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OPI Nail Lacquer, # NL W42 Lincoln Park After Dark, 0.5 Ounce

Eye popping colors great to wear daily. OPI nail polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails. Mix and match to complete that perfect look.

Key features

  • Eye popping colors great to wear daily
  • OPI nail polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails
  • Mix and match to complete that perfect look

Honest reviews



First, let me begin by saying that the color here on your screen is as close to exact as it could possibly get. You know how sometimes what you see online is totally different to real life? – Well this isn’t one of those times; it’s almost exact.Next; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, OPI make one of the best quality nail polishes on the market. They are top notch and take some time before they begin to chip. Use a base coat and two color coats then a top coat, and you’ll have long lasting color.Last but not least, this color is superb. Maybe it’s a little more of a winter color than summer, but either way, it’s amazing looking on shorter nails. It almost looks black, but does have a hint of a deep burgandy shade to it. I swear, it can make anyones hands look young and hip. It’s a stunning color that is as essential as a good lipstick.If you like to paint your nails and you want a great quality product in one of the hottest shades, then this is the one to choose. It’s fantastic and I can’t rave highly enough of it.

Hester Lander, WY

Wore this all winter!

I wore this color during ALL of winter 2010… It goes with all different color outfits and it really compliments my hands and toes!! I seriously love it. It is really classy with the right outfit, but can be very different and daring too. I advise you all to have this in your collection.

Nelly North Scituate, MA

Great Color

I love OPI products and purchased this for something a little ‘different’. It’s very dark but has a nice hint of purple/aubergine which is nice. Makes a great pedicure.

Beulah Dublin, MS

Darkest after dark

Dark dark purple. Appears black in some lights. Good staying power especially paired with my seche vite top coat. Good OPI quality. Recommend.

Julie Rock Creek, MN

Love the color that this REALLY is.

The picture is not of Lincoln Park After Dark. The real polish is dark and gorgeous. So not the same. I got the real color so I’m not mad.

Nona New Knoxville, OH


I love this color and the formula is typical OPI. Great product for a good price. I would recommend getting.

Etta Lake Worth, FL

Prettiest dark color that OPI makes!

This is hands down my favorite OPI color and I get it on my toes or fingers almost every time I get a mani/pedi. Once in awhile I’ll go light but 9 times out of 10 if I’m going dark, this is my pick. If you like dark colors, try it out and you will not be disappointed!

Pat Willow, NY


its a favorite color and the packaging was perfect. no damages and absolutely love the color and texture is not lumpy.

Florence Los Banos, CA


This is an OPI classic. It’s always my go to color, especially for the fall/winter months. I even use it on my toes in the summer! Very similar to Essie’s wicked but application/brush and its lasting power is way better. I’ll take OPI over Essie any day!

Bessie Greeley, NE

Favorite color of all time

I love Lincoln Park After Dark! It is my favorite color of all time. You only need two coats and you get the total effect. It is a mix of black, burgandy, and a blood red. It looks amazing on. It is just dark enough but not too dark like a black that sometimes is too harsh. The brush is great and as always love OPI:)

Effie Bergton, VA

Wonderful Color

I love this color. It goes on so dark, almost black yet you can still tell its purple. Its almost like a grape jelly color. It is perhaps a little darker than the image portrays. That was fine by me as I love the dark colors. It last a long time as OPI nail polish generally tends to do. For the price on amazon you can’t go wrong.

Cleo Slingerlands, NY


it is dark enough for people to think its black but more like the darkest shade of wine purple. i really enjoy this color. my skin is pretty fair and i get so many compliments for my nails when i have this color on!! i love it and it was a good price

Patrice Ragley, LA

Lovely noveau black

LPaD is a classic OPI color and a must have. I like how the number of coats you put on affects the sun shimmer. Sometimes I just toss on one light and even coat and watch it glimmer in the sun, while putting 2 coats on my toes.

Jeanne Wellston, MI

OPI NLW42 Lincoln Park after Dark

Another great color from OPI plan on using this for fall a really pretty color very dark purple almost looks black but depending on the light goes on great really looking forward to using this a lot!

Keisha Oxford, MA

an OPI “Classic” color

Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my all time favorite OPI colors. Even though I believe it’s retired, it always is available here on amazon and usually at a pretty decent price. I am always reordering it. I try out different purples because it’s my favorite color, but I always like to have a bottle of this on hand. It has been duplicated many times over by other companies and even OPI has done similar shades. Even though they come close, they never are as good. This is a very DEEP eggplant matte shade that is almost black. So dark, you have to go in the sunlight to really see the purple. The picture doesnt really show just how dark it is. I absolutely love it. It’s great for short nails and I love it on my toes.For maximum opaqueness, I suggest 2-3 coats, letting it dry fully in between. If you like this, but prefer a bit of shimmer, I would also suggest Lincoln Park at Midnight, also by OPI. It’s not quite as dark, either. If you don’t like really dark shades, then pass on this one, but if you like those vampy, almost black shades, then give this one a try.

Leslie Saint Charles, AR


5 star for this is a great product. The nail color is great.Only nail color I use.Yes, buy

Tracie Woodman, WI


This color was amazing. When I finally got it and opened it up it actually almost looks black. So I was thinking I got the wrong thing. When I applied the polish it was so pretty. I love colors that are so dark they almost look black. It went on so smoothly and it looks great with silver glitter. I recommend this product and the seller. Very pleased.

Renae Montrose, SD

Love It.

This is a great almost black color. Reminds me of the o.g. Channel ‘Vamp’ that stormed on the scene in the mid 90’s. This color looks great on short nails and tends to match almost anything. Looks great on toes too.

Herminia Greenfield, OH

Amazing DARK PURPLE nail polish, almost black.

Ohkay, so I’m in love with this color. It’s a nice alternative to a black polish and is very cute. It’s a dark dark purple so don’t get confused thinking its black. It’s great though. Nice formula as all OPI’s are. 😀

Lesley Siluria, AL

Great Product!

This is a rich, beautiful color that is very becoming. At first it looks black but after looking further, it’s almost a dark brown. Brown doesn’t sound appealing but the color is really nice. OPI makes a great product; it wears well. The price was right and it arrived very quickly. I recommend this product to all.

Stefanie Check, VA

Super DARK!

I think it is the darkest purple in OPI…really cant tell it is purple. Looks like Siberian Night but darker – FYI.

Kathleen Platte City, MO

the best color by OPI… Period

I go through bottle after bottle of this color because I wear it SO often. I just love it so darn much. it is a gorgeous deep berry purple with a really pretty glossy finish. it really is one of, if not THE, best color by OPI

Abigail Scottsville, NY

Disappointing polish 🙁

I had heard so much about this color, and how it is a must-have.So I was very excited when I received it, but it quickly changed when I put the polish on my nail.Application was pretty bad for me: very thick polish, almost gluey. It was streaky and really hard to get a good coverage because it wouldn’t flow on the nail.I had to use 2 coats, and after the second coat the polish was so dark you could barely see the purple. You would have thought it was just a black polish.After the second coat the texture was fine, but I am still disappointed.I will try again and update my review if I change my mind, but I don’t think i will.

Lara Klamath, CA

Great Item

Got this for my sister heard no complaints so far she got exactly the product that was advertised. Good Buy

Latonya Severn, VA

My absolute favorite!

A deep dark and rich purple that is nearly black. It looks terrific on my pale skin or when I have a slight tan.I don’t like to embellish it with glitters or crackle coats, just plain shiny topcoat makes me very happy with this color. It makes me feel wicked and vampy without the kitsch. I bring my own to the salon (when I go) because it’s such a popular color there they are always out.

Justina Edson, KS