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OPI Nail Envy Dry & Brittle, 0.5 Ounce

For dry, brittle nails that breaks instead of bend

Key features

  • Moisturizing formula
  • Maintains and protects
  • With anti-oxidant vitamins E & C

Honest reviews


…Opi Rocks!…

Big fan of Opi…the Nail Envy for Dry and Brittle nails is Simply the Best for me. Wore Acrylic nails for 16 years and went natural almost 3 years ago. I used several other products during the renewel of my natural nails. All the buffing and filing did damage and it took about 6 months to grow out the ridges from the fills and drills with the Acrylic’s. Could not be happier that I took the product off and have perfect sport length nails. The Opi for Dry and Brittle nails is something I still use till this day. It lasts about a week. Two coats and then an Opi Top Coat, they look clean shiney and classy.

Tia Freedom, OK

Nail Smoothness

I like this nail product. I am trying to get my nails to grow and this was recommended by my cousin who has beautiful nails.

Frieda Springbrook, IA

I like this very much

I honestly like this Nail Envy. It goes on so smooth and dries in under 5 minutes. My nails seem a little stronger so I’m hopeful that in a few months I’ll have the nails I’ve been trying to get for years now. I would definitely recommend Nail Envy to anyone wanting to strengthen and grow out their nails. Good product, reasonable price.

Esmeralda Roselle, NJ

Great product

I purchased this as a gift for my grandparents. My grandfather had been complaining about his nail becoming brittle and breaking. My grandmother was trying to paint his nails with strengthener to help but it wasn’t doing the trick. I purchased this to see if it would be better. After a couple of weeks of use they both use it and love it. They said their nails are doing great. They also use Solar Oil everyday on the cuticles to help keep the cuticles and nail bed hydrated and healthy.

Jade Edson, KS

OPI Nail Envy

Arrived on time and like all OPI items its very good. Has helped my nails, I use this one week and then the original the next week.Been working real well.

Penelope Days Creek, OR