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OPI Mini Collection Skyfall

Enjoy the adorable mini versions of OPI’s color

Key features

  • 1/8 oz. Each

Honest reviews


I am so NOT a Mariah Carey fan.

And I’m not even a nail-trend follower (I completely skipped the magnetic trend, and the bar glitter trend,although I do like matte finishes, which is relevant here). But these Liquid Sand polishes from OPI – they’re AWESOME. I am lucky to have a job where I can wear funky polishes, and I have gotten more compliments on these than any other polishes I’ve worn. The dark one in particular – Stay The Night – is a real stand-out. Charcoal asphalt with hot-pink flecks of glitter. Amazing! If you want to give them a try, this set of minis is the perfect way to do so.

Ola Kettlersville, OH

Fun colors for spring

I love the OPI mini sets, allowing me to try new colors without adding full sized bottles to my already large collection of polishes. You’re such a budapest, suzy’s hungary again and don’t touch my czechbook are beautiful spring into summer colors, opaque in 2 coats and would be fun for nail art. Oy another polish joke is kind of the oddball here being a yellow-toned glitter but can be saved for another time. Oy is best used over something else as it is pretty sheer. Overall very happy having these colors for spring.

Shawn Howard Lake, MN

Not as fabulous as I had hoped

After seeing the swatches of this collection I HAD to have it. I am disappointed overall, this polish is extra sensitive to chipping and doesnt look how I envisioned "liquid sand" to look. Its okay, just not as exciting as I was hoping for.

Alana Schnellville, IN

Better Than I Expected

I purchased this product a few weeks ago and decided to wait a bit until I reviewed it. I wanted to REALLY give this Liquid Sand a try before publishing my opinion.Well I must say I LOVE the texture of this nail polish! I couldn’t stop touching my nails after wearing it. It dries to a matte finish and the surface of the polish is really hard. And it really feels like sand!Now as far as the polish goes I didn’t follow the instructions on the package. The package says to use a base coat and 2 coats of Liquid Sand. I didn’t use a base coat. I only applied 2 coats of Liquid Sand on my nails. Perhaps around the 3rd day of wearing it I noticed the polish was chipping around the tips of my nails. Needless to say I wasn’t too pleased, but my hands also sweat profusely and I do warehouse work. I lift boxes and stock merchandise all day. My job also requires that I wear silicone work gloves, so those factors may have caused the nail polish to chip after only a few days.So I returned home and applied a 3rd coat of Liquid Sand on my nails. (Again no base coat or top coat!) I noticed the color of the polish REALLY stood out. The color was so vibrant on my nails even my coworkers noticed when I returned to work the next day. I got nothing but compliments on them!I also noticed the polish last MUCH longer without chipping! (Again mind you I do warehouse work and my hands sweat!) For nearly a week I enjoyed the vibrant color of Liquid Sand on my nails without any problems!I would recommend to those who are experiencing chipping and fading to use 3 coats of Liquid Sand without a base coat. That helped me.So I give Liquid Sand 4 out of 5 stars. I had to subtract a star because applying only 2 coats of Liquid Sand didn’t work well for me.

Mildred Centreville, AL


This is a great collection i just wish i could of got the full size ones so i would have more

Colette Cypress, CA

OPI Mariah Carey

Great set. All the shades are very nice, especially the impossible. A nice cheap way to try the liquid sands.

Alisha South Londonderry, VT

Liquid Sand

Fast shipping. I love these little bottles. A decent price for the name brand. The bottles are small, but it’s a great way to try them out.

Emma Sullivan, IN

like, not love

I got this collection almost immediately after it was released. I am a HUGE fan of both The Wizard of Oz, and OPI. I was however, disappointed in the color choices, seeing how one of the great features of the movie are the eccentric, whimsical colors. This set is mostly neutrals as you can see, and they are very very sheer. It took four thick coats to get the color payoff that somewhat matched the bottle color, and unfortunately, that was a big turn-off for me. I did really like the liquid sand color that was featured, and have worn all four of the colors in this collection more than once. I like it, but there were a couple of things that prevented me from loving it. For a beauty lover, and a movie fan, this collection would be worth the money, but know that there are some drawbacks to the set.

Arline Broadview Heights, OH

Small Sampler

I bought this for a friend as these shades of nail polish are her style. The set is really tiny and comes with little bottles of polish. I can’t imagine getting much use out of the bottles unless you don’t apply many coats. I would prefer to buy a regular size bottle of nail polish but this made a great stocking stuffer.

Jaime Upper Marlboro, MD

Perfect mini set!

Out of curiosity, I wanted this set. My mother in law has the impossible, loved the shade, went looking for it, and I wasn’t able to find it in store. So, I bought the next best thing, a full bottle of magazine mouse cover, which is close in shade with the exception that it doesn’t have the stars from the impossible. This set of minis is great. Every single shade can be adjusted to whatever kind of manicure style you prefer.

Alba Livermore, CA


Great colors by OPI…they are matte, sandy finish, but be aware, they are hard to remove. It takes some soaking in polish remover and I used a nail file to get the stubborn spots. Still great colors and adds a funky finish to your nails

Antonia Oakland, IA

Very nice sparkly girly colors

I love all these colors and they look cute..I just wish the bottles were a bit bigger, but I can always just get the regular size bottles later..I recommend for anyone who likes sparkles..

Ola Waymart, PA

Nice color choices

This kit offers a nice assortment of colors but the bottles are sooo little! I’ve used 2 of the colors and they stayed on for a week!

Pearl Odessa, NY

Soooo beautiful

These nail polishes were bought as a trial before purchasing the full sized versions. They are the longest wearing nail polish I’ve ever used and am totally in love with the Black and red sparkle colour " Stay the night". Buy them!!!

Jacqueline Holmes Mill, KY


I like tiny colors, I change my mind a lot…

Tori Middletown, MD

Good colors but they’re all glittery!

Don’t get me wrong, I love glittery stuff! But I thought that The world is not enough and live and let die would be more solid. Overall though, I love goldeneye, the spy who loved me, and live and let die. The last color is perplexing to me. Is it black? Is it green? I have no idea. But it looks good!

Daisy Rego Park, NY

Nice but Pale

This quad of minis is nice but the colours are paler (pastels) than in the picture. I still like them (especially the blue), they just aren’t as shown.

Laverne Whitsett, NC

Very pretty colors

I love these colors! They dry matte for a very unique look. The blue one is my favorite, very vibrant. The only one I didn’t like was the purple one, it was kinda drab.

Noreen Llano, TX

Cute polish!

These are very cute and pretty colors!! I’m very happy with these…I bought them awhile ago and its still good..

Heather Lignite, ND

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Nail Lacquers

What a great set of nail polishes. Gorgeous colors. Very shiny and glittery. They are hot. The bottles are very small, but OPI polish goes a long way.

Elva Navesink, NJ

Awesome beautiful prettiness

Love these polishes! Was afraid to try but so glad I did. Easy to apply and a simply gorgeous look! *swoon* I’m in love. Every color is equally beautiful!

Tanisha Fort Calhoun, NE

LOVE the colors BUT chips easily

I love the colors BUT…..I painted my nails on Saturday but by Tuesday they were chipped. Not just some wear but big chips. Yes I did not primer, base coat, color and toap coat. They are fun colors just wish they would last a little longer.

Olivia Mchenry, IL

Very pretty

First time using the liquid sand polishes. They are very pretty. Took some getting used to for the texture, but after a day or so I was used to it. And if you are prone to chipping, you can’t really tell it unless it is a big chip. Liked them alot, I will be buying more of the liquid sand polishes I’m sure.

Jenna Greenville, ME


I ordered this sample pack to try out all the colors before purchasing a bigger bottle….all the colors are awesome and now I want them all! The texture is really nice and the little bits of glitter make it even better.

Diane Nyssa, OR

never get bored of it

Love the small bottles so i can try so many different brand and colors without feeling guilty about it. the gold is gorgeous and blue purple good for spring too. the colors are actually a lighter than it shown in the picture.

Amber Whiteford, MD