also bought the I’m not Really a Waitress and You Rock-apulco shades for my mother – she loves red shades. And I have the Clubbing Til Sunrise and Fiji Weejee Fawn shades as well. I have many more OPI shades but they’re not listed on this seller’s page. Anyways, this shade is cool. And you can’t lose by purchasing an OPI nail polish. I’ve tried many color shades with OPI – yellow, orange, black, blue, green, gold, purple, etc. There’s not a color that I won’t try. OPI nail polishes really last long and they make great gifts. My mother, co-workers, and friends are pleased with the OPI nail polishes I bought them. Take my word, I’ve used OPI nail products for many years, and give this brand a try.

Susana Middleton, MA

Different formula?

This shade is no longer available, so I was very pleased to see it on Amazon. Although the seller is wonderful, there is a slight difference in color from my old bottle. It is slight, so it is probably the dye lot, but with OPI being such a well known trusted brand, I would have thought quality control would be better.

Dorothy Moxee, WA

color does not match the picture

I love OPI because it goes on in one coat. I did not like the color of this polish. It looks more on the red/pink side in the picture. The color is more of an orange shade. The actual color did not match the color in the picture.

Janine Marcell, MN

Just Alright….

I just bought this about a week ago. It’s a strange color. I really couldn’t descibe it. The color grew on me after a day or so and I kind of liked it. The picture kind of looks like a pink color, but it isn’t. What I didn’t like was how watery the polish was. I made a mess trying to paint my nails. I hope that not all OPI polishes are like this one. I’m usually an Essie girl and I think I might just stay with what works for me.

Adelaide Coosada, AL

pretty color

The color of OPI cotton candy is nearly colorless but bright.It’s very nature and applicable to a variety of occasions. I always use it in my office but not so publicity

Kelsey Presto, PA

to bright

Its a pretty summer color, however when I put it on my nails, I felt like I had red nail polish on.. I kept asking people how it looked and the stated it was a nice summer color. It was just a little to strong for my taste.

Ola New Market, MD

Can’t Go Wrong with OPI

I like this color, but it is a little darker than what is pictured – more like a dark beige.

Lauren Chuckey, TN

Color is different than my usual choices

You can’t go wrong with OPI. The color is different than what I normally buy. Nice for a change. Nail polish is all about the base coat and top coat, but doing everything right OPI lasts better than most.

Guadalupe Cumberland Foreside, ME

Fantastic color

This is my perfect color which is beautiful for summer and goes with everything. I do find that OPI is a great polish for staying power too !

Leona Lexington, OK

Perfect red

I really love this color, its so classy and classic, looks great on the toes and fingers, don’t hesitate to add this color to your collection. It is not like any of the reds I already had.

Laura Hume, IL

Rocking Red…

Love Opi…one of the best nail polishes on the store shelves and spas today. Big Apple Red is my go to color all year round for my pediucures. Gorgeous deep blue red…get so many compliments on this color. The brush that Opi uses is thick and makes the product glide on to a fantastic end result. Love it!

Alyce Wilton, CA


Love the great color. Now I can do my own nails at home rather than go to a salon each time. Great when combined with the OPI base and top coats.

Carla Chatham, PA