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OPI Nail Envy Matte, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Maximum strength formula with hydrolyzed wheat protein & calcium

Key features

  • Natural matte-looking finish
  • Excellent as a base coat under nail lacquer
  • Ideal for men

Honest reviews


auwful service

i love the products of opi. this nail envy changed my life its amazing and i reccomend it to everyone. i have bitten my nails for years now ot this made my nails amaznly strong and long. i had purchased the original formula but i used it all up so my nails bevame the same again brittle and soft. i bought that and i waited to came but it never did. i lost my money and i really wanted this. now i cant get it because i moved in greece and the shipping is super expensive. i give the one star due to my money lost

Shari Cedar, KS

If you want yours hard and strong, try this!

For some strange reason, the only time I care about my nails looking EXTRA good is for my trip to Las Vegas each year. I mean – I care the rest of the year how they appear – I certainly don’t want everyone to see straggly-looking nails, but as long as they look reasonably good, I’m happy with just using clear nail polish applied once a week and that’s it.I had tried other nail strengtheners in the past — cheap products such as Sally Hansen — and pricier products such as TIPS and ProStrong. None of these worked as well as the OPI Nail Envy.Nail Envy comes in a matte finish or natural finish (clear and shiny). I like the matte as it looks more natural. The natural finish is glossy and looks like a layer of glass on your nails.Even though it is fairly thick when applied, it dries quickly. Nail Envy can be used as a base, a top coat or as a nail strengthener. However, if used as a nail strengthener, which I might say is the best product I’ve used, the results are not cumulative. Once you quit using it, your nails go back to the original brittle condition.When used for strengthening, you must of course start out with clean dry nails. Two coats are required to start, and then every other day another coat is applied. At the end of the week you remove the Nail Envy and start over with the same routine. OPI “recommends” a non-acetone based polish remover, but I didn’t have that type on hand so I used my regular acetone remover and it worked just as well. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to obtain good results with this product.

Marion Terra Alta, WV


very good product for those who dont want the shiny look all the time, for their nails.

Luella Adams, MN

O.P.I. Nail Envy Original is best

I like all O.P.I. products thus far with the exception of the Matte finish. Nail Envy is wonderful, just be sure it is the original finish and not the matte finish.

Bette Midland, PA

Lasts Long Time

This didn’t thrill me like it did everyone else who reviewed it. It lasted quite a while and looked very natural. Overpriced in my opinion.

Margery Wellford, SC

Great base coat!

I used this as a base coat for my pedicure. I saw a picture on Pinterest illustrating the fact that Nail Envy helps to maintain the shape of your nails. I don’t know about all of that, but I do know that my pedicure has stayed in tact very well. I have always felt that shiny base coats are purposeless, but this one is matte. I think that a man who wants to have nice nails might enjoy this product because it’s not at all shiny and looks like your natural nails.

Elizabeth New Providence, NJ

Wasn’t as Matte as I’d Hoped

This is more of a satin finish. Over a week it became shinier and shinier. More coats just increases the shine. I would not repurchase this. My goal was a natural looking nail which I didn’t get.

Imogene Crystal Spring, PA

Five Stars

This is the greateset every day polish, and my nails don’t break!

Lilia Baisden, WV

Great product

I like to use this product to make different effects on my nails. It makes any of your nail polishes have a matte finish! It goes on smoothly, dries pretty quickly and doesn’t chip.

Britney Lochloosa, FL


I was tired of having weak nails after taking off gel manicures I had done at home. Applying this nail strengthener has made a difference within a few days! Could not be happier that I have stronger nails that aren’t sore after taking off my gel polish. Nail saver!

Denice Highmount, NY

Really works!!

This stuff works. I never took care of my nails n the always broke n were dry. Ive been using it about a month n my nails are stronger. They look beautiful n healthy. It also make polish application smooth. Love it

Aimee Lake Cicott, IN

Not what I expected

After taking off my artificial nails, I read a lot of great reviews about OPI nail brand strengtheners. I decided to give this a try to harden my nails. This strengthener takes a while to actually work. My nails are SLOWLY getting stronger. Nails appear to be a bit glossy after one application but they are not super shiny (which is what I wanted)

Mona Wainscott, NY

Longer nails

My nails do grow longer while using this product but they still peel or break here and there. I use it along with Essie GrowStronger and Duri Rejuvocate now.

Lily Summerfield, OH

OPI Nail Envy Matte

Update: I stopped using this product after ring out that it is not 3free as other OPI polished. I don;t remember which of 3 notorious chemicals it contains as I droppe dmy last bottle, I think it is Formaldehyde.Currectly I used it as a base coat for my manicures and it works nice. It is also very discrete if you don’t want your nails to look polished.

Chrystal Jordan Valley, OR

Possibly working

I don’t know if it’s just holding my nails together or if it’s actually working, but my nails didn’t break after the first week of using it. My super brittle nails broke the first week even after I put this on but they haven’t broken since. I’ll probably order again.Make sure to fully remove the old layer before applying a new layer.THIS HAS WHEAT. IF YOU HAVE A WHEAT ALLERGY, BE CAREFUL.

Jamie Fenton, MI

love it

i love this nail polish matte don’t last long but that is not a problem its fine the way it looks thanks fast shipping great packing.

Chris Fife, VA


I have used this product for years and have always been pleasantly surprised at the results – when it REMEMBER to use it as directed. So easy for me to stray from the schedule. But when I do stick to the plan, the results are obvious. And positive

Cecelia Humphrey, AR

Worth It

If you want long nails, this is the stuff. It can make any top coat appear perfectly glassy on your nails. Smooths out ridges and really keeps your nails from fraying. Great product and worth every penny.

Christy Nolan, WV

I’m on my second bottle

I use this as a base and ridge filler, and sometimes alone for a buffed look. I love this stuff.

Cornelia Milan, NM

Not totally Matte – but a great product!

This is not completely matte. It has a little bit of a shine. As a man I hated it at first, but I thought I would put it on my toe nails. It’s really helped strengthen my nails. They are no longer brittle and look much better.

Valeria Forestport, NY

OPI nail hardener

OK, this is the truth as I see it. This stuffseems to make NO difference to my nails. Maybeit’s just my nails. They break easily, even thoughI’m healthy, and don’t know why. I have used thisfor a few weeks and see NO difference. Maybe it wouldmake a difference on your nails.

Michaela Redding Center, CT


This is perfect for my lazy manicures. I just throw on a coat and then do whatever because it dries so quickly. It leave my nails with a nice shine and makes them look like I put way more effort into my hand maintenance.

Chelsey Clay, WV

This stuff really works.!

I put a coat on before my nail polish, and one as a topcoat. I am typing with nails; six months ago, I would have been typing with my ‘stubs’. 🙂

Lakeisha Sarah, MS


Items in OPI’s "Nail Envy" line have proven more than satisfactory for me.The ones I’m currently using are the matte nail strengthener and the soft & thin. I wouldn’t exactly call my nails soft and thin, but the matte strengthener leaves a dull finish on nails while the soft & thin leaves a shiny surface.I do a complete manicure once a week and touch up every couple of days with a new coat of the soft & thin. (Which can be applied over color).I’ve been using OPI for over a year now, and it has significantly reduced the number of splitting nails.

Paula Pittsville, MD

OPI you never cease to amaze me!

This was purchased as a gift for my baby sister. She is in love with OPI products and said this was by far one of their best items.

Savannah Georgetown, NY


This (blue package) is matte. I normally get the green package, which is shiny. I use it as a base coat when designing my nails, but haven’t noticed any strengthening abilities. Dries fast, which I like, and the price was good.

Elsa Mellenville, NY

A very dense product

The high density allows thinner coats and better flaw hiding. OPI is a reputable and reliable brand, and as such, is a good investment for do-it-yourselfers. This density is good for French tips applied by steady hands.

Lorna Pearland, TX


Helps my nails become stronger and grow longer.Great for base coat but not the longest wear EVER or anything.Still holy grail product for weak and breaking nails.

Christian Idaville, IN


This seems to do a good job strengthening nails but I didn’t love it as a top coat. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t any better than another cheap top coat would be, as far as I can tell. I’ll probably mostly use it under polish to keep my nails from breaking. I also wasn’t impressed by the "matte" part. Was hoping it would be more obvioulsy matte but it was basically just less shiney than most top coats and wore off somewhat quickly.

Jennifer Muncy Valley, PA

So disappointed…

I really was looking forward to getting this product. But unfortunately I was quite disappointed. It’s AWFUL. It’s very milky, not clear at all. It never really dries, and it’s NOT matte. So basically, it doesn’t do anything it’s supposed to do, which is so peculiar coming from OPI. They’re my favorite, and they’re quality is always amazing. Too bad this one was such a flop.

Jewell Pownal, VT