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OPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener, Soft and Thin, 0.5 Ounce

OPI nail envy soft and thin; a custom formulated natural nail strengthener with calcium and sea minerals to whip nails back into shape, leaving them strong and healthy. Fortifies soft, thin nails with extra calcium. Adds a layer of extra protection. With extra calcium and sea minerals.

Key features

  • Fortifies Soft, Thin Nails With Extra Calcium
  • Adds A Layer Of Extra Protection
  • With Extra Calcium And Sea Minerals

Honest reviews


Not worth the money

I’ve gotten half way through this bottle and I give up. My nails feel stronger while its on, but eventually you have to remove it and start over with a new coat. They feel just as weak as they ever did once I remove the product. It doesn’t seem to actually strengthen the nail as much as keep it from breaking while you have it on.

Tasha Newport, VA

Very nice base coat with the added benefit of a strengthener.

This isn’t life changing or anything, but it is a nice base coat, plus it helps strengthen thin nails. I do like it, but I’m not as wow’d as I thought I would be. Oh well! It’s shiny, and dries fast, and maybe if you kept putting it on everyday over and over, you might see it actually strengthen your nails, but I didn’t really notice a difference. But like I said, if you want a great base coat, this is it, and a good base coat is very hard to find. So being that it’s at least that makes it a great product, but I don’t know if I’d expect it to save your nails from being paper thin and peeling like crazy. I really think the only fix for that is to keep them moisturized and pliable, take your hair, skin & nail vitamins, and drink lots of water.

Vilma Hinton, WV

Works Pretty Well

I haven’t had great success with this, though I also haven’t followed the directions strictly to the letter so I’m pretty sure it’s not OPI Nail Envy’s fault. I’m sick fairly often, so it’s not uncommon for me not to apply extra coats and most fingernail polish remover tears up the skin on my fingers, so I don’t like to use it often. I also have a bad habit of picking at and peeling off my nail polish.

Dolly Kaylor, SD


I was really looking forward to receiving this item as I had heard many good things about it. For me, it did not work any better than any of the other similar products that I have tried over the years. I followed directions but my nails still broke and split.

Jo Mount Pleasant, PA

Like it

I’ve used it for a few days I think it seems to be helping. I think regular use will be helpful.

Mariana Moscow, AR

was hoping it would work….

opi is a great product.. i bought the soft and thin one and it didn’t work for me at all. i guess i should’ve got the original one. i ended up buying sally hansen hard as nails at target for $2.49 and it’s working GREAT! my nails are paper thin and bend backwards and split down the middle and have ridges. they are a mess! especially after taking off my acrylics. i would try the regular…

Ester Franklin Park, NJ

Switched to original

My nails weren’t a fan of the soft & thin version of nail envy, but the original works great. I’ve handed this off to my sister & she’s loving it.

Letha Harcourt, IA

Smooth base coat

It works to smooth my nails out if there are any imperfections. It dries fast, too. I really haven’t noticed much of a difference when it comes to them hardening or peeling or anything. When the manicure gets a little older, the whole nail polish peels up in one piece.

Meagan Quincy, FL