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OPI Nail Drip, Dry, 0.3 Ounce

New collection comes with an exclusive ProWide Laquer brush. Polish spreads quick, even, and leaves itself streak free. The brush also has stacked bristles which apply more polish than regularly spaced bristles. OPI polishes are designed with quality and excellence in mind, and almost exclusively sold only to nail professionals.

Key features

  • ProWide brush provides a perfect streak free finish to any nail style
  • High quality polish lasts longer than the competition
  • Nail salon quality

Honest reviews


Works OK.

This product works just OK, I would say thatOPI Rapid Dry Spray 4ozworks better and lasts MUCH longer. I kept the top to this tightly closed and it still leaked in my bag while I was traveling. Plus I find that the dropper doesn’t cover the whole nail so I have to use 3-4 drops per nail to cover it all. That’s a lot considering this bottle is TINY. Would not buy again.

Kathie Ward, CO

Two Stars

saw no difference

Emilia Warrenville, IL

It works but….

I wish there was a 3.5 option but alas there is not and I’m in a good mood because it’s Friday. This stuff actually does help to dry nail polish quicker so that’s good, however, you have to get it on your whole nail and that’s the tricky part without over dripping or not dripping enough. That being said sometimes you may use more than you intended and this causes the tiny .3 oz countainer to be used up really quickly..especially if you do your nails a lot like i do. Did not notice a big difference in nail polish lasting longer but it does do what it says it will do. Drips and dries.

Anne Turner Center, ME

Doesnt work.

Honestly I dont think this product works. I followed instructions carefully and it did not work. My manicure was not fully dry at all.

Letha Thor, IA

A real time saver

This product dries your nail polish in half the time as air drying them. I can use my hands quickly instead of waiting for a long time for the polish to dry naturally.

Malinda Pontiac, MO

Great Nail Dry

The gal that does my manicures and pedicures uses this—exclusively. I always like to have my own color on hand for emergencies-so bought this also—-it works really well. The trick is be a little patient…do not use it for about 2 minutes after polishing—then it’s SUPERB!

Chandra Chester, GA

Mine was half empty.

I know this is probably not fair to the product itself because it works great, but my teeny bottle was half empty when it got to me. It didn’t have the top on tight and it leaked into the packaging.

Antoinette Kent, PA


This is a wonderful product and it works exactly as it says — it cuts my nail drying time so much!

Leigh Glen Rose, TX

I love this!!

I have never tried anything like this before, Now I have to have it every time I do my nails

Manuela West Baldwin, ME

Drip Dry Saved My Life!!

This product has saved my life. No more air bubbles or worrying about smudging. I’m pretty talented, so I do my manicures myself every week to save money. I love everything about having well manicured nails, but I hate the drying process. I feel crippled and always somehow manage to smudge at least one nail. I finally purchased the drip dry and my life is now complete lol 🙂 (specifically my nail painting life).

Rosemarie Washburn, TN

Instant dry

Really love this drip dry from OPI it dries the nails in seconds with just one drop on each nail.

Augusta New York Mills, MN

I’m really impressed with this product

I loved this nail drying product with all my heart and then my rat decided to chew the dropper that comes with it and it spilled all over the place. I’m still reeling from that.

Betsy Manchester, WA


Love these drops! I’m they type of person that paints my nails every week and needs them to dry FAST. I have no patience when it comes to wet nails. Just drop onto polish after top coat and they’re dry in under 5 minutes!Note– I also use OPI Rapidry Top Coat with this product, they work well together!

Gale Kaylor, SD

It really works!

I’m always skeptical about these drying products. All the nail drying polishes claim to dry your nails in 60 seconds and such, but I still have not found that nail polish. This is a good alternative as long as you have a good top coat. put one drop on each nail and let dry for like 2 mins and you are done. Of course, the thicker the nail polish/ the more coats you put, the longer it will take to dry. But that’s obvious. =)

Jami Chester, IL

works, but not as fast as everyone says…

works, but not AS fast as everyone wrote. it sure is great though. if it was twice the price i would still buy it. i have kids, so i need my nails to dry faster than 2 hours. 🙂

Nelda Lake City, CA

No more pillow print!

Love this stuff! Don’t think it will dry your nails *completely*, but it gets darn close. Base coat, two coats of color, and top coat… 10 minutes after applying the Drip Dry, you’re good to go – even good to go to bed!

Madeleine Amenia, NY

love it

i havent used this particular one however i used this product before and it is a very good guality one. it does help with drying the polish.

Francesca Madison, GA

What a find!

Love this stuff! I used it just before going on a trip and as I drove down the road my nails felt so smooth you’d think they’d been polished for several days. OPI products are wonderful!

Teresa Martin, SD

Not a fan

I am not a fan. This was messy and it didn’t dry my polish very well.I won’t be ordering this product again.

Genevieve Buchtel, OH

It works

This does exactly what it says it will do-it dries nails quickly. I went through it very fast, I feel like it was worth what I paid. I’ve not tried other brands, but why fix what isn’t broken? I have trouble sitting still after painting my nails and this greatly reduces time.I’d still recommend waiting 10 minutes before applying it, but after that, you’re good to go!

Lindsey Vineburg, CA