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Opi Mariah Carey Pure Top Coat, 18k White Gold and Silver

Top your favorite mariah carey shade with real 18K white gold and real silver leaf. Limited edition for holiday 2013. Includes OPI’s exclusive prowide-brush for the ultimate in application.

Key features

  • Limited edition for holiday 2013
  • Includes OPI’s exclusive prowide-brush for the ultimate in application
  • Contain no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde

Honest reviews


Very Pretty!!

I love the concept of this. I wanted it to be a bit more like last year’s man with the golden gun. My bottle has lots of teeny tiny pieces and I haven’t gotten many bigger flakes. I know with polishes like this bottles vary but I am kinda bummed out about it. It’s still a very pretty polish and I would buy it again… if I had the extra cash laying around (since depending where you get it, it can be pretty pricey) since I would LOVE a backup of it. I will probably be alternating this polish and it’s sister the yellow gold flake polish this holiday season.

Esmeralda Spencer, NE


I was very excited to see this online for half the price that Ulta was selling it for, when I bought this it was $16. When I got it, I was incredibly disappointed. I own Guilty by Zoya(Man with the Golden Gun was discontinued by the time I got on the gold top coat bandwagon) and I really wanted a pretty white gold top coat too. This was not it. The pieces of "white" gold were TINY glitter-like flecks that were dingy and yellow-toned… I had to use multiple coats for the polish to be noticeable. I’m not sure if this is a fake or if the $30 Ulta polish is the same way, but I only used it twice and then put it back in the collector’s box until I decide what to do with it. I would not recommend this product, I’m not even sure if I would chance it again and go buy it for retail price.With that being said, the shipping was fast and the box and bottle arrived in good condition.

Sheryl Standish, ME


Okay, I LOVE this nail polish. It’s ridiculous, but I feel downright special knowing that my fingers have 18k gold on them! It goes on beautifully. I applied 2 coats of this on top of the China Glaze Prey Tell polish (a deep red black color), and each nail ended up evenly coated with fine gold flakes and several larger chunks. Looks absolutely gorgeous, dried quickly, and makes me feel like I’m literally dripping in gold! I got this for just under $12 here on Amazon, and it’s worth every penny! Snatch it up while you still can.

Latasha Meadville, MO

My new favorite thing!

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! A little pricey, but well worth it. It complements any polish and looks almost like snowflakes on your nails! Will buy and buy!

James West Unity, OH

Love the prettiness of this polish

Love the prettiness of this polish. Like to sparingly place it on the tips, for a gradient, over a shiny black. Gorgeous. Am very pleased with the seller, well wrapped and timely delivery.

Louella Climax, CO

nice product

the nail polish is expensive but I believe its worth it. O.P.I products are of great quality and I would recommended to all my friends and family.

Yvette Shipman, IL

Worth the price!

While pricy, I would say this polish is worth it. It’s so pretty, especially on top of a red for the holidays. Stunning!

Natasha De Witt, AR

Mariah Carey what can I say?

I ordered 2 of this,as Mariah Carey was a new product.It wasn’t a bold color,but a clear glow of soft gold an silver.It gives your nails a extra glow.It comes in it’s little box to keep your polish in tact,and it is sealed so it doesn’t fall out

Savannah Long Lake, MI