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OPI: Lacquer M48 The Impossible, 0.5 oz

This is a professional quality nail polish and is very strong and durable. OPI Nail Polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails.

Key features

  • This item is non – returnable.

Honest reviews


A gorgeous, vibrant, textured pink!

I have also bought "Stay the Night," and I was expecting a duller, matte base coat, with vibrant glitter sparkles. Not so with "The Impossible!" The pink base is so vibrant that it literally glows! The glitter, sand, and star chunks really pop and sparkle! I used two coats, and had a slightly visible nail line, but not enough that I felt it warranted another coat. I don’t use base or topcoat as the package directs, and I still have a manicure that lasts well over a week without chips or dings.It does take a bit longer to dry due to the texture, so keep that in mind, but it makes for such a beautiful and unique manicure! I did have to dig a little for the stars, but I’d recommend holding the bottle upside-down for a few minutes to allow the stars to migrate towards the top of the bottle – they seem to all settle in the bottom otherwise.

Frieda Zarephath, NJ

Great texture, no top coat needed.

I saw the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Nail Polish in Ulta after it was released. I liked this pink color (The Impossible) best and REALLY liked the little stars pieces in it. Wish there was more stars in it as I got only two stars total when applying the polish to 5 nails. The texture was interesting and a little bit of sparkle was cute… almost like a glint of something in beach sand! I did notice that without a top coat it snagged on clothing (silk and nylons) however, with a top coat it lost it’s “sand” effect. I ended up getting 3 more colors and was happy with my purchases.

Patti Guilderland Center, NY


I bought this for my 14 year old niece for her birthday. It’s fun and girly and good for that age group.

Sherri Willingboro, NJ

The impossible

This is my favorite opi polish. I am generally a fan of textured polish and I have tried almost all new liquid sands (Mariah Carey and Bond girls) and this is my favorite: bright pink-red color that looks like a sugar candy on the nails.

Monica Phillipsburg, KS

Absolutely love the color and stars!

Often glitter nail polish doesn’t paint well, chips and doesn’t last. This has lasted over a month on my toes! The color is vibrant, the glitter is just right. I highly recommend it!

Della Silverwood, MI

Loving it!

After trying the liquid sand variety in the color “The Impossible” I decided to order the rest of the colors from the Liquid Sand collection. I passed on a few of the Bond Girl colors, as they didn’t all do it for me, and most had pretty poor reviews relating to their textures (or lack thereof).The color went on easily for me, none of the “gloppiness” as experienced by another reviewer. Possibly the temperature had an effect on the texture for her. It also dried faster than I expected it to.I can see how getting the stars onto your nails would be problematic. I was lucky to get one star by complete accident. I used 2 coats, plus a very light 3rd to touch up a couple spots, and that was the only star I came across. Luckily, I was in it more for the color and texture.The color came out true to the picture, although to me it’s more sparkly than pictured, which I love so no problem there either. Hey, if you’re going to do your nails, they might as well get noticed! Have fun with it!I can’t wait to try the rest! I also bought the “Nicki Minaj Save Me” color, which is not a liquid sand but has awesome texture possibilities. I’ll be reviewing that one next week when The Impossible comes off. I’m going to a rock concert and I think that color will be perfect for it.Update – 5 days in and I just got my first very small chip on the tip of one finger. It’s barely even noticeable. This stuff is wearing like iron on me. If I touch up the chip I bet I could get 2 weeks out of this manicure.The one and only star that made it onto my nails is coming off on one side though, and the little edge is making me nuts.

Joyce Jumping Branch, WV


The stars are really hard to get out of the bottle and on your nail,but, I love the color and techture.

Rosalinda Monroeville, PA

A must have, especially for Red lovers

This nail polish is hot colors mixed, its vivid pink with one coat and orangy red with hint of pink by 2 coats, this color is really unique, stunning and compliments skin tone altho the stars doesnt come out a lot as some reviewers had mentioned. I didnt have any stars at my first time using it yet it still looks awesome thanks to its texture and the color itself. A must have, especially for Red lover

Shirley High Falls, NY

So pretty!

I gave this nail polish a five star because the color is just awesome! The twinkly stars do not really show up when I painted my nails but the color is just right and am happy with the purchase. I got many compliments with people asking me where they can get this!

Celia Granby, MA