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OPI: Lacquer M47 Can’t Let Go, 0.5 oz

OPI Mariah Carey Collection – Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer, Can’t Let Go 0.5 Fl. Oz.

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  • Mariah Carey Collection –

Honest reviews


A spectacular sand finish

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the OPI Liquid Sand polishes. This gorgeous grape-soda colored purple is no exception. It took two coats to reach the opacity I wanted (no visible nail line), and this polish is TOUGH! You’re supposed to apply it without a base or a top coat, and I am 100% blown away by it’s lasting power. I type all day at work, and usually chip my nails (even with topcoat) within a day, unless I do gels. These liquid sand polishes have had lasting power up to a week – and that’s usually when I get bored with my color and change it… they may even last longer.Removal isn’t as difficult as you’d expect. Usually I abhor glitters because of the difficulty in removing, but this comes off relatively easy with a cotton round and polish remover. I’ve had luck with acetone as well as non-acetone polish removers, both remove it equally as well and as fast (It usually takes me about 10 minutes for both hands).Definitely a fun color and texture, I constantly get compliments on it. I’d recommend it to everyone’s collection!

Addie Box Elder, SD

liquid sand

This is a great product and the color is beautiful. But, it is not for me. I am not sure why and it is not the polish – it is a preference. if you like a different texture, a deep color and something that does stay on your nails try this- liquid sand.

Janell Palenville, NY

the color is grate

When I got the opi nail polish I used it wright away it was grate if anyone ever tell u it isn’t they r wrong I love product I get from yall u haven’t let me down yet

Martina Glen Jean, WV


I love the color and texture. Its just as pretty as pictured I will be buying more colors & would recommend

Ma Birney, MT

The Best Polish

I LOVE OPI! I loved the color of this nail polish and it really does feel like liquid sand! I took it off in 3 weeks but really didn’t need to so it does last a long time. I can’t wait to buy the other colors!

Pat Martinsville, VA

My new favorite polish – SUCH a cool effect…

I LOVE this polish… I got it in purple for my BFF and black for me- the Liquid Sand effect IS SO COOL! It’s sparkly without being "shiny" or glossy… Actually MUCH less gloss look than pictured- they must have used a topcoat. Mine went on with an overall matte look, BUT matte sparkles, if that makes any sense… She loves the purple, and the black has become my new fave shade for the toes…

Valarie Ottine, TX

Love the purple color!

This nail polish looks great – I love the look of the liquid sand. The purple is just the right intermediate shade and combines a matt finish with the glittery "sand" pieces. I really like the feel of the sand polishes, but if you don’t like rough feeling polish, then it isn’t for you. I apply two coats over a base coat and with some touch-ups (which are very easy with this texture), can make the polish last an entire work week. It does take a little more work to remove it all traces of this polish, but I personally think it’s worth it.

Gwendolyn Lemmon, SD

Pretty purple and glittery

I like this purple shade and the glitter/sand make a nice effect. I love OPI nail polish and this one is a good one. It did seem to chip easier that the other regular polishes but still lasted 5-6 days.

Myra Calais, VT

Love the rich color and texture

This is a true rich purple shade with the texture of liquid sand. Wears well and looks amazing! I have received a lot of compliments on this one. Beautiful!

Hope Claypool, IN


Love it … love the color and the texture! amazing i will be ordering more ..opi is a great brand

Dolly Wyola, MT

love it!!

this nail polish is amazing! it looks beautiful on your nails and looks just like purple liquid sand. i got so many compliments on my nails. the color is a little darker and less shiny than the picture, but other than that it is amazing. it is extremely hard to take off, so if you are someone who changes their nail polish a lot it is very difficult to take off. other than that, get it, its amazing

Summer Lanham, MD