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OPI Muppets Collection Nail Lacquer, Rainbow Connection Hl C09

Opi Holliday 2011 Muppets Collection Rainbow Conection C09

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  • Opi Holliday 2011 Muppets Collection Rainbow Conection C09

Honest reviews


Glitter Polish

Great color with the quality you expect from OPI. I was in search for a fun glitter polish. It’s lovely, but does chip easily.

Angelia Barnum, IA

Crazy Cute But You Need Patience

This is great holiday or special occasion nail polish. I love OPI products and this is even radical for their line which is innovative and offers a huge amount of variety.Under normal circumstances I like polish that is easy to apply in one or two coats. This polish contains a lot of glitter which makes it cute but also time intensive to apply. It requires many coats, adequate drying time between coats, and tons of patience. Removing it is also a pain. It takes a lot of time, effort, and remover. My advice is go to the nail salon, bring Rainbow Connection, and chill when someone pampers you. Just remember to leave a nice tip.As for the color, if not called Rainbow Connection I’d call it Muppets In The Blender or Muppets ala Mode. It has lots of flashes of color, glitz, and a silver base and is colorful like the Muppet gang.Cute stuff but definitely go to the salon.

Lorna Burke, VA

Needs undercoat and peels easily without, but is adorable bright colors!

Love OPI glitter polishes! Cute bright glitter but does need an undercoat or multiple coats to look good. If not, it will peel off in a sheet!

Mindy Ceiba, PR

Super cool!

I’m not 100% sure the nail polish I received was authentic because it didn’t have an OPI serial number on it but the contents looked the same. Anyway, this polish is pleasantly deceiving because at first it looks like it should be a top coat, and I expected to have to apply 6 layers in order to achieve opacity. It actually went opaque in 2 coats! It’s because they didn’t skimp on the big glitter pieces so they cover a large area. Don’t expect the texture to be perfectly smooth – the hexagonal glitter will stick out in some areas and there’s no way to avoid this unless your nails are completely flat. I recieved so many compliments on this polish. The colors didn’t fade like they do on most other metallic glitter polishes, especially if you wash your hands a lot. It was a hassle to remove. I used the foil method and it didn’t make one bit of difference. I pretty much had to scrape the glitter off one piece at a time.

Marcia Midway, UT


will be purchasing more of this polish; the color goes w/everything, compliments are in abundance and the coverage is just what is expected of opi although this particular polish needs about three coats to get the coverage in the picture.

Earlene Mayersville, MS