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OPI Nail Lacquer, Brights Significant Other Color, 0.5 Ounce

New collection comes with an exclusive ProWide Laquer brush. Polish spreads quick, even, and leaves itself streak free. The brush also has stacked bristles which apply more polish than regularly spaced bristles. OPI polishes are designed with quality and excellence in mind, and almost exclusively sold only to nail professionals.

Key features

  • ProWide brush provides a perfect streak free finish to any nail style
  • High quality polish lasts longer than the competition
  • Nail salon quality

Honest reviews


Pretty, Mysterious Color! Almost Like A Hologram.

First, this color doesn’t apply as strongly as it looks in the bottle. Unless you paint several coats, this is a very subtle thin iridescent color that to me, resembles a bubble (soap suds, bubble from a wand…whatever) because the color varies, depending on what light you’re in. Almost like a hologram in intensity.I use it over other another color to change it up. What you’ll see is a mixture of iridescent pinks, purples, golds and greens. Mysterious-looking, but quite lovely!

Briana Gorman, TX

Love this color

I love this color. I use it for nights out. However I wear it to work but with a matte top coat and it totally changes how it looks

Celia Meridian, MS

Love the color, but it takes a few coats

Beautiful lavender color with shimmer undertones of a green/gold. It’s a thinner color so you’ll need 3-4 coats to get good coverage (not able to see the whites of your nail through the color). Lasts longer than I had expected (usually thinner colors don’t last a week – I’m rough on my nails).

Latisha Irene, TX

Pretty Significant other color

The name OPI came up with for this polish is ment for this color.This is a very pretty color and has a lot of shine .To me seems like this is a light purple with green and depending on where I am standing in the light it seems to change.I needed two coats and a top coat and already had a few compliments,This reminds me of a pearly color ,would be great for spring or really any time .If you like all shades of purple than you would probably love this color.

Carissa Brandeis, CA

Changing colors, pink to gold

Pale pink to gold… almost like you blew a bubble and the colors shimmered in the sun. So pretty on your nails. Very dainty and fun. You can add on top of other colors and change them. It is a color that you can use one coat or three or four to intensify.

Elisa Hazelhurst, WI

love it

I love OPI it is long lasting and I am never disappointed with any of their colors. Worth the money.

Kathryn Pittsville, WI

I love the brand and the price,

but it takes 3-4 coats to get the depth of color in the bottle’s picture compared to other OPI colors that are comparable after 2 coats. Nevertheless I’ll use it.

Britney Falls Village, CT