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OPI: Lacquer NLS86 Bubble Bath, 0.5 oz

opi nail polish Bubble Bath.

Key features

  • OPI Nail Polish
  • Bubble Bath

Honest reviews


FORGET Giada – Lisa Robertson on QVC wears Bubble Gum too

Howdy all, saw on some review that Lisa Robertson on QVC wears OPI-bubble gum color. I immedicately watch next show & sure enough there is the color bubble gum so I go searching for it and discovered it here at Amazon. Now in the mean time I discover this BASE COAT called ‘Stickey’ by Creative Nail Design. You put this base coat on and while base coat is drying you immediately put on OPI nail polish and it adheres instantaneously to the polish. My manicures last 8 days without chipping. Thats it claim to fame and it works girls.I am using now (3) coats, color is more intense. Top coat too, a must.

Paige Wingdale, NY

Nice nude polish but…

This product was shipped and received very quickly. I got it probably more than a month ago and used it for the first time today. When you put on one coat of this polish, it does NOT look like the nails in the picture. You need to apply 3-4 coats to get it opaque. I applied 2 because I was in a rush and it still looks as if I am wearing no polish at all. I like the color, but you will use up a lot of the bottle painting all ten nails in one sitting.

Elise Shenandoah, PA

Perfectly, amazingly, cute polish for some. Just not for me

I bought this polish over the summer because I know it’s one of OPI’s best sellers. I put on a base coat, two coats of the polish, and a top coat like I always do and I just wasn’t that impressed with it so it went in my nail polish drawer and was forgotten about. Last week, I was in Washington, DC on vacation and asked a girl what nail polish she was wearing and she told me Bubble Bath. I just HAD to have it. When I got home, I rushed to my local Ulta and picked it up straight away. Then realized I already had it…….. and I tried it again. This time with three coats. I liked it better… but it’s no where near as cute as it was on her. But why?!?! Here is my theory: she had a cold undertone to her skin, and the pale pink just popped on her! I have a warm undertone, and the three coats of pale pink almost exactly matches my skin. Instead of popping, it’s hardly noticeable on me :(. My boyfriend agrees that this is the reason, he said it was a lot more noticeable on her (bless his heart for listening to my nail polish trials and tribulations). My search for my favorite "nude-ish" nail continues…

Kirsten Plano, IL

Gorgeous color for everyday wear!

After comparing many different shades of neutral colors, I decided to purchase OPI Bubble Bath. I painted my nails on the same day the nail polish arrived! I absolutely love this color. My nails look like they’ve been done in an expensive nail salon! 🙂 It’s a classy glossy neutral. I am going to upload a picture of my nails with Bubble Bath polish over them to give you a better idea as to how it looks on one’s nails. My nails have two coats of Bubble Bath on them.

Carey Beaverton, MI

Just OK

I wanted to like this polish so much but it just didn’t flatter my nails or hands. It was so super sheer that I had to put about 6 to 7 coats on. After that, it looked better but it really didn’t grab me like a fabulous polish should. Then it started to chip off because I had so many coats on — ugh! I’m an Essie girl and I think mademoiselle or ballet slippers is a better bet than this. Disappointing — oh well…

Lillian Cold Spring, NY

Great color for French Manicure

I wanted to do a French manicure and I chose Opi Bubble Bath after reading the reviews. Very nice for French manicure. I included a picture in the image gallery. I used Orly French Tip Pointe Blanche for the white tips and 2 coats of Bubble Bath. I wanted a sheer pink for manicure, and the Bubble Bath was perfect. Like all Opi nail polishes, it dries fast.

Rosemarie Northeast Harbor, ME

Five Stars

A great soft neutral pink!

Kirsten Garvin, MN

Love the Color

This is a really pretty color. I have to put about 2 coats on, but it makes your nails look really pretty.

Leann Blue River, WI


I love love this natural color I pretty use this for the whole summer or pink that I order as well but I love it

Roxanne Wakefield, MI

If it’s good enough for Giada, it’s good enough for me!

The perfect nude/neutral color. Be prepared for plenty of complements on your clean, beautiful nails. I have lots of nail polish (more bottles than I care to admit), and this is one of the two that I have actually finished the whole bottle of-which really tells how attractive it is, and what a great neutral it is.

Joann Edenville, MI

Nice color, good polish

This is a very light colored nail polish, but I really like how subtle it is. OPI makes a great product, and the nail polish is good quality.

Tami Hustle, VA

great color

This is a great classy neutral color. Love it for every day wear and even for formal events because it’s such a classic color.

Saundra Franklinville, NC

Prettiest soft pink

If your looking for a soft nude pink nail polish this is the one for you. I absolutely love this color, it doesn’t chip as fast as other nail polishes I have from OPI. You can build this color up to make it darker. The polish dries pretty fast, I applied 3 coats and it didn’t take very long to dry.

Verna Cashton, WI

4 coats

Prett color but you need 4 coats and a top coat for it to get like the picture! Otherwise nice color

Mildred Fargo, ND

Cute and light color!

Love this neutral. It is very light and natural and goes great with everything. I put black and brown leopard over it and its gorgeous!

Vicky Grafton, ND

Bubble Bath

I really like this nail polish. It gives my nails a nice, clean look and the color goes with everything.

Freda Hamlin, IA

Bubble Bath

This polish is very pretty and I am hoping it suites me also the shipping was awesome and the timing was great. I would tell everyone to rush and get this it looks so pretty.Brenda

Roberta Lairdsville, PA

Always a favorite

I wouldn’t be without this color in my polish collection, it’s my go to versatile color when I am toning down for the week. Always feel dressed with this color on my nails. Everyone should have this color in their collection

Jill Trenton, IL

Bubble Bath Nail Polish

It is just a nice color for me. Shipped FAST and it was a good choice for me, so if you like pale pinks this would be a good choice for you too.

Nichole Tivoli, TX

Glossy and nice

This polish is really glossy and nice, beautiful for Spring. It stays on for very long without chipping or fading

Beryl Newburg, WI

You wont be disappointed.

Love love this color. Very neutral. Long lasting. Very nice color. Great price. Quick shipment. You won’t be disappointed in this product.

Haley Newcomb, MD

Light Lacquer

This polish goes on as shown in pic. Amazingly it also seems to last quite a bit longer than regular polish which in my case is chipping within three days. I’ve had the lacquer on for 5 days and so far no chips. I think it’s definitely stronger than regular polish.

Freda Roff, OK


I love this nail polish color on my nails. It is very feminine and matches all my outfits. What I like is that it give my nail a bit of ‘pop’, yet it makes them look delicate.

Ebony Onawa, IA


Pretty and professional nude color looks good for my office job! OPI is a excellent brand will buy again thank you!

Flora Grassy, MO

Healthy looking nails

I choose this rating because my hands are in constant water. My nails are a mess in other words. By using a base coat and ONE coat of this polish and a top coat my nails look and take on a naturally pink hue. My nail stylist suggested this to me. Wow, it made a difference. You can’t tell that I have on any nail polish. Try this, you will be surprised at the results. I like natural looking colors. I have used this "technique" for awhile now. I love the color.

Judith Parker, ID

OPI Bubble Bath Nail Polish

OPI has done it again! The polish goes on smoothly & easily, especially for a polish of this color. Other brands that I have tried in colors close to nude goe on chalky and streaky. Vey happy with this color and the OPI brand.

Pearlie Millbrook, IL

Great polish and color

Very nice nail polish. Love the color and it applies very nicely on the nail. I also tried this on my daughter’s nails and she loves it. Highly recommend and will buy again.

Sharlene Florida, NY

Nude Peachy-Pink Color

The polish is so pretty just by looking at it through the bottle. It’s like a very soft peach pink nude color. One thing that I just LIVE for is that it has NO streaking. With colors like this the streaking can be bluntly obviously. If you want a solid color of this then go with 3 coats but its really good with just one or two costs because it nude with peach-pink undertone to it.

Lena New Ipswich, NH

Nice and nude

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes I want to be a little dark and sassy and sometimes I want to look manicured but conservative, etc. this is the nearly nude one. Like able and made by Opi, a good product name.

Aurelia Emerson, NJ

Pretty nude pink

I saw my biology teacher wearing this color a few months ago and just had to have it. I’ve only worn it once since then but I like it. It gives your nails a clean, chic look. I just wish it wasn’t so sheer though.

Aida Doyle, CA