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OPI Nail Lacquer, # NL A06 Hawaiian Orchid, 0.5 Ounce

Eye popping colors great to wear daily. OPI nail polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails. Mix and match to complete that perfect look.

Key features

  • Eye popping colors great to wear daily
  • OPI nail polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails
  • Mix and match to complete that perfect look

Honest reviews


perfect color!

I love OPI polishes and decided to try a lighter color for summer. Bubble bath is a perfect color for anytime of the year really. its a very very pale pink even though it looks a little more cream in the photo, but it looks great on!

Aline Fitzhugh, OK

Bubble Bath – Sheer Pale Pink

OPI Bubble Bath is a very sheer pale pink color. Probably good for french manicures, but not for full coverage. I found this color to be streaky and not my favorite OPI shade.

Miranda Wolfcreek, WV

Lisa Robertson on QVC wears ‘bubble bath’

You got that right girls, Lisa Robertson (sp) from QVC wears this shade (bubble bath) that is the reason I purchased this particular, mainly a conversational piece. But it is a rather nice shade of ‘pink’. I also purchased the ‘Stickey Base’ coat the same day. Amazon carries it too and that base coat is excellent – maintains the polish without chipping. So I tried them both and guess what my manicure lasted 7 days without one single chip. Usually, I notice chipping on day 3.. Had to put 3 coats of OPI bubble bath to get the desired color. Check QVC and you’ll see Lisa wearing it.Would have given it 5 Stars except for the 3 coats, prefer the 2 coats, less time consuming.

Gail Prestonsburg, KY

Not what I expected

I was hoping for a better color payoff than the one I got after using this product.

Caitlin Crump, TN

OPI red polish

I love this color. It is a good color to wear on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Fourth of July, or any day for that matter!

Antionette Eau Claire, MI

Great for natural look

This color is just a little bit transparent so it looks very natural. Recommended for interviews – very clean, classy look.

Alexis Fullerton, LA

Color not as pictured

In the picture online, this polish looks like a pretty lavendar gray color. I just received it in the mail today and it doesn’t look anything like the picture. What arrived is a dark pink kind of bronzey color. I’m disappointed and may not order online again but will wait until I see it in person at a store.

Queen Jupiter, FL

Worth it!

Arrived quickly. Packaged well. Just love this color, really pretty, very neutral. An old fav I search out over & over again. Of course, OPI is a great product in general.

Adela Bearden, AR

Love the COLOR!

If you are looking to wear a different color but classy at the same time.. this blue is for you@

Imogene Mercury, NV

So Overrated

This is one of those overhyped colors. It just isn’t for me, way too boring. It looked like watered down pepto bismol.

Noemi Silver Creek, GA

Love OPI and Danke-Shiny Red

What’s not to love about OPI? My husband is German so it’s natural for me buy some of the German collection. I recommend buying this color.

Lola Du Bois, NE

Nice Shade

The color is pretty, but I give it three stars because the polish is a little sheer. It’s not a super sheer polish, nor heavily pigmented. So, it looks best with 1 coat or 3 coats. Two coats of this color just looks awkward. It’s a pretty pink nearing mauve, but one that I rarely wear.

Theresa Normandy, TN

OPI Danke-shiny Red

I bought this for my daughter who loves OPI polish in reds she took it to her local salon and hand a manicure she said she loved this color and didn’t chip this will be her new go to color.

Dessie Donaldson, IN

Lighter than the photo

I wanted a nude and the description was great. Once it arrived I put on three coats and couldn’t really see it. It’s too pale for my liking. I would not purchase it again because it’s invisible. If I wanted invisible I’d just keep my nails nailpolish free.

Cathryn Sailor Springs, IL

Name Says It all

This is a great red….the name really says it all. It’s vibrant and dries to a wet look. It looks great stand alone or with a glitter top coat. I keep this on my toes nearly all year round! Great color for anyone!!

Lydia Summit Point, WV

Beautiful Blue

Love this stunning shade of blue very sapphire like. Perfect jewel tone for this season and the wonderful OPI quality.

April Crawfordsville, OR


I have other name brand holo glitter polishes, but this one has the perfect amount of chunky, sliver, and fine glitters.. it’s so so so so sooo pretty! A little pain to get off, but nothing a 5 min soak in acetone can’t fix 🙂

Tamara Duke Center, PA

Super sparkly!

Very sparkly, very shiny! The is the perfect glitter topcoat for adding dimension to colors. You get the perfect hologram effect every time. This glitter in it is very dense so one coat does a great job! Two coats if you want extra, extra sparkles!

Kristen Faucett, MO

Nude pretty color to dress up or keep casual

i love this color for summer, you can add a sparkley top coat or keep it plain for a nice look either way thank you for the fast shipping and nice polish.

Sharon Pauline, SC

Great soft shade of pink

This is a gorgeous color that you can wear throughout the year if you choose. I have olive/tannish skin and this color looks amazing, I get compliments all the time!

Jeanine Whitesburg, GA