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OPI Lacquer Thinner, 2 Fluid Ounce

Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Nail Polishes With This Nail Lacquer Thinner. Formulated With A Carefully Selected Blend Of Solvents To Rejuvenate Overworked Polish And Maintain Proper Nail Lacquer Consistency. Specialized Dropper Bottle Is Ideal For Careful, Drop-By-Drop Application. May Also Be Used To Clean Opi Nail Lacquer Brushes.

Key features

  • Extends Life Of Favorite Nail Polishes
  • Rejuvenates Overworked Polishes
  • Maintain Proper Nail Lacquer Consistency

Honest reviews



I need much more the 2 -3 drops for make the nail polish live againmaybe depend on the nail polish quality, but for my this need to work no matterthat , after all do the job but is not much strong as they say

Angelina Bordentown, NJ


This thing held save some of my favourite colours

Dessie Granite Canon, WY

Five Stars

works well, as I wanted it to.

Luisa Lahaina, HI

Must have!

This product is amazing! I have a few nail polishes from a long time ago that I simply love and did not wanted to put them in the trash can, and using this… BUM! They are ready to use again!! 😀

Germaine Lithopolis, OH

Extend you nail polish

Glad I found this. Good product that extends the life of your favorite nail polishes. OPI is the best!

Hilary Stewart, MN

Haven’t had much success

I’ve tried adding this to some polishes I have that were getting kind of thick and gummy. It seems to be no problem to add to thinner polishes, but if you’re trying to resuscitate an old, thick polish, it seems to just give it an uneven consistency. This product contains two ingredients: Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate. I checked my nail polishes and these are the same ingredients they contain. Why does it not mix? I have added ball bearings to some of the bottles to help the mixing along, but they don’t move about easily in the thick polish. The instructions recommend adding just 2-3 drops to a bottle. I have tried adding 2-3 drops and I have tried adding much more than 2-3 drops. It just doesn’t seem to blend. I will keep trying to see if there is a way to make it work, but so far haven’t had much success.

Jeannette Dagmar, MT

Works fine.

Works well enough. Promises a few drops will restore nail color’s normal flow – took 10 – 20 to restore slightly thicken OPI color. Definitely better than plain, dulling acetone.

Marietta Wyaconda, MO

Saved my 3 favorite shades!

Worked well would definitely recommend! I did have to add a couple more drops from what the directions suggested but overall did exactly what it is meant to do.

Adriana Cedar Grove, NC


My best friend nicknamed this stuff "Magic" because it helped save her favorite nail polish, which was so far gone it was almost solid.

Aida Jamestown, NY

Great for old nail polish

I change my nail color weekly. Some of my polishes are old. I found this and tried it in my older polishes. You need about 5 to 8 drops to make a difference.

Irma Munroe Falls, OH

Super and lasts forever

This is my second bottle. I have had my first bottle for almost 4 years now. I just add a few drops to my polish when it gets "gloopy" or thick. I live in Colorado and things dry out fast. This does not dull the polish what so ever and make a bottle of polish last until the final drop. Highly recommend!!!!!

Sheena Havelock, IA

Use that old polish!

Thins old gloppy nail polish. Makes it go on smooth, like new! Saves a lot of money by restoring even dried out polish.

Callie Greene, ME

OPI Lacquer Thinner

This product works okay to thin nail polish but the design of the bottle is not good. It has a narrow tip but is hard to get out only one drop at a time and do it without making a mess.

Marta Lake Arrowhead, CA


A good product, works fast, and no offensively sweet odor. I like it a lot better than the cheaper brands I used to get at the drugstore.

Liliana Marston, MO

Works in all type of polish

Yes, it works in base, colored and top coats when they need to be thinned.I have more than 400 polishes so this one is must have for coats tend to get gooey easily and this one saves money.

Greta Mc Farland, CA

it does what it says

it thins out gooey nail polish, but it stinks. its a little pricey because of how much you get for the price but it works and it lasts

Jannie Elbert, CO

Must Have

This is a must have especially when you have a lot of nail polishes and they dry out you then use 2 drops and it’s back like before. I definitely recommend.

Kelsey Naperville, IL

Lacquer Thinner

This stuff is amazing. I can use all of the old nail polishes that I thought I was going to have to throw away. Works fast and makes polish so much better!

Kelli Waverly, NE

Prolong the life of your expensive OPI regular nail polish

Just a couple of drops will loosen up your expensive OPI nail polish and prolong its shelf life. Great find!

Lourdes Colton, WA

A little goes as long way

This was my first time using this product because I never realized there was a product out there like this. I am so glad I purchased the OPI Lacquer Thinner. In the past I’ve had to throw away nail polish because it gets ‘gooey’ after a while. This product exceeds what my expectations were. With the cost of everything on the rise, I am saving a lot of money that i would otherwise spend on nail polish. After trying this I will definitely buy it again and recommend it to everyone.

Lucy Dowell, MD

OPI is quality brand

This lacquer thinner works great to thin up those old nail polishes you’ve had for years. Just put a little in and shake it, then add a little more if it’s not thin enough. Don’t want to overthin!

Kelli Loxahatchee, FL


Its awesome to be able to let your expensive nail poolish last so much longer then it normally would. Buy it

Arline Big Sky, MT

Lacquer saver!

I’ve barely put a dent in this bottle of thinner, but I’ve already saved at least 4 or 5 bottles of polish with it. If your polish is fairly new, or not too thickened 5-10 drops will thin it right out, but if your bottle is really old or really thick it may take 30+ drops to rejuvenate it.It’s pretty easy to measure out drops as long as you don’t squeeze the bottle too hard. This thinner is definitely worth the investment.

Elvia Fairfax, MN

It works!!!

I love this thinner!!! This will let me save lots of money!! Before buying this one(totally allured by others positive review of course!), I got another thinner by Super Nail and it ruined lot of my favorite nail polishes(I should have done just one or two, but got too excited; it only worked properly with Pure Ice nail polish…). So I found this one and could not resist all the positive reviews it got.When it came, I tried on my old nail polish, just 6 drops of it was enough to restore it!! I’m so so happy I got this! It comes in 2 fl. oz squeeze type bottle and drops kind of like eye drop…the container is made of hard plastic so there’s no worry for dropping too much for the lack of control.Though it’s only 2 fl. oz., you’ll only need a few drops, so it will last longer. My other Super Nail Nail Polish Thinner bottle had 4 oz. though it turned out a total let-down, quality wise, this is the one it does what it claims!!

Eliza Lebanon, IL

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

I purchased this product to thin several (probably 6 or 7) bottles of nail polish that I had not used in a while. It’s a very effective product (you only have to use a little of it) and it did the trick.

Marian Beechgrove, TN

Jury is still out!

I have bought a few nail polish thinners and because I use so much glitter they tend to get gloppy. I seem to need to add a few drops each time I use one of my glitter polishes and this thinner doesn’t seem to do the trick but I haven’t really tested it enough to make an informed rating.

Frances Ocilla, GA

Works great despite size

This save me from repurchasing those $8 essie and opi nail polishes that are pretty old. I mean this stuff works pretty well even on the old polishes that no longer have fluidity. Remember to do one drop at a time because you could thin it too much. All the best!

Jolene La Harpe, KS

Not that great…

This nail polish thinner is pretty weak…I have to add way more than just 2-3 drops of it, to get it to do anything.And, the nail polishes weren’t even that thick. :/I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Holly Ladysmith, VA